Spoilers For ROH's Recent TV Tapings From Pittsburgh, PA
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Spoilers For ROH's Recent TV Tapings From Pittsburgh, PA

By sonofgod210 · Tuesday, April 16, 2019 · 0 Comments

Ring Of Honor (ROH) recently held their latest set of TV Tapings which emanated from Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Below are the full spoiler results from those tapings:

ROH World Champion Matt Taven comes out to take his victory lap from The G1 Supercard Event at Madison Square Garden. Surprisingly, he got more cheers than boos, which doesn't  bode well for him being an effective heel champion. Flip Gordon then comes out to claim the title shot he won way back at The Sea Of Honor Tournament.

1. Silas Young def. Jonathan Gresham via referee stoppage. They seem to be building up a feud here, hopefully with Gresham eventually going over. Young made a big deal of fighting “clean” early in the match, but reverted to distracting the referee and knocking out Gresham with the ring bell gavel for the win.

2. PJ Black def. Eli Isom. Outside of one blown spot where Isom slipped off the top rope and came down hard in the ring, this was a good match. Black worked face and was fairly over, and despite the one blown spot, Isom kept pace with the athletic veteran.

3. Kelly Klein def. Ray Lyn to retain The ROH Women Of Honor World Title. This was a glorified squash, though Lyn did well with what they gave her. Turning Kelly face was smart, she seemed more comfortable with her character and got a decent pop. After the match, The Allure beats Klein down while she was cutting a promo about being a fighting champ. Jenny Rose tries to make the save, with predictable results. The crowd did not care about The Allure.

4. Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas def. Cheeseburger & Ryan Nova and Coast 2 Coast in a Three-Way Tag Team Match. Bruiser & Milonas were super over with their simple, fun “beer” gimmick (it works better in person). Coast2 Coast refused The Code Pf Honor and worked heel.

5. Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins def. Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan. The crowd was split on this one. The Lifeblood entrance music is really flat and dampens enthusiasm for Williams & Haskins. The match was solid. Vinny & TK have improved significantly over the past year, and Williams & Haskins are starting to develop some chemistry. After the match, Williams called out Bully Ray, who made a brief appearance to tell Williams to “shut up.”

6. Bandido def. Shane Taylor. Best singles match of the night. Bandido was super over, and Taylor played a monster heel very well, while being athletic enough to keep up with his high flying opponent. After multiple teases, Bandido managed to slam Taylor, and eventually got the pin with the 21 Plex. After the match, Bully & Silas came down to beat up Bandido. Haskins & Williams ran out to make the save, only to be thwarted by a nameless team who looked like discount Guerrillas of Destiny.


Marty Scurll came out to say that he was over the ladder match at MSG and challenged Nick Aldis for The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title right then and there. Aldis declined, though Marty was able to bait him into a bit of a scuffle in the ring.

A Future Of Honor match was interrupted by tTe Briscoes, who proceeded to cut a promo on The G.O.D.

7. Josh Woods def. a local enhancement wrestler. This was a squash reminiscent of Goldberg (although I don’t think Woods concussed the jobber).

Kenny King cut a promo while selling temporary blindness from The Great Muta mist he took at MSG (sun glasses, blind cane, etc.) and proceeded to call out Jay Lethal. King said that he wanted to defeat him before getting his title shot.

8. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO & Brody King) def. Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb & Rush to retain The ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Titles. Match of the night! Non-stop action and flawless execution from all six men. The crowd was super hot and spent the whole match alternating between chants for each guy in the ring, with several “all these guys!” mixed in. Too many high spots to even begin to call and everyone had a chance to shine. Lethal took the pin from PCO, if I remember correctly. After the match, Lethal was slow to get up and needed assistance to the back… which allowed Kenny King to sneak out and attack him with the blind cane.

9. The Briscoes def. Soberano Jr. & Caristico. The crowd was split on this one. The Briscoes have softened their heel approach, and there is a segment of ROH diehards who will always cheer them anyway. Soberano & Caristico were over and got a “please come back” chant post match. Damn good match, as is to be expected with top CMLL talent vs. The Briscoes. The only thing that hurt it was the fact that it had to follow the six-man match.

10. Matt Taven def. Flip Gordon to retain The ROH World Title. Split crowd for this one. Flip sold his knee injury well and worked smart. TK seconded Taven and interfered as one would expect. Vinny released his balloons from beneath the ring to distract Flip, allowing Taven to hit Climax for the win. Good contest, but it lacked the gravitas of an ROH Title Match.

Source: ProWrestling.net target=_blank>ProWrestling.net

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