More Speculation on Brock Lesnar's Future Plans With WWE & UFC
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More Speculation on Brock Lesnar's Future Plans With WWE & UFC

By sonofgod210 · Wednesday, August 8, 2018 · 0 Comments

Brock Lesnar
Current reigning and defending WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar reportedly remains non-committal to both The WWE and The UFC until the end of this month. He signed an extension to his contract with WWE back in the spring of this year for a two-fight deal and the assumption is that once that wraps up at SummerSlam, he will move on and sign with The UFC considering that he has put himself back into The USADA testing pool.

Dave Meltzer on a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio Program notes that Vince McMahon has a lot of money to throw around and could conceivably outbid UFC once again and keep Brock around for a few more months, pushing back any return to The UFC. As a result, while many expect Lesnar to drop The WWE Universal Title at SummerSlam, it's not out of the question if he happens to retain it.

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