UK Champion Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate Announced for WWE 2K19 Game
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UK Champion Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate Announced for WWE 2K19 Game

By Marchman · Sunday, August 26, 2018 · 0 Comments


As reported earlier this week, the Twitter account for the upcoming WWE 2K19 video game teased a big announcement that would be revealed for this year's game. Fans were left to wonder what this announcement could possibly be for since a few major announcements have already been made official for the video game. It's already known that Ronda Rousey and Rey Mysterio will be the special pre-order bonus characters in the already large roster for WWE 2K19 this year, a special Ric Flair edition of the game will be rolling out soon, and a special "Showcase Mode" will be included in the game based on the career of Daniel Bryan, but two more announcements for the game took place this week.

During yesterday's TV tapings for the upcoming NXT UK show, it was announced that two of the brand's top stars will be available for the video game this year for the very first time ever. WWE Superstar Xavier Woods confirmed at the tapings in Birmingham, England's Insomnia Gaming Fest that Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate will be available as playable characters in the WWE 2K19 video game. This is big step for the NXT UK brand since Bate and Dunne will now become the first members of the show to join WWE's yearly video game series. The two British Strong Style wrestlers also appear to be part of the regular game roster and not part of any sort of DLC or extended roster pack, but that has not been confirmed yet.

Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate are definitely the great NXT UK stars to insert into this year's video game. Bate became the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion in 2017, and he also captured the NXT Tag Team Championships with Trent Seven earlier this year. His athleticism and great strength have made him a fan-favorite. As for Pete Dunne, "The Bruiserweight" has been the UK Champion for over 400 days now and he is perhaps one of the most hard-hitting and technical wrestlers on the NXT UK brand. The Twitter account for WWE 2K19 also uploaded videos of their game entrances after the announcement was made, and those can be checked out in the tweets posted down below. WWE 2K19 comes out on October 9th.

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