Review of IPW Hardcore: Days of Future Past iPPV/VOD event
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INDY NEWS: Review of IPW Hardcore: Days of Future Past iPPV/VOD event

By TheMark · Friday, August 3, 2018 · 0 Comments

On July 14, 2018 the legendary Florida promotion IPW Hardcore returned for another one night only style event. This one was named DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, with a mix of IPW legends and current independent wrestling stars. It was held at the Grill Dawgs Bar and Grill in Port Richey, FL and looks like a wonderful outdoor venue to spend a Saturday evening. If the promotion’s name doesn’t sound familiar, from 1998 to 2003 it was the home of several of the stars who are going to be mentioned in my report. In addition it was the wrestling birthplace of current WWE/NXT superstar Roderick Strong plus provided a stage to current WWE World champion AJ Styles, NXT coach Steve Corino, ROH stars Christopher Daniels & Kenny King, former WWE star MVP, former ECW star Danny Doring plus fan turned announcer for the WWN Live brand Lenny Leonard who called the event with IPW co-founder “the Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi. (You can watch it on and Normally I don’t “review” shows but I covered IPW from September 2002 to the last event in September 2003 so I have good knowledge on the talent. Always great to see longtime fans Tyler Stapleton and “Uncle Boberick” in their ringside chairs.

(1) Former IPW World champions Lex Lovett, Billy Fives & “Freedom Ryder” Mike Sullivan defeated. Saieve Al Sabah & ACW Tag Team champions Omar Amir & Chance Champion (w/Skinny Vinny.) 

All three of the non IPW stars have worked for ACW, Evolve or MLW (seen on BeIn Fridays) and are well seasoned. If I hadn’t known the IPW trio were not working regularly they didn’t show it, all three held their own with the upstart trio. Sullivan ended up being tripped by Skinny Vinny along the ropes and it led to a lengthy beatdown. Tempers ended up flowing from Fives and Lovett once Sullivan was able to make a tag. In the end the IPW trio won when Sullivan hit a top rope headbutt dive for the pinfall win.

(2) Eddie Taurus defeated Jayson Falcone.

Both of these men have competed across Florida and other states with championship success. This was mix of styles, the speed of Falcone against the power of Taurus. Each man held their own but it ended up Falcone focused on the fans instead of Taurus. He was pinned after a Rock Bottom style slam. 

(3) Bryan Idol defeated Vandal Ortugan (former Jonny Vandal)

Since IPW closed down Vandal has been all over the world including WWE NXT, MLW and Evolve Wrestling. I have never seen Idol (who works for Full Impact Pro) and his look was a merge of Shawn Michaels & Dolph Ziggler. He certainly held his own with Vandal and pulled off an upset win with a superkick! 

(4) FIP World champion Austin Theory defeated “Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews.

When I first Andrews in 2002, he had already appeared in ROH, TNA Wrestling and done several appearances in WWE. He looks like he could compete on a national level despite being 51 years old. This match came about when Theory called out BNB online for this show. Before the match Andrews called out Theory for not putting the FIP World title on the line. After insulting the former IPW World champion, Theory agreed to put the title on the line. He nearly regretted it and Andrews showed no age or ring rust early on. But the champion did get an advantage and controlled the bout for several minutes. Andrews was able to fight off defeat and nearly had the win with the dreaded Forces of Nature. Andrews was nearly defeated when Theory hit a low blow and the Theory KO for two!? Sadly it was over for Andrews when he was pinned as Theory had both feet on the middle rope. 

(5) “Modern Miracle” Steve Madison defeated ACW World champion “the Outlaw” Mitch Mitchell.

Madison recently appeared for the west coast PCW Ultra promotion and looked in great shape defeating UFC Hall of Fame member Stephan Bonnar. Mitchell showed zero intimidation with the former NWA Florida champion. This was a good test for both men of who was stronger. Each held their own with each man hitting their finishers but somehow each survived and kept on fighting. Madison ended up using a short cut, namely the ropes to pin Mitchell. 

(6) FIP World Tag Team champions The End (Parrow & Odison w/Drennan) defeated former WWE superstars the Shane Twins (w/ Jet Jaguar.)

How the ring didn’t collapse under the body mass in this match is amazing. Many of you would know Parrow as part of the Stud Stable in MLW and the media coverage on his life. All that doesn’t matter when you compete with two guys who look like super heavyweights and can fly around a ring like cruiserweights. Actually The End did well in the opening moments isolating Todd Shane from his brother Mike. Todd was able to get separation from his opponents to tag in Mike who went to work big time. Out of nowhere Odison used his billy club to KO Mike Shane. The referee never saw it has he was distracted as Drennan and Jaguar fought on the floor. 

After an intermission (edited out of the replay) the legendary Cuban Assassin & his companion Fantasy came out to address the fans. He came out and paid tribute to “Navy Seal” Leroy Howard who is battling cancer plus “the All American” Jeff Peterson who sadly lost a battle with cancer. But his loss became a great win for several charities who received a donation from the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. Wait Mr. Peskin is here to receive a life achievement award?? I don’t think so and Cuban blasted his with his trusty flag pole.

(7) Francisco Ciatso vs. Effy ended in a no contest.

These two have been after each other on social media for weeks and it’s going to be brutal. Ciatso is the IPW original formerly known as “Uptown” Frankie Capone who was infamous for his flamboyant wardrobe and Double Deuce manager Pete Cannon. This is my first time seeing Effy wering fisnet stocking with his ring gear and the “Feminist Icon” jumped Ciatso at the bell. Early on Effy busted Ciatso open with the studs on his jacket & followed with vicious chair shots. Ciatso eventually recovered from the assault and fired back with chair shots of his own. The match went all over the place including the ringside seats. Ciatso resorted to suffocating Effy with a plastic bag. It got real serious when Ciatso managed to handcuff Effy’s arms behind the ringpost. After three chairshots to Effy’s upper body, the referee and security corralled around Ciatso, for some reason ending the match!?!? 

(8)”The Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated Logan Creed via referee stoppage. 

If you had asked me in 2002-2003 who from the IPW Hardcore roster was destined for the WWE or TNA, I would have said Santee. For whatever professional or personal reasons, Santee (formerly Agent Steele) was never signed. Like many on this show, this was my first time seeing Creed and his reputation does back up what I saw against Santee. This was an all out brawl from the opening bell. Creed nearly won with a triangle choke but Santee was able to able to make the ropes. For some reason referee Billy Dalton stopped the bout after a right hand punch from Santee appeared to stun Creed. Creed was none too happy and attacked Santee after the bell. To the shock of everyone Sedrick Strong made the save. 

(9) Dirty Blondes (Michael Patrick & Leo Brien) defeated Southern Posse Sonny T & Rick Thames), 

The Posse was not around when I covered IPW but they have a long and violent resume. They had their hands full with the Blondes who are featured on the nationally seen MLW Fusion TV show. The fans were solidly behind the Posse and tried to attack the Blondes. It didn’t take long for it to go from a wrestling match to an all out brawl including cow bells and bullropes. Both of the Blondes were split open by weapons. Brien and Sonny ended up fighting near the sponsorship tables as Patrick split open Thames. The palm trees that surrounded the restaurant grounds were used as weapons. If things weren’t violent enough Kubiak and the Bomb Squad hit the ring. It appears after tossing referee Star Stevens from the ring led to a DQ. After the bout Sonny T praised the Blondes and said they will be surely destined for greatness. 

(10) Darby Allin defeated “8th Deadly Sin” Sideshow (formerly OG Scarface) in a falls count anywhere match.

If you were wanted a traditional wrestling match, these two are not the people you want in the ring. Both have a serious death wish and no fear of pain. The fun began right at the bell and didn’t let up for nothing. Palm trees, chairs, the stage riggings, trash cans, cookie baking sheets, a staple gun and the ring truck were all used as weapons. Sideshow was split open by a chair shot to the head and was nearly pinned by a Code Red in the grass. Sideshow decided to end Allin with a toss off the top of the ring truck into a table. But Allin hit Sideshow in the crotch and tag his head with the staple gun. Allin tossed Sideshow off the truck into the table that immediately exploded on impact. Allin jumped off the top and pinned Sidehow. 

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