Mattel's WWE Elite 66 Action Figures Are NOW AVAILABLE to Order!
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Mattel's WWE Elite 66 Action Figures Are NOW AVAILABLE to Order!

By Marchman · Thursday, February 28, 2019 · 0 Comments

Kurt Angle

Another Elite action figure that was put out by Mattel earlier this month is Elite 66. Seven new figures are included in this set, and they are all versions of current members on the WWE roster. Mattel's Elite action figures are made with more articulation and accessories than any other WWE figures that they make, so let's take a look at what will be coming out soon.

Kurt Angle - A modern version of the WWE Hall of Famer has finally been made by Mattel. This figure of the Olympian is based off of his Survivor Series 2017 appearance, which is why it includes a removable shirt for the Raw brand. It also sees him sport a smiling expression, and it has a set or interchangeable hands for those who wish to pose the figure a a certain way.



Nikki Cross - Making her WWE action figure debut in this series is recent main roster call-up Nikki Cross. The former SAnitY member is decked out in her usual ring gear, and it comes with a removable jacket and face mask.



AJ Styles - "The Phenomenal One's" new Elite action figure includes alternate hands which can make  his signature "P1" logo appear with his gloves. Styles also has a new removable shirt and the WWE Championship that he held throughout much of 2018.


Kevin Owens - Owens is made with his accurate tattoos and ring gear, and the figure also sees him wearing his "Fight Anyone" shirt. For serious collectors, there will be a special "chase" edition of the Owens figure in this lineup as well. This one sees him wearing his "KOMania III" shirt. Both versions of the Owens figure include new hands and the "Yep! Yep! Yep!" shirt that he and Sami Zayn wore on TV in late 2017.




Rowan & Harper  - Rowan may be back on TV with Daniel Bryan now, but don't forget about his run as a member of The Bludgeon Brothers last year. Rowan is decked out in the red and black gear, and in addition to his coat and removable sheep mask, the figure also includes the hammer that he used. A figure for his tag team partner, Harper, is also included in this lineup and has the same accessories.




Alexander Wolfe - The SAnitY member joins Elite 66, and he has a hoodie and a face mask just like the rest of his SAnitY stablemates.

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Wolfe will be sold exclusively at Target, but the rest of Elite 66 can be ordered here

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