WWE Basic Series 93 & 94 Figures Are Available to Order Now!
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WWE Basic Series 93 & 94 Figures Are Available to Order Now!

By Marchman · Thursday, February 28, 2019 · 0 Comments

Matt Hardy

Series 93 and 94 of Mattel's basic WWE figures are available to order now. Here's a look at the lineups for the newest sets of WWE action figures.

 Series 93 consists of the following figures:

Jinder Mahal - Jinder's first Mattel figure since becoming WWE Champion in 2017 is a much needed update for the "Modern Day Maharaja." Mahal sports blue ring gear and a much bigger torso than the figures from his previous run in WWE.



Bayley - This former Raw Women's Champion is wearing new red ring gear and has a smiling headscan.


Triple H - For those who may not have a modern version of "The Game" this looks to be the perfect figure to get as is accurately represents the current Triple H look in his attire.


The Undertaker - This is not a current version of "The Deadman" but instead a "Flashback figure" based on his run as a member of the Ministry of Darkness. 



Randy Savage - The "Macho Man" is the second "Flashback" figure in Series 93, and it still manages to bring the intensity that Savage possessed. With a crazed facial expression and gnarly black and yellow wrestling attire, this Randy Savage figure is sure to be a big seller.


Series 93 can be purchased right now by clicking on this here.

Series 94 consists of the following figures:

Randy Orton - Now with a full head of hair, Orton is back with a new basic figure in this set. The figure has accurate ring gear and tattoos.



Xavier Woods - Woods is made in colorful ring gear and has his special unicorn horned boots as well. However, he is not the only member of The New Day to be included in Mattel's 94th basic figure series.


Big E - This New Day member is wearing gear very similar to the one that Xavier Woods is wearing in this series, and the big man has a overjoyed facial expression for his newest figure.


Kofi Kingston - Rounding out the New Day members in this series of Kofi Kingston. Kingston matches his New Day partners and is sporting a new hairstyle with this figure as well.



"Woken" Matt Hardy - Based on his "Woken" days on Raw, Matt Hardy is wearing white ring gear and printed-on t-shirt. Hardy's new figure includes an insane headscan too.



Series 94 can be ordered here.

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