NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Results (01/12): Blackpool, England
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NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Results (01/12): Blackpool, England

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The NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Pre-Show kicks off with the announcers explaining how two years ago to this day, the first United Kingdom Championship Tournament took place. Nigel McGuinness then talks about how people backstage will have butterflies but they need to make a difference and they need to be the person everyone is talking about afterward. The announcers then go over tonight's card. We then see Toni Storm & NXT UK Women's Champion Rhea Ripley arriving to The Empress Ballroom as a video package featuring their rivalry airs.

We then see images showing the beauty of Blackpool before the match between Moustache Mountain & Zack Gibson & James Drake to become the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions is featured in a video.

The Eddie Dennis vs. Dave Mastiff No Disqualification Match is then highlighted. McGuinness then says that Dennis & Mastiff worked a show together a decade ago and when Dennis asked Mastiff for advice, Mastiff apparently blew him off. We then see a video segment about the opening of The WWE UK Performance Center. 

We then head backstage where we see Radzi telling us that they have exclusive footage of Travis Banks arriving to the arena. As Banks arrives, Jordan Devlin attacks him in the venue lobby until several people have to tear them apart. Banks seemed to injure his knee but Radzi informs us that he is medically cleared to compete against Devlin tonight.

The announcers then go over the card one more time before going into the rivalry between WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne & Joe Coffey. They then show us a video package that highlights their rivalry and The 600+ day title reign of WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne. The audience is filing in as we count down the final minutes to NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool. Nigel McGuinness then says that he is putting his money on Joe Coffey taking The WWE United Kingdom Title home to end The Pre-Show.

Main Show:

The First-Ever NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Special kicks off with an elaborate video package documenting the journey that The U.K. fan base has gone through over the past few years. The video covers the debut of the original WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, to the debut of The NXT U.K. Brand, to today's First-Ever NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Live Special on The WWE Network.

Following the kick-ass opening video package, we shoot inside the sold out Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, England, where the announcers welcome us to The First-Ever NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool Event. We then head to the ring for the first match of the evening.

Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) (NXT UK Tag Team Title Tournament Finals): The NXT UK Tag Team Titles are on the line in this one. The match begins with Bate and Gibson squaring up, with a lock up that has Gibson manoeuvring Bate to the mat. Bate is back on his feet and tries to reverse but Gibson with a wrist lock takedown. Gibson uses his knee to keep Bate grounded but Bate gets up and uses a leg scissor takeover to send Gibson over. Gibson tries to nip up and escape but Bate puts him in a head scissor to keep him down. Gibson wiggles out and puts Bate in a couple of pinning predicaments for 2 counts. Bate bridges up and nearly gets to his feet but Gibson shoves him down. Bate uses his upper body strength to flip behind Gibson and the two stand off. They lock back up and Gibson shoves Bate into his corner. Drake tags in but Bate quickly escapes the ring and tags in Trent Seven on the other side of the ring. Seven and Drake lock up, with Drake backing Seven up into the ropes and forearming him a couple of times. Drake tries to drag Seven to his corner but Seven unloads with a few chops to Drake's chest. Seven tags Bate and they do a tandem somersault splash on Drake. Gibson pulls Drake out of the ring and allows him a moment to collect himself. Drake comes back in the ring and Bate performs a series of reversals around Drake until he gets a pin for a 2. Drake gets a headlock and comes off the ropes as Gibson tags in. Bate escapes and hurricanranas Gibson before he tags in Seven.

In comes Seven and he focuses on the arm of Gibson. Gibson comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle on Seven. Again off the ropes, but this time, Seven gets him with a crossbody. Seven locks in another armbar and tries to follow it up with a slam, but Gibson escapes and tags in Drake. Seven stays in control, chopping away at Gibson and Drake until he also slams Drake down. Drake tags Gibson in. Seven forearms Gibson out of the ring and then suicide dives out onto the opposite side of the ring on Drake. Gibson runs up and uses a double throat chop to take Seven out on the outside. Gibson throws Seven back in and he tags in Drake as they begin mauling Seven with stomps. Drake with a backbreaker on Seven for a 2 count. Gibson goes right back into a half nelson lock on a sitting Seven. Seven tries to escape with a knee to the abdomen but Drake throws him out of the ring, tags in Gibson and he and Gibson use a combination attack to drop Seven on the floor. Gibson tosses Seven back in the ring and tags Drake back in. Drake hits Seven with a nasty discus forearm and pins Seven for a 2 count and then throws some forearms on Seven in his corner. Seven counters Drake and nearly makes it to Bate but Drake grabs him and pulls him back to the corner to tag Gibson. Seven is bleeding profusely at this point.

Gibson delivers a vertical suplex on Seven for a 2 count. He then puts him in another hold as he tags in Drake. Seven knocks Drake off the apron and then gets tossed to the outside himself. Seven fights Drake on the outside with loud chops. Drake gets him back in the ring and tags in Gibson. They stay in control momentarily until in comes a hot Bate. Bate goes swinging on Gibson, hits a big back body drop on Drake, a knee lift and a spinning elbow on Gibson. Bate with an airplane spin, but he stops and puts both Drake and Gibson on his shoulders and performers an airplane spin on both men. Bate tries to go to the outside to get Gibson but Drake stops him and tries suplexing him from the apron to the inside of the ring. Bate stops him and carries him over to the apron. They battle on the apron until Bate uses an exploder suplex that tosses Drake on top of his own partner. Bate with a running shooting star press from the apron to the floor on Gibson & Drake. Bate tosses Gibson back in the ring and goes for the Tyler Driver '97. Gibson escapes but Bate hits The Bop & Bang. Seven hits a running powerslam and Bate hits a flying headbutt but they only receive a 2 count.

Tyler Bate hits a running suicide dive on Drake and Seven hits his finisher on Gibson inside the ring, but Drake still manages to break it up. The crowd is rallying as Seven holds Drake back from his corner. Gibson finally kicks Seven off and then Bate and Drake go at it, reversing pinfalls for close 2 counts. Bate hits his rolling kick and tags in Seven. Seven puts Drake in the full nelson and they go for the finish but Gibson hits a codebreaker on Bate. Seven gets hit with the Helter Skelter and Drake's finishing 450 Splash for a super close 2 count. Gibson and Drake set Seven up again but Seven escapes and uses chops to try to regain the advantage. Gibson locks in Shankly Gates on Seven after Drake kicked him in the head. Bate tries to break up the hold but Drake stops him and locks in the Shankly Gates of his own. Moustache Mountain is staring at each other, each in the Shankly Gates hold. Bate overpowers, puts Drake in a fireman's carry and tackles Gibson. Bate and Drake get tagged in and throw punches in the center of the ring. Gibson comes in and tries to fight but Bate also punches him and delivers another rolling kick on Drake. Seven and Bate hit their Full Nelson/Springboard clothesline for another close 2 count. Gibson has Bate in an electric chair on the outside and James Drake comes running out with a suicide dive, tackling Bate out of mid air. Seven goes for a suicide dive but Drake kicks him out of the air. Drake and Gibson deliver the Ticket To Mayhem to finish Seven off for the 1-2-3. Winners & The First-Ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake)
After the match, Gibson & Drake celebrates in the ring with their new NXT UK Tag Team Title Belts.

We head backstage where we see WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne preparing for his WWE United Kingdom Championship Match tonight. We also see what happened on The Pre-Show, when Jordan Devlin attacked Travis Banks in the backstage area and reportedly injured his knee.

We head back to the ring for the next match of the evening.

Travis Banks Vs. Jordan Devlin: Devlin comes out. Banks tries to attack Devlin with a suicide dive through the ropes, but Devlin retaliates and attacks Banks' knee even more, stomping away at it on the steel steps. NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint comes out and explains how there is no way for Banks to compete, therefore, Saint has another opponent for Jordan Devlin to face. Finn Balor's music plays and the match is now made official. Winner: No Contest

Finn Balor vs. Jordan Devlin: Devlin and Balor meet face-to-face in the center of the ring and Devlin slaps Balor's face. Balor retaliates with punches, a kick to Devlin's abdomen and a running dropkick. Balor with a sling blade and he climbs to the top rope but Devlin rolls out. Balor comes to the outside and tosses Devlin back inside the ring. Devlin rolls out once again and Balor comes around the corner with a running forearm on Devlin's head. Balor tosses Devlin back in and as Balor climbs back inside, Devlin with a hard kick to the ropes that caused Balor to fall out of the ring. Devlin goes on to the attack on the outside, hitting Balor with punches to the abdomen and ramming him against the ring apron. Devlin tosses Balor back inside the ring and hits a standing double stomp on Balor. Devlin taunts Balor with his own pose and then chokes Balor on the ropes. Balor comes off the ropes with a sunset flip, turned into a dropkick to Devlin's face. Devlin comes running after Balor in the corner but he is hit with a kick to the head. Balor goes for the coup de grace but Devlin dropkicks him off the top rope before he ever has the opportunity. 

The referee gets to a 9 count but gets back inside the ring. Devlin stomps away and mounts Balor with punches. Devlin has Balor in the corner and hits him with abdomen punches and some loud chops. Balor swaps places with Devlin and hits even some super loud chops of his own. Devlin slaps Balor in the face, hits a uranage and a standing moonsault for a 2 count. Devlin puts Balor in an abdominal stretch but Balor throws Devlin over with a hip toss to escape. Balor puts Devlin into an abdominal stretch of his own but uses various shots to Devlin's abdomen. Balor chops at Devlin and delivers a pele kick as they both fall to the mat. Devlin charges Balor in the corner but he hits him with both boots, a clothesline and a double stomp on Devlin's chest. Balor uses his 1916 for a 2 count. Balor comes charging in from the corner but Devlin counters with a back suplex that drops Balor on his head for the 2 count. Devlin goes on the offense with soccer punts to the abdomen of Balor. Devlin walks around the ring and poses, but as he goes in for another punt, Balor catches his foot and drops him. Balor with vicious stomps on a downed Devlin. Devlin escapes to the outside but Balor goes to the apron and delivers his signature running kick to Devlin's face. Balor goes for the coup de grace again, but Devlin pulls him down and uses the ropes for leverage as he pins him. Balor escapes at 2. Devlin performs a moonsault off the top rope but Balor gets his knees up on him. Balor with a brain-buster DDT, a running dropkick that bounces Devlin off the turnbuckles and he finally makes it off the top rope to deliver the coup de grace and get the 1-2-3. Winner: Finn Balor

After the match, Finn Balor poses inside the ring and celebrates with the crowd. We then see a video package building up to the upcoming No DQ Match between "Bomber" Dave Mastiff & Eddie Dennis.

We then head back to the ring for the next match of the evening.

"Bomber" Dave Mastiff vs. Eddie Dennis (No DQ Match): The match begins with Mastiff and Dennis immediately throwing punches in the center of the ring. It seems Mastiff is getting the better of the exchange but Dennis knees Mastiff in the abdomen. Mastiff comes off the ropes and uses a standing cross body to take Dennis down. The men roll to the outside and begin battling, with Mastiff getting the initial momentum as he tosses his opponent in the ring steps. Mastiff dismantles the steel steps and drags the largest part into the ring. Dennis rolls out of the ring and grabs a kendo stick. As Mastiff tries to get to the apron, Dennis starts attacking him with the kendo stick. Dennis tears apart the padding on the outside, exposing part of the wooden floor. He then travels back inside the ring and Dennis uses the kendo stick to deliver a side russian leg sweep for the 2 count. Dennis chokes Mastiff with the kendo stick but Mastiff battles his way out of the predicament. Dennis goes for another swing at Mastiff's head but he catches the kendo stick and starts whacking Dennis with it.

Mastiff with a standing powerbomb on Dennis in the middle of the ring. Mastiff maneuvers the steel steps into the middle of the ring and then he puts Dennis in a standing fireman's carry. Dennis escapes. Mastiff comes off the ropes. Dennis actually catches him and delivers a tilt-a-whirl uranage on the steel steps. Dennis can't put Mastiff away so he goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair. Mastiff catches him with a deep samoan drop. Mastiff climbs to the 2nd rope but Dennis catches him there and connects with a Razor's Edge crucifix bomb for a 2 count. Dennis climbs back outside the ring and pulls out a table as the crowd cheers. Dennis stomps away at Mastiff and then he sets the table up in the corner of the ring. Mastiff with a big back body drop on Dennis and then he sits on him for emphasis. The men end up on the apron and Mastiff tries german suplexing Dennis from the apron to the hard, wooden floor. Dennis avoids it but he still gets caught in a rolling senton on the wood. Mastiff tosses Dennis back inside the ring and hits a springboard moonsault, but he missed. Dennis hits the inverted, elevated DDT for a super close 2 count. Dennis grabs a chair and starts nailing the back of Mastiff. Dennis perches Mastiff on the top rope and is trying for another Razor's Edge into the table. Mastiff wiggles free, forearms Dennis multiple times and then he hits a release german suplex. Mastiff comes off the ropes with a running cannonball splash that sends Dennis through the table for the 1-2-3. Winner: "Bomber" Dave Mastiff

After the match, "Bomber" Dave Mastiff celebrates in the ring as his music plays.

We then see a video package hyping up The NXT UK Women's Championship Match between NXT UK Women's Champion Rhea Riley & Toni Storm.

We then head back to the ring for the next match of the evening.

Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Toni Storm: The NXT UK Women's Title is on the line in this one. The match begins with Ripley charging in with a kick but Storm retaliates and attacks her with some forearms. Storm runs after Ripley but Ripley tosses her in the air and then mounts her with punches. Storm reverses the momentum and delivers some punches of her own. Ripley escapes to the outside but Storm chases her around the ring, ultimately hitting a suicide dive and taking out Ripley on the outside. Storm with chops to Ripley on the outside but they end up back inside the ring and Ripley uses Storm's hair and the ropes to regain control. Storm falls back to the outside and gets kicked into the barricade. Ripley tosses Storm back in the ring and tosses her in the corner, delivering stomps to a downed Storm when she hits the turnbuckles. Ripley with some shoulder tackles in the corner on Storm. More stomps raining down on Storm give Ripley a 2 count. Ripley locks in a body scissors on Storm that has her trapped in the center of the ring. Storm shifts her weight to turn it into a pin on Ripley but it just makes Ripley more aggressive.

Storm uses forearms to escape the hold but Ripley comes right back and clubs Storm on the back of her neck. Ripley with a delayed vertical suplex for a 2 count. Ripley with 2 body slams and a pin for a 2 count on Storm. Ripley goes for a cloverleaf maneuver but Storm kicks her into the turnbuckle. Storm tries to retaliate but Ripley dropkicks her for yet another 2 count. Ripley with two different leg drops on Storm for another 2 count. Ripley tosses Storm to each side of the ring and delivers some kicks. Ripley yells some words in Storm's face and comes off the ropes, being met with a stiff headbutt from Storm to knock both ladies down. Storm and Ripley exchange forearms inside the ring until it becomes an all-out slugfest. They seem winded but suddenly fight back even harder. Storm catches Ripley and delivers two snap german suplexes. Ripley elbows Storm in the face to escape the third. Storm nearly hits Storm Zero but Ripley escapes and tries for the Riptide. Storm turns it into a pinning predicament for a 2 count. Storm goes for the Storm Zero but the women instead trade pinfall attempts for various 2 counts. Ripley finally locks in her cloverleaf hold and Storm is close to tapping out.

Storm rolls through and turns it into an ankle lock hold. Ripley is caught in the center of the ring but she scurries over to the rope and the hold is broken. Storm with a hip attack that nails Ripley in the corner. Storm with a snap german suplex and a bridge pin for another close 2 count. Storm continues striking at Ripley's head. Storm hits some more forearms, but Ripley grabs Storm's hair and tears her down. Ripley connects with the Riptide but Storm kicks out at 2 and 7/8. Ripley is in shock but she tries to keep the pressure on, picking up Storm and clobbering her with short arm clotheslines. As Ripley goes for the third, Storm headbutts Ripley, connects with Storm Zero and gets another close 2. Both women are slow to get to their feet. Storm hits forearms on Ripley's face but Ripley gets a hard right hand. Ripley tries for another Riptide but Storm reverses it and connects with another Storm Zero for the 1-2-3. Winner & The New NXT UK Women's Champion: Toni Storm

After the match, Toni Storm goes around The Empress Ballroom and celebrates with the crowd.

A video package is then shown recounting the journey that has lead us to NXT UK and tonight's WWE United Kingdom Championship match.

We then head back to the ring for the main event of the evening.

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Joe Coffey: The WWE United Kingdom Title is on the line in this one. We begin our main event with Coffey posing and taunting Dunne. Dunne looks unfazed and walks around the ring. The men finally tie up and Dunne pushes Coffey back into the ropes as the referee separates them. Dunne with a wrist lock on Coffey. Coffey rolls through and pulls Dunne down to the mat with a wrist lock of his own. Dunne rolls through and does a couple of nip ups, finishing it off with a forearm on Coffey. Coffey isn't bothered by the shot. Dunne wrestles Coffey back down and takes his time bending the fingers of Coffey. Coffey struggles and tries to escape but Dunne gives him a drop toe hold and ties his legs up in an inverted figure four hold. Coffey escapes the hold and pushes Dunne into the ropes. Dunne tries for a press but Coffey knocks him down and goes for a pin. Dunne escapes and Coffey goes for his finishing discus lariat, but Dunne avoids it and they stare off. Coffey puts Dunne in a headlock and a couple of European uppercuts that knocks Dunne down. Coffey stays on Dunne with another headlock but Dunne shoves him off and hits him with a clothesline off the ropes. Dunne ties Coffey in the Regal Stretch submission but Coffey reaches the bottom rope. Dunne audibly kicks Coffey as he releases.

Off the ropes, Dunne jumps on Coffey and locks in a double wrist lock. Coffey counters and uses his power to put Dunne up for a vertical suplex. Dunne knees Coffey's head while he is in midair and it allows him to return to his mounted position and continue with the double wrist lock. Coffey nevertheless escapes and uses a double underhook toss for a two count. Dunne and Coffey begin exchanging punches in the ring until Coffey forcefully tosses Dunne to the outside. Coffey irish whips Dunne into the steel steps but he backflips off of them, over Coffey and connects with an enziguiri. Dunne tries for an x-plex on the apron but Coffey gets out of it and delivers a fall away slam on the stage to Dunne. Dunne makes it back inside the ring and Coffey immediately stomps at him and repeatedly irish whips him into the turnbuckles. Coffey with a backbreaker and a sidewalk slam for a close 2 count. Coffey drops a knee to Dunne's head and continues stomping away at him while he's grounded. Coffey secures a bear hug on Dunne but Dunne pulls Coffey's hair and rams him with headbutts as he tries to escape. Dunne grabs Coffey's nose to finally get out but Coffey pulls him in and hits a belly to back suplex for the 2 count. Coffey rushes after Dunne in the corner but Dunne avoids it. They begin trading strikes in the center of the ring but a hard forearm from Dunne sends Coffey in to the corner.

Another series of reversals near the corner has Dunne landing on his feet from a German Suplex and kicking Coffey on the side of the head. Dunne rushes to the turnbuckle and performs his triangle moonsault to the outside, taking out Coffey in the process. Dunne tosses Coffey back in the ring but he's prepared, knocking Dunne back with a stiff forearm. Dunne regains the advantage and delivers his X-Plex for another 2 count. Both men are slow to their feet, but once they get there, Joe Coffey connects with a crossbody, a spear, a splash in the corner and a powerbomb for a super close 2 count. Coffey puts Dunne in a double-leg boston crab for the submission and stomps away at his head, but Dunne slowly crawls his way to the bottom rope and gets free. The crowd rallies as Coffey tries picking Dunne up. Dunne contorts Coffey's fingers and then they begin headbutting one another until they both collapse down to the ring mat. Back on their feet, Coffey gets reversed on the ropes and Dunne hits a snap german suplex. Dunne ties Coffey in the Koji Clutch but Coffey turns it into a pin for a 2 count. Dunne then turns it into a triangle submission hold. Coffey uses his power and turns it into a tombstone piledriver setup, but Dunne reverses again and locks in an ankle lock.

Coffey struggles but somehow powers Dunne into a german suplex. Coffey charges after Dunne but he knees coffee in the mouth and attempts the bitter end. Coffey comes off the top rope but eats a forearm for his trouble. Dunne with The Bitter End but he only gets a 2 count. Coffey rolls to the outside and Dunne goes for another triangle moonsault, however, Coffey catches him on the apron and spears him into the ring post. Coffey with a nasty sit-out powerbomb on the ring apron that seems to have knocked Dunne out. Both men get to a count of 9 and roll back into the ring. Coffey and Dunne lock eyes as Coffey begins with punches and stomps to a downed Dunne. Dunne retaliates with feet and stomps to Coffey. Dunne rallies the crowd as he stomps on Coffey's feet, hits a super kick and a running enziguiri. Coffey hits his finishing discus clothesline but gets a 2 and 7/8 count. Coffey is up first and calls for the finish but Dunne rolls him over into an armbar. Dunne tries to snap the fingers of Coffey but Coffey picks Dunne up and slams him into the turnbuckle. Dunne and Coffey are still connected as Coffey tosses Dunne off the top rope in a variation of a top rope powerbomb.

Dunne and Coffey barely make it to their feet, each in their respective corners as the crowd rallies. They meet in the center of the ring and go to blows. Dunne with some hard strikes that rock Coffey back into the ropes. Dunne can barely stand and Coffey uses a rake to the eyes and a right hand to gain control. Coffey puts Dunne in an electric chair position and then slides him into a german suplex for a close 2 count. Coffey stomps at the back of Dunne's head as he is incapacitated in the center of the ring. Coffey picks him up and goes for The Bitter End of his own. Dunne reverses it into a DDT and connects with his 2nd Bitter End. He is too tired to make the cover and Coffey is able to roll away from any pinfall attempt. Dunne grabs Coffey on the apron but Coffey pushes him away and hits his discus lariat. Coffey picks up Dunne and bounces his face off the top turnbuckle. Coffey drags Dunne to the top rope but they both tumble down to the outside. Coffey hits another discus lariat on Dunne on the outside, drags him back inside the ring and hits a unique slam for another close 2 count. Coffey once again climbs to the top rope but Dunne meets him up there. Dunne tries for a big move off the top rope but they tumble back out to the outside of the ring. Dunne and Coffey meet back inside the ring, with Dunne hitting a spinning forearm and his third bitter end. But still just a 2 count. Dunne has had enough. He mounts Coffey and contorts his fingers backward until Coffey taps out. Winner & Still The WWE United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

After the match, Pete Dunne celebrates with his WWE United Kingdom Title Belt until WALTER appears. WALTER makes his way down to the ring and drops Joe Coffey off the apron with a big boot. Dunne & WALTER then faced off in the middle of the ring as fans chanted for both Superstars. They faced off and taunted each other to close out NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool without getting physical.

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