Alexa Bliss Reportedly Not Cleared For A WWE Ring Return
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Alexa Bliss Reportedly Not Cleared For A WWE Ring Return

By sonofgod210 · Wednesday, December 5, 2018 · 0 Comments

Alexa Bliss
According to a new report by Dave Meltzer &, Alexa Bliss has not been fully cleared for an in-ring return.

It was previously reported that WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry appeared on Busted Open Radio and claimed that Bliss has been 100% cleared to return to the ring following her time off due to her concussion symptoms.

Meltzer noted that Bliss does have limited clearance for physical activity. WWE Medical Staff were watching closely at The WWE Performance Center in Orlando last week as Bliss returned to in-ring training.

Bliss has suffered multiple concussions in a short period of time, the last one reportedly happening in late October. Bliss has remained on TV and was recently put in charge of The RAW Women's Division in the storylines.

Henry, who estimated Bliss could wrestle as soon as next week, also talked about a recent conversation he had with Bliss where she talked about just how bad she got with the concussion symptoms, as seen below:

"We sat and talked for about 15-20 minutes," Henry recalled, "And she was like, 'Yeah, I was really bad off. I couldn't remember where I was, I couldn't remember what I was doing in the city.' We were flying from London to Switzerland and she said, 'I couldn't remember what flight or anything. I had to rely one everyone else telling me what to do. I couldn't stand up straight, I had vertigo.' She said she was in a bad way, and then she came back too soon, banged her head again, and really was in a bad place."

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