Callihan/Edwards, Knockouts Returns, No DQ, Double Main Event
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Callihan/Edwards, Knockouts Returns, No DQ, Double Main Event

By sonofgod210 · Friday, June 8, 2018 · 0 Comments

Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards fought in an Unsanctioned Match during last night's episode of Impact Wrestling. Edwards lost his mind during the match - thanks to what Callihan has done to him and his family in the past - and wanted to end their rivalry once and for all. Dave and Jake Crist tried to slow down Edwards, but he would eventually get the better of them and brutally beat up Callihan. Edwards' wife, Alisha, and Tommy Dreamer would show up to stop the fight (allowing Callihan to get away) and Edwards hit Dreamer in the stomach with a baseball bat, which should set up his next feud. You can check out the highlights of the Unsanctioned Match between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards in the video below:

LAX member, Diamante, returned to the group during a segment that took place on last night's episode of Impact Wrestling after being away since last July due to an ACL injury that kept her out of action. In the video below, she's extremely skeptical of how King (Eddie Kingston) suddenly took over right around the time Konnan disappeared from the group.

Next week's episode of Impact Wrestling will see Tessa Blanchard take on Kiera Hogan in a No DQ match. The two had a bit of a backstage brawl on last night's show after Hogan interrupted Blanchard's interview. You can check out the announcement on the match below:

Next week's episode of Impact Wrestling will also feature Moose facing Eli Drake to determine the number one contender for the Impact World Title and whoever wins will face Austin Aries in the main event of Slammiversary on July 22nd. Also, Brian Cage takes on Impact X Division Champion Matt Sydal. You can check out the preview of next week's double main event show below as well as the announcements of the match:

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