Fan Central Series 1 & New WWE Funko Pop Vinyls AVAILABLE NOW!
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Fan Central Series 1 & New WWE Funko Pop Vinyls AVAILABLE NOW!

By Marchman · Thursday, February 28, 2019 · 0 Comments

Mark Henry

Years ago, Mattel began developing a brand new series of Elite WWE action figures. What made this series unique from the other sets that Mattel creates is that the toy company solicited the help of fans to decide which figures were created. Mattel asked visitors to help them decide on new Elite editions of The Big Show, Triple H, Mark Henry, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. These figures were set to be sold at Toys R Us. Although they did make it to shelves and were purchased by some collectors, there were some who never were able to receive the figures due to the nationwide closure of Toys R Us last year. However, one year later, those fans are now in luck because Fan Central Series 1 has returned.

Thanks to Ringside Collectibles, fans can now purchase the figures from the first series of the Fan Central lineup now. These figures include Triple H from his run as World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Heenan sporting his signature windbreaker, a "Sexual Chocolate" edition of Mark Henry, and Big Show from his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal win at WrestleMania 31 in 2015. Series 2 of Fan Central, which include Elite figures of Akira Tozawa, Carmella, Daniel Bryan, and Mojo Rawley can be bought at Walmart for the time being. As of right now there is no word on if Ringside Collectibles are expecting to carry the second series as well. Series 1 of Fan Central action figures can be purchased at this link.








Also available to order now are the newest set of Funko Pop Vinyl figures from WWE. These popular collectibles are expanding to include Pops for Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair, Randy Orton, and Batista. The figures were first unveiled during the Toy Fair in New York earlier this month, but they can now be purchase over at Ringside Collectibles. Additionally, another Pop figure that will be coming out soon is a special clear John Cena figure. That one will be sold exclusively on later on in the year, but the Flairs, Orton, and Batista figures are ready to come home and join somebody's collection right now. For those interested in checking out the Pop Vinyl figures or any previous WWE Pop figures, click here.

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