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INDY NEWS: The "President Of Wrestling" Phil Stamper talks Wrestling, Acting and being a Indy Wrestling GM

By TheMark · Monday, February 11, 2019 · 0 Comments

"The President of Wrestling" Phil Stamper has a unique position in the crazy world of Independent Pro Wrestling. Aside from being an on air talent he is legitimately a General Manager behind the scenes for promotions such as Maryland Championship Wrestling, PW Revolver, Real Shoot Wrestling, IWA East Coast and more. In this exclusive interview with the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast, Phil talks about his role, his 20 years in the wrestling business and being an actor. (19:00 Mark):
Official Statement on the United States Government Shutdown (19:31)
Wrong President! 
The Role of a General Manager for a Pro Wrestling Company (20:05)
I'm the guy that at the end of the day has to keep it all together aka Damage Mitigation. Just like any other job in the world where you might have the same title but your doing something different from place to place, I will say with the different promotions that I'm associated with the duties vary. At one place I'm helping coordinate talent, at some places I'm helping once the bell rings because it's my job to help everything move forward. Everything from making sure production is put together to if a wire isn't connected it's my job to make sure it gets connected. I've been in the business for over 20 years so for me personally and have been fortunate to come up in the business behind the scenes and in front of the camera. I have a distinct understanding of the whole operation of the event and how it needs to run. 
What's Needed in Order to Put on a Wrestling Event (22:14)
You have to make sure you have talent to show up to the event. You have to mark it so people know you are there. You need a way to get that out like social media and press and get tickets to people; that has to happen first. Then you need to get a crew; people who can run sound, selling tickets at the door and people who can managing your merch. That means you need to order your merch in advance. Once you are all together at that event to move forward; yes there is action in the ring but I hope you have someone to run music, video or both. I hope you booked your referees because I've been to events where they've forgotten to book referees and it's amazing to see. I'm not just brought in to be another pretty face, I'm actually brought in to help make things happen behind the scenes. 
How his Wrestling Career Ended and Production Experience (23:47)
I wrestled for a long time, really up until two years ago when I had to have disc fusion in my neck. Basically it was the Edge surgery; he had to get two disks removed and part of it was because of spinal stenosis. I had the exact same condition. That sort of derailed me from being active in the ring. At that point I had been involved wrestling over 20 years, but outside of my in ring wrestling life I've been involved in acting. I've been on a few tv shows, movies, done some work for WWE before and have been exposed to what it takes to run a production.  
Two Things Indy Promotions Can Do To Improve (28:18)
You have to advertise; people need to know you are there. How do people come to find you? Having an online presence is important and needed but that shouldn't be the only way you get the word out there. You also have to remember you have a live crowd and you're there for their enjoyment. Think about how you get them involved and engaged in what you're doing. 
Working on Evil Twin: All American Killers  (32:44)
I recently was on Investigation Discovery's "Evil Twin" in an episode called "All American Killers" which focused on High School Wrestling. Twin Brothers from California were High School Wrestlers but unfortunately get involved with drugs and later on ended up killing a father and daughter in a car crash. In real life filming it, they said they were filming in the DC Area but it ended up being an hour to the north and there isn't a lot of public transportation to get up there. So I'm on set waiting and there's only like 5 or 6 people there even though there was supposed to be 12-15 people. I was originally brought in as a Consultant because of my Amateur and Pro Wrestling background, but I ended up playing 5 different roles on the show.
How Fans and Bookers can Get In Touch With Him (38:07)
You can find me on social media whether it's Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter @PSPhenom and on Facebook @DeskofPhilStamper 
Phil gives even more info on Indy Wrestling, Acting and shares thoughts on Wrestlers he's worked with such as Lio Rush, Velveteen Dream and Sami Callihan. Hear All of this and much more on the latest edition of the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast on Soundcloud, Itunes, Youtube and other leading Podcast Apps!

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