News on WWE Hall of Fame Changes, Rayne Wanted Love & Sky in ROH
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News on WWE Hall of Fame Changes, Rayne Wanted Love & Sky in ROH

By Marchman · Thursday, March 14, 2019 · 0 Comments

Madison Rayne

WWE will be going to the New York/New Jersey area for WrestleMania 35 in a few more weeks. The company will be hosting a slew of events in the area before WrestleMania though, including their annual Hall of Fame ceremony. This year's Hall of Fame show will feature names like Harlem Heat, Torrie Wilson, the Honky Tonk Man, D-Generation X, and others receiving the honors, but the show may be presented a bit differently than in past years. Sean Waltman was first to let fans know that WWE was considering not having the HOF inductees have inductors introduce them this year. According to reports that have come out since then, the format for the Hall of Fame this April will likely changed up quite a bit.

It appears that there are quite a few changes coming to the Hall of Fame ceremony this year after all. According to a report from Chis Featherstone of "The Floor Seat," there will not be inductors for the Hall of Fame inductees this year, which is why WWE still had yet to announce any inductors for the previously announced 2019 entrants. That same reports also noted that there will be a strict 15-minute time limit on all Hall of Fame speeches now. The Hall of Fame has been criticized for the speeches being too long for years now. Last year's ceremony saw numerous fans and even some wrestlers leave during Goldberg's speech at the end of the event. Hopefully, these new rules will help cut down the time on the Hall of Fame speeches this year.

Madison Rayne finished up her time with Ring of Honor and was almost immediately announced to have signed a new deal with Impact Wrestling. When the news of Rayne's ROH departure broke, it was mentioned that there were creative differences between the two sides. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has just clarified that one of the main issues was Rayne's insistence on bringing The Beautiful People into the promotion. Rayne, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky competed as The Beautiful People in TNA/Impact Wrestling for years. Rayne reportedly wanted ROH to bring Love and Sky in, but officials worked with her and suggested several different ideas and other possible group members. In the end, Rayne did not like the ideas and decided to leave the promotion. It was noted that both sides ended their relationship amicably though.


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