Believe 104 (July 25, 2015) Results
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INDY NEWS: Believe 104 (July 25, 2015) Results

By TheMark · Tuesday, July 28, 2015 · 0 Comments

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I Believe in Wrestling returns to the Team Vision Dojo on Saturday, August 8 at 8:00pm! #BELIEVE105


BELIEVE 104 (July 25, 2015) Results:

1. Jonny Vandal pinned Ace Andrews w/ Sweet Dreams

2. Chico Adams pinned CT Brown w/ STO

3. Vertigo Rivera pinned Scott Stalker w/ Axe Bomber

4. Tyranus pinned Rex Bacchus w/ Heart Punch

5. Josh Hess pinned Derick Jordan w/ Mafia Kick

* After the match, Hess continued to beat on Jordan until Mister Saint Laurent came in. Hess attacked MSL, but MSL retaliated. Then, challenged Hess to a 6-man tag team match at the next event Saturday, August 8.

6. Tommy Taylor pinned CJ O'Doyle w/ German Suplex

7. Mike Patrick & Leo Brien w/ Justin Michaels beat Rhett Giddins & Josh Parker to retain the AWA Florida Tag Team Titles when Brien pinned Parker



It's been over 3 years since Mister Saint Laurent has wrestled and in less than 2 weeks, he's returning for one match! Josh Hess has been following Mister Saint Laurent around for years, eventually signing up to train at the Team Vision Dojo, and to last year begging to be a part of his main crew. Lately, Hess has barely trained at the Team Vision Dojo and doesn't even recognize the new students including the one his just wrestled, Derick Jordan, whom Hess just continued to beat down after pinning him. Mister Saint Laurent went to check on the young kid but Hess attacked MSL. M retailed with a slap, berated him, and challenged him to this big match to teach him a real lesson. In less than 2 weeks, the return of Mister Saint Laurent and his partners.......



Bruce Santee has never been to the Team Vision Dojo before and we know it can be tough to find, but he said he'll be there to back up his boy MSL. Santee has been the cause of a lot of controversy but cooler, more intelligent heads prevail and this will be one example of that. MSL and Santee will team with one of the toughest and younger veterans in pro wrestling Jonny Vandal. They'll take on Team Hess which consists of Josh Hess, Chico Adams, and Ace Andrews. All of Team Hess were trained at the Team Vision Dojo but the problem with these young kids, they let a few compliments and a little success get to their heads. We'll see how Team Hess fairs against Team MSL. Interesting fact about Team MSL, all members were a part of BELIEVE 1.


Flash Back

Results from BELIEVE 1 (May 10, 2008):


Questions from Fans

Antonio T.: Are there beginner lessons or are new students taught with the more experienced students?

Answer: We teach everyone and the advanced wrestlers work with the beginners.

Ben B.: What do I need to do to train at your school? Can I just show up or do I need to apply?  I have never wrestled before.

Answer: You can show up any Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday with gym clothes, payment, and a good attitude.

Dariana L.: What's the age limit?

Answer: We prefer everyone to be at least 18 years old but have made exceptions with parent consent.

If you have any questions you'd liked answered about the events, training, or questions for the wrestlers, they can be sent in an e-mail reply and we'll get every question answered!


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