Ultimate Edition Figures & Battle Packs 59 Up for Pre-Order Now
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Ultimate Edition Figures & Battle Packs 59 Up for Pre-Order Now

By Marchman · Thursday, February 28, 2019 · 0 Comments

Ronda Rousey

Back in November, Mattel unveiled their new lineup which will be taking the place of the Entrance Greats figure lineup this year. The toy company is calling the lineup the Ultimate Edition series, and the plan is for Mattel to release two series consisting of two of Ultimate Edition figures each year. Mattel collectors were eager to learn the details of the Ultimate Edition figures or who would be included in the first lineup. Those answers were provided over Survivor Series weekend, but those interested in getting the Ultimate Edition figures can now order them online right now. Ringside Collectibles has finally just put the Ultimate Edition series and the latest Battle Packs figures online for fans to pre-order.

For those who may have missed Mattel's initial announcement regarding the Ultimate Edition lineup, the first series will include Ronda Rousey in her ring attire for the first time ever, as well as The Ultimate Warrior in very detailed gear. Rousey's figure includes different heads, a removable jacket and ring skirt, as well as some added points of articulation. Meanwhile, Warrior's figure is based off of his appearance at WCW Halloween Havoc 1998. Two different heads are included with the WWE Hall of Famer's new figure, and it even has the duster that he wore to the ring for his match against Hulk Hogan that night. The Ultimate Edition figures are priced at around $37.99 and can be pre-ordered here.



Battle Packs 59 are available to pre-order now as well, and the lineup consists of the following figures:

AJ Styles & Jinder Mahal - Recreated from their feud in late 2017 with accurate ring gear.

Matt & Jeff Hardy - Current versions of the brothers with Matt portraying his "Woken" gimmick.


Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins - Based off of the 2017 Shield reunion, hence why Ambrose has longer hair. Both figures are wearing the traditional Shield gear.

This new set of Battle Packs are each being priced at around $25 right now, and they can be pre-ordered together or separately right now over on Ringside Collectibles. For those interested in learning more, feel free to check out the figures by clicking right on this here.

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