Backstage Update on Brock's WWE Status & Possibility Of Resigning
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Backstage Update on Brock's WWE Status & Possibility Of Resigning

By sonofgod210 · Saturday, August 4, 2018 · 0 Comments

Brock Lesnar
The expectation remains that Brock Lesnar - now that he is in The USADA testing pool and shot an angle with Daniel Cormier back in UFC 226 - is headed to The UFC and that his SummerSlam Match is his last match before that happens as his contract with WWE is coming to an end. 
It should be cautioned though that Vince McMahon pretty much has an unlimited amount of money to try and keep him from leaving and in the end, it ultimately comes down to money for Brock. At his age of 41, wrestling is actually much safer and ideal for him to continue working the limited schedule. He would still earn significant money with WWE but not as much in UFC.   
Lesnar has already done this before in 2015 where it appeared that all has been set and that he was headed to The UFC before he ended up signing with WWE. All indications are that he prefers to continually sign short term contracts with either UFC or WWE, probably because both companies are about to see a huge pile of money fall into their laps and being a free agent as often as possible is the best way to make money for him.  
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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