Mattel's WWE Action Figure Display From Toy Fair 2019 - Part 1
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Mattel's WWE Action Figure Display From Toy Fair 2019 - Part 1

By Marchman · Thursday, February 28, 2019 · 0 Comments

Jeff Hardy

Mattel was back in New York earlier this month to show off some of their brand new WWE action figures. These are just some of the figures that will be coming out over the next few months. Among the new figures that will be rolling out soon is a special 2-pack of The Hardy Boyz. Matt and Jeff Hardy just reunited on SmackDown this week, but these new figures are special "Flashback" editions of the popular wrestling tag team. The figures are made in Elite style, which means that they will include plenty of accessories and added articulation. The Hardys are expertly recreated from their days together in The Brood during the "Attitude Era." The Hardys will be sold exclusively on Ringside Collectibles later this year.



Also shown off at the event was the brand new set of Retro figures. For fans who may remember the days when Hasbro created action figures for WWE Superstars, these are sure to bring back some memories. These figures from Mattel are made in the same style, and they include both current and past competitors. The next series of Retro figures will see Samoa Joe, Goldust, Randy Orton, and "Macho Man" Randy Savage join the lineup. These Retro figures tend to be rather popular among serious collectors, so be on the lookout for these guys when they hit the shelves. As of right now, there is currently no word on when these brand new Retro action figures are expected to be released in stores.


Lastly, another big piece that was unveiled at Toy Fair this year was a special WWE Performance Center playset. Photos of the set show John Cena, The Miz, and Undertaker basic figures, but there has been no confirmation that these figure will come with the playset. In the past, playsets have come with a WWE action figure or two though. However, what will be included is a Performance Center ring and sign structure. It appears that it will also include barbells, a training area, and the ring has the ability to collapse as well. No word on a release date for this playset either, but it likely should be made available in a couple of months or so. Be sure to stay tuned for additional updates from Mattel's Toy Fair display.



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