Lucha Underground Results (08/08): Gift Of The Gods Title Match
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Lucha Underground Results (08/08): Gift Of The Gods Title Match

By sonofgod210 · Thursday, August 9, 2018 · 0 Comments

On last week's episode, The Worldwide Underground and Reptile Tribe continued their blood feud, The Trios Championship was on the line as The Rabbit Tribe attempted to win the titles but they failed to defeat Son Of Havoc, Killshot & The Mack and Pentagon Dark faced Cage and King Cuerno in a 2-0n-1 Handicap Match and he was defeated after putting up a good fight.

On this week's episode, The Gift Of The Gods Title is on the line in an Intergender Match and there is a lot of tag team action with the main event being The Reptile Tribe vs Worldwide Underground with some big risks at stake for both sides. Let's get right into the action for this week's episode.

Opening Segment:

Antonio Cueto was in his office on the phone saying that he is planning another sacrifice to the gods tonight. Mariposa showed up and seduced Cueto a little bit before saying that she wants The Gift Of The Gods Title. Antonio said that he can't do that and then she pulls out a couple wads of cash and says that her family gets what they want. She put the money down and Antonio smelled it before saying that he could never say no to someone like her. Then Cueto finished drinking his Modelo.

Opening Contest:

Malaswerte (The Rabbit Tribe) vs "The Monster" Matanza Cueto: Antonio showed up at the ramp and said that only one person can compete in this match, so Paul London said that Malaswerte was going to do it. So Cueto said that Malaswerte is a sacrifice to the gods.

Mala got off to a good start and he hit a couple of moves complete with cartoonish sound effects. But then Matanza slammed him down and that was all she wrote.

Winner: "The Monster" Matanza Cueto

Second Match:

Joey Ryan & Jack Evans vs XO Lishus & Ivelisse:

Jack and Ivelisse started things out and after a brief exchange, Ivelisse hit a rana and Evans went out of the ring. XO took the tag and used his legs to trap Ryan and drive his face into Lishus' backside repeatedly. Joey looked like he liked it and asked XO for a kiss. XO ran up and kicked him in the face instead. Evans took the tag and XO made quick work of him, but Evans kicked out after a two count. Ivelisse took the tag again and so did Evans. Suddenly Jack nailed a spinning kick to the head for a two count.

Ryan got the tag and rubbed Ivelisse's face into the mat, but she fought back and hit a DDT. Both partners got tags at the same time and XO hit Evans with a splits leg drop for a two count. Ivelisse kicked Evan and then Ryan lifted her onto the apron and kicked her down. XO and Ryan fought on as Evans flew in with a springboard kick. Then Evans latched on a submission choke hold but XO didn't tag out until he passed out. Winners: Joey Ryan & Jack Evans

Third Match:

Mariposa vs El Dragon Azteca Jr. (Intergender Match For The Gift Of The Gods Title): One must wonder if Mariposa was trying to win this title for her brother. Dragon hit a few forearms in the corner and landed a kick to the back for a two count early on. Suddenly, Mariposa hit a Samoan drop for a two count of her own. Fans were chanting, "fight forever."

Dragon sent Mariposa back down and climbed the ropes to hit a 450 splash. 1-2-Kick-Out! The crowd was chanting "lucha" as Mariposa hit a move of her own for a two count. Mariposa beat her chest and tried to hit another Butterfly Effect, but Dragon rolled her up for a pinfall. Winner & Still The Gift Of The Gods Champion: El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Main Event:

The Reptile Tribe vs Worldwide Underground (Atomicos Match): If Worldwide Underground wins, then Kobra Moon must grant Mundo one wish, but if Worldwide Underground loses, then Mundo must join The Reptile Tribe. Moon said what Mundo did to Vibora was commendable because she loves cold-blooded things. Then she introduced a new member to the Reptile Tribe, Jeremiah Snake (Jeremiah Crane)(Sami Callihan).

Worldwide Underground came out and Mundo sent Ricky Mundo and his weird doll packing. He said that this was a job he wasn't going to do. Then he brought out Aerostar and The Temple erupted in a cheer. Snake and Mundo fought in the ring after things cleared out and then Aerostar hit a dive on everyone. Drago followed with a drive of his own. Then Taya got on top and dove on everyone too. Jeremiah and Johnny started fighting again and then Snake picked up Moon and tossed her over the ropes on top of everyone. Snake ran around the ring and hit a cannonball on several wrestlers who found themselves sitting in seats.

Taya found herself alone and creeped out in the ring with Snake who bit her finger. She slapped him and then he kicked her in the face. Taya nailed a German suplex on Jeremiah and then PJ Black got the tag. Black took Snake down with an arm-drag and a leg-sweep along with a few more quick moves. Drago got involved, but Black and Mundo put him down and kicked him in the side of the head. Mundo cleared the ring except for Snake, but Jeremiah put thumbs in his eyes and tagged in Moon who climbed to the top rope and jumped on Mundo and he caught her. Both Snake and Drago kicked Mundo and all three pinned Mundo but he kicked out. Drago hit a DDT and went for a pin, but Taya and Black broke up the pin. Aerostar jumped in and confronted Drago and he told Drago to watch this and then he hit a twisting springboard dive on everyone on the outside. Soon, Mundo hit The End Of The World and won the match. So Kobra Moon has to grant Johnny Mundo a wish. Winners: Worldwide Underground

After the match, Mundo said that Moon knows someone who needs a wish and he wished that she free Drago. The crowd chanted "set him free" as Taya seemed upset at Mundo's wish decision. Aerostar got out of the ring and unlocked Drago's collar and the spirit of Drago will return to him. Drago is now free from Kobra Moon's grasp and he celebrated as Taya confronted Mundo in the ring. She called Mundo an idiot and yelled at him for giving away his wish. Then he said Moon couldn't grant him a wish because only she could do that. Black handed him a little black box and Mundo got down on one knee and proposed to Taya. She said yes and was crying.

Ricky Mundo was backstage and said that he had a wish too that Johnny and Taya are together until death do them part and then they showed his creepy doll as she laughed and he smiled into a dirty mirror. Lucha Underground goes off the air.

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