New Vlog From Rousey, Graves on NXT Run, Balor on Boxing Show
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New Vlog From Rousey, Graves on NXT Run, Balor on Boxing Show

By Marchman · Saturday, March 16, 2019 · 0 Comments

Finn Balor

Last week’s vlog from Ronda Rousey nearly stopped the wrestling world for a moment due to some of the controversial statements that she made in the video. Rousey broke kayfabe during the video and acknowledged that pro wrestling is scripted. Although Rousey was certainly determined and upset in her last video, she was much happier in this week’s vlog. The Raw Women’s Champion shared a video of herself getting ready for WWE’s Fastlane pay-per-view from last weekend. Rousey talked about how Becky Lynch would defeat Charlotte Flair no matter what during that show, which ended up being right as Lynch won the match via interference from Rousey. For those interested in seeing her newest video, it has been posted down below:

 Most WWE fans know Corey Graves because they hear his voice during Raw and SmackDown every week. He has been working as a commentator on WWE’s main shows for years now, but some fans may forget that Graves himself used to be a wrestler in NXT. When a fan online shared a video from an old NXT episode showing an encounter between Seth Rollins and Corey Graves, the announcer himself took the time to comment on it. During his NXT run, some believed that Graves had the potential to become a major star in WWE one day, but his in-ring career was cut short due to injuries. Despite this, Graves decided to try working as a commentator, and he is now one of the most popular and beloved announcers in WWE today.

Fans are used to seeing Finn Balor compete in a wrestling ring, but it sounds like the former Universal Champion will be stepping into a boxing ring this weekend. According to a report from PWInsider, Balor will be making an appearance during a boxing event this Sunday night. Balor The former Intercontinental Champion is apparently walking Irish boxer Mick Conlan down to the ring during a Top Rank Boxing show. The fight will be taking place at the Hulu Theatre in Madison Square Garden in New York. Balor also walked Conlan down for a boxing match during St. Patrick’s Day last year. Fans can catch “The Demon King’s” cameo when the show airs live on ESPN+ at 3pm ET. Conlan’s fight is said to be airing at around 7pm.

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