More on Lesnar Entering USADA Testing Pool, UFC Fight, WWE Future
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More on Lesnar Entering USADA Testing Pool, UFC Fight, WWE Future

By sonofgod210 · Tuesday, July 10, 2018 · 0 Comments

Brock Lesnar
According to a statement that USADA made to, Brock Lesnar is officially back in The USADA testing pool which means that his pending suspension is back in effect and ticking down. Lesnar reportedly entered the testing pool on July 3rd with six months and four days left on his suspension, which means that he will be eligible to compete in The UFC on or after January 8th, 2019. As previously reported, USADA released a statement which you can read below:

“After receiving notice of his intent to compete in the UFC, USADA re-entered Brock Lesnar to the testing pool on July 3. With six months and four days remaining on his period of ineligibility, Lesnar will be able to compete on or after January 8, 2019, should he remain in compliance with the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.”

UFC President Dana White has already gone on record to state that Lesnar will indeed be fighting Daniel Cormier for The UFC Heavyweight Title but there was uncertainty on when that would actually happen. With the confirmation that Lesnar is back in The USADA testing pool, it is believed that the fight should happen sometime in the first quarter of 2019.

As for Lesnar's WWE future, with a UFC fight on the horizon, he is expected to drop The WWE Universal Title later this year - perhaps at SummerSlam, but he is still expected to return to WWE eventually.

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