Soaring WWE Stock & Possibility Of Sale, Dog That Bit Nakumura
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Soaring WWE Stock & Possibility Of Sale, Dog That Bit Nakumura

By sonofgod210 · Sunday, July 15, 2018 · 0 Comments

Morgan Stanley has upgraded its outlook on the WWE stock, raising its target price to $100 per share, the highest among all analysts. Currently the stock is trading at almost $77 per share giving WWE a market value just shy of $6 billion.

With the stock trading so strongly and apparently in a position to move even higher, WWE higher-ups have openly been talking once again of a potential sale. FOX was at one time interested in paying up to $4 billion for WWE before they signed the gigantic five-year television rights deal as it would have made sense at the time to own the property and have rights to the programming forever. However, if the stock continues to rise, WWE would likely be looking at least $7 billion as a starting point according to sources.

According to a report by Pro Wrestling Sheet, the police dog that bit Shinsuke Nakamura in the leg continued to work through the department's internal investigation and will remain on the job moving forward. They also declined to provide information on whether the pooch faced any punishment or disciplinary action for the unprovoked bite.

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