More on Jerry Lawler's Attempts At Helping Brian Christopher

More on Jerry Lawler's Attempts At Helping Brian Christopher

By sonofgod210 · Saturday, August 4, 2018 · 0 Comments

Brian Lawler
As a follow up to a previous post about Jerry Lawler not bailing Brian Christopher out of jail, it was not money related in any way. The bond was set at $40,000 which was a non-issue for Lawler but after talking to his closest friends, he made the call not to intervene in the issue, concluding that it would be healthier, safer and better for Christopher in the long run to remain inside.

Everyone Lawler consulted thought it was best for Christopher to remain in jail so he would "hit his rock bottom" with the plan that once he got out, he would be driven straight to a rehab facility to clean himself up. Lawler then tried to make a deal with Christopher that if he could stay clean for one year, he would go to bat for him and get him a job as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center or any job in WWE.
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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