WWE Mattel Elite 67 & Series 95 Are Available to Pre-Order Now!
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WWE Mattel Elite 67 & Series 95 Are Available to Pre-Order Now!

By Marchman · Thursday, February 28, 2019 · 0 Comments

Velveteen Dream

New WWE action figure series have just been confirmed and put on pre-order. These two series are arguably among some of the best work that Mattel has done yet, and they both feature numerous new WWE competitors immortalized in plastic.

First up is Elite 67, and then it's the 95th series of basic action figures from the toy company. Elite 67 consists of the following figures:

The Velveteen Dream - This fan-favorite competitor is receiving an action figure in the Elite line before he has even joined the main roster. Of course, Dream is the perfect candidate for an Elite figure, and his first WWE figure sees him wearing purple ring gear, and he includes removable glasses, a white jacket, and interchangeable hands.

Shayna Baszler - Another "First Time in the Line" figure is made here for the NXT Women's Champion. Baszler comes with her title and entrance towel, and she is sporting accurate ring gear and tattoos as well.

Rey Mysterio - For the first time since returning to WWE, Mysterio is back in the Elite line. This time around, it is a "Flashback" figure based on his Halloween Havoc 1997 appearance.



Randy Orton - Orton has a new head with hair, and every last tattoo on his arms is represented here. Orton also comes with a removable jacket and different hands for posing.

Jeff Hardy - Hardy has face paint and the US Championship with this figure, and there will also be a special US "chase" variant in this series as well.




Image result for jeff hardy elite 67

Cedric Alexander - Representing 205 Live, Alexander gets his first WWE figure here. Alexander is recreated from his WrestleMania 34 Cruiserweight Championship win.



Elite 67 can be pre-ordered here.

Basic 95 consists of the following:

Bray Wyatt - A new edition of the former world champion with a different facial expression too.

Sonya Deville - The first figure from Mattel captures her face, tattoos, and ring gear perfectly. There will also be a "chase" figure for Deville.

Image result for sonya deville basic mattel

Kurt Angle - A "Flashback" version of Kurt with a red, white, and blue singlet, and a full head of hair.



AJ Styles - Made with blue and black ring tights.



Rusev - A new basic edition of "The Bulgarian Brute" with short hair.


Series 95 can be pre-ordered here.

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