WWE RAW Preview, July 9, 2018: WWE Extreme Rules Go-Home Show
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WWE RAW Preview, July 9, 2018: WWE Extreme Rules Go-Home Show

By sonofgod210 · Monday, July 9, 2018 · 0 Comments

After Braun Strowman trapped Kevin Owens inside a portable toilet and shoved it off the stage, Team Red braces for WWE Extreme Rules. Will The Monster Among Men continue to torment KO? Also, how will Roman Reigns repay Bobby Lashley after the powerhouse left him susceptible to a 2-on-1 Revival beat-down this past week?

Potty Crasher:

Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman’s not finished with you. After becoming a target of The Monster Among Men, KO found himself in a foul predicament when Strowman trapped him inside a portable toilet and knocked the potty off the stage. It was gross, and judging by Owens’ expression afterward, the incident stung more than his nostrils. 

Mr. Monster in the Bank tends to stick to his prey like a great white shark in a Steven Spielberg flick or, perhaps more appropriately in this case, like flies on you-know-what. Expect more of that signature Strowman destruction at KO’s expense tonight.

One Versus All (But Mainly Bobby Lashley):

Whether you consider him a proud, fighting Superstar or simply overconfident, you have to admit that Roman Reigns would have fared better against The Revival this past Monday night if he had tagged in his partner, Bobby Lashley.

Already battle-weary after teaming with Seth Rollins against Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre, Reigns refused to tag in Lashley during their match against Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, “Top Guys” who sought to prove they earned that moniker in a rematch against the warring partners.  

The merciless Revival ultimately got themselves disqualified, and when they continued the brutality after the bell, Lashley literally turned his back on The Big Dog. 

Reigns and Lashley are set to go one-on-one for the first time ever at WWE Extreme Rules, but based on their recent history, don’t be surprised if they get a little impatient tonight.

The doctor is in:

Unknowingly, Sasha Banks and Bayley were forced to attend “friendship counseling” together this past Monday night with the returning Dr. Shelby, who invited the former besties into “The Friend Zone” for some “Honesty Theater.” To the doctor’s surprise, The Boss and The Huggable One might be even more combustible than the duo he originally brought together several years ago, Team Hell No (the reunited Daniel Bryan & Kane are doing just fine right now over on SmackDown LIVE).

Will we see any progress from Bayley and Sasha tonight, or are the one-time BFFs even worse off than before?

No Apologies:

After Constable Baron Corbin didn’t get the apology he wanted from Finn Bálor last Monday night for their tag team failure the week prior, the pair took their rivalry to social media, and following an intensely personal back-and-forth in which Corbin called into question Bálor’s toughness and even his in-ring accomplishments before WWE, RAW General Manager Kurt Angle made Bálor vs. Corbin official for WWE Extreme Rules. Now, WWE’s first Universal Champion will have a chance to prove what he can truly do when he battles The Constable. 

Will Bálor bring the fight to Corbin before their newly sanctioned match, or will Corbin use his authority to keep The Extraordinary Man at bay? 

Don’t miss Monday Night RAW live tonight!

Source: WWE.com

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