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INDY NEWS: Team Vision Dojo of Orlando's January Pro Wrestling Training Schedule

By TheMark · Monday, December 31, 2018 · 0 Comments

The Team Vision Dojo / I Believe in Wrestling School continues to grow and shape great minds for the future of wrestling. We're open to the public for any and all to join to learn the art of professional wrestling. We also have conditioning classes for those looking for a great workout without the wrestling.
January 2019 Schedule:
Mondays 6pm - Women's Wrestling
Mondays 7pm - Beginners Wrestling
Tuesdays 4pm - Advanced Wrestling
Tuesdays 7pm - Conditioning
Wednesdays 1pm - Beginners Wrestling
Wednesdays 7pm - Beginners/Advanced
Thursdays 4pm - Advanced Wrestling
Thursdays 7pm - Character Development
Friday (4th only) 8pm - I Believe in Wrestling live event
Tuesday (22nd only) 7pm - Open House - Free Trial Class
Saturday (26th only) 1pm - Seminar
January guests & seminars include but not limited to:
Thursday 4pm the 10th: Ivelisse Velez
Thursday 4pm the 17th: Larry Zbyszko
Tuesday 4pm the 22nd: Ivelisse Velez
Saturday 1pm the 26th: Hector Guerrero
New students are welcome to join anytime. Costs are as low as $200 monthly for 3 years or an upfront $3,500 payment for the lifetime membership. Students are welcome and encouraged to continuously train and work live events to improve and work towards their goals in wrestling.
Experienced wrestlers are welcome at $20 a class, $40 a week, or $100 monthly.
The women's wrestling and the conditioning classes are included in tuition but there is also an available $10 drop in rate for these classes.

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