Heyman Not Part Of RAW Writing Team, Why He Was At Monday's RAW
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Heyman Not Part Of RAW Writing Team, Why He Was At Monday's RAW

By sonofgod210 · Sunday, July 15, 2018 · 0 Comments

In a clarification on a previous story about Paul Heyman traveling with The WWE RAW brand and acting as a road agent/writer, Dave Meltzer indicated on a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Heyman is actually not on the writing team. Instead, Heyman was in Boston - the site of Monday's RAW - and helped put together The Reigns-Lashley face-to-face as well as The Lashley interview that took place later in the night.

Heyman was there specifically to look over The Reigns/Lashley segments and this makes sense because he does that for virtually every segment that will lead to a Brock Lesnar program. Heyman previously did the same sort of work for Bill Goldberg and his segments and helped write all of Goldberg's interviews.

For what it's worth, back from his developmental days, Lashley and Heyman were close and when Lashley was fighting in MMA, he always talked "glowingly" about Heyman.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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