WWE Hall Of Famer Wants To Be Part Of AEW
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WWE Hall Of Famer Wants To Be Part Of AEW

By sonofgod210 · Saturday, January 12, 2019 · 0 Comments

WWE Hall Of Famer Road Warrior Animal recently explained why he is looking forward to Cody Rhodes & The Elite's new wrestling promotion, All Elite Wrestling, on his What A Rush Podcast. Animal, being a nearly 40-year ring veteran, believes that he could assist AEW in developing their talent, especially the tag team division.

Animal believes that AEW will be special in how they present their product, giving fans a back-to-basics show that won't make promises they ultimately fail to fulfill.

"That's another show that, Cody being a part of ALL IN, they asked me to be on in the spring," Animal said. "And I don't know if that's going to be with the NWA or that's going to be with ELITE, but either way, I'll be excited to do that show, too. It's great to see a company opening that's going back to basics and doing what's right in pro wrestling. Giving the fans what they expect to see, not having to do a big ceremonial, 'We'll give you what you want to see!' and then do what we want to do anyway. This is really about what the fans need to see."

Animal hopes to join the growing roster of AEW and apply his lifelong knowledge of pro wrestling to better the brand that Khan & The Elite are premiering. Animal's accolades speak for themselves, having been a multi-time tag team champion in wrestling promotions all over the world and being inducted into The NWA, WWE & Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fames, respectively. Animal wants to give the knowledge back and create an outstanding tag team division with AEW.

"They got a great product and I think I'd help them enhance their product with my wrestling knowledge in the tag team industry especially, and I think I could be a good edition other than anything else," Animal stated.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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