Tough Enough Competitor Passes Away, Jason Jordan Return Delayed
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Tough Enough Competitor Passes Away, Jason Jordan Return Delayed

By Marchman · Friday, August 10, 2018 · 0 Comments

Jason Jordan

A name that fans may remember from WWE's old Tough Enough competition series has just tragically passed away. According to YouTuber Brian Zane, "The Spartan Swinger" Brian Danovich died earlier this week at the age of 38. Danovich competed on the fourth season of Tough Enough and was later given a developmental contract with WWE, but he was released from the company in 2005 due to complications from injuries. Although no reason for his death has been made public as of yet, Zane noted that he had been dealing with some issues over the past few years. Danovich was said to be a constant professional and a great optimist even when life looked bleak and seemed dark for him at certain times.

Jason Jordan was one of the fastest rising superstars on the WWE roster prior to the injury that he received earlier this year. Not only was Jordan moved to Raw where he was revealed to be WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle's long lost son in storyline, but he also won the Raw Tag Team Championships with Seth Rollins and was rumored to face "The Kingslayer" at WrestleMania. A neck injury prevented that match from happening, but some reports have claimed that Jordan has been ready to return to the ring for a while now and WWE is just waiting for the perfect chance to reintroduce the young wrestler on television. However, a new report says that this may not be the case after all and that the injury is not fully healed yet.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was said that Jason Jordan's neck injury has gotten worse and originally expected and that he will not be ready to return for the foreseeable future. Jordan had reportedly been set to either return to Raw as a singles star or to join Chad Gable and reunite the American Alpha tag team. There is currently no word as to how long Jordan is expected to remain out of action for, but it does not seem like he will be ready to return during of after the SummerSlam event next Sunday night. WWE clearly had big plans for Jordan prior to the injury, so hopefully this is only a small setback and the former tag team champion will be back on TV again sometime soon.

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