Bliss Reacts to Old Photos, Why Enzo Invaded Survivor Series
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Bliss Reacts to Old Photos, Why Enzo Invaded Survivor Series

By Marchman · Thursday, March 14, 2019 · 0 Comments

Alexa Bliss

When it comes to Alexa Bliss, it's hard not to think of her as "The Goddess" of WWE. Bliss has managed to have a very successful career for herself since joining the main roster years ago. She has captured both the SmackDown and Raw Women's Championships on multiple occasions, and she will even be the host of WrestleMania 35 this year. Given how impressive Bliss has been on TV, it is easy for fans to forget some her work from NXT. Bliss' NXT run was very different in that she was not one of the more featured women on the show and she also never held a title during her time in WWE developmental. Even her outfit choices were significantly different than what most fans have gotten used to seeing her wear to the ring.

In a new video posted onto WWE's official YouTube channel, Alexa Bliss reacted to a photo from one of her first photoshoots with WWE. Bliss explained that the blue ring gear from her NXT debut was actually a cheerleader outfit since she did not know how to get proper wrestling attire. She also talked about briefly portraying Scott Dawson's southern girlfriend for a bit, as well as her eventual call-up to the main roster. Alexa Bliss also revealed that the glitter she used in her NXT debut was banned for a time after Tyler Breeze got it on his back in the very next match. Bliss said that she had to gain confidence and believe in herself in order to succeed. For those interested in seeing the video, it has been posted down below:

Even though Enzo Amore was released from WWE in early 2018, he did still manage to make one appearance on a WWE pay-per-view last year. Amore infamously invaded the Survivor Series event in November when he removed a disguise that he had been wearing and began to cause a scene in the front row before he was eventually removed by security. On the Title Match Network, Enzo talked about that night and why he went through with the stunt. The former WWE star admitted that he decided to do it in order to gain notoriety and to trend worldwide on Twitter. Enzo ended up doing just that, so he considers it is a successful plan. He added that he never meant to disrespect the performers in the ring that night.

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