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 Upstate Pro Wrestling Presents
Flower City Comic Con Day 1 Saturday June 9th, Day 2 Sunday June 10th
Riverside Convention Center, Rochester, NY
Comic Con starts at 10am Wrestling 4-6pm Saturday June 9th, 2-4 pm Sunday June 10th
$20 tickets for both days at Comic Con and wrestling show
Tickets available on our website at http://upstateprowrestling.wixsite.com/upstateprowrestling


UPW Tag Team Champions Defiance (Maximo Suave/Chris Cayden) vs. Vile Society (Mattick/Jeremy Jensen w/Kount C)
This match will see 4 of the 8 men that put everything on the line inside the steel cage do battle once again. It will be Mattick & Jeremy Jensen teaming up to take on Maximo Suave & Chris Cayden. There's still no love loss between these 4 men and after the war they went through just a month ago, I don't see this match being any different. So much was gained and lost inside that steel cage and I would be hard pressed to say that it didn't change these competitors. Many would argue that they are still feeling the effects of that match still almost one month later. That steel cage is an unforgiving structure and can take years off of a career. Jeremy Jensen was slammed from the very top of the cage and crashed all the way to the mat. Mattick lost blood and also lost his title. Defiance was beaten down and did some beating of their own. Ultimately, Defiance are the tag team champions for a reason and I'm sure there is still a score to settle. There's no telling what will happen when these 4 get in a ring together again for the first time. One thing is for certain, you don't want to miss any of the action. The Rochester Riverside Convention Center is a very large building and they may fight all over it. The new champs want to prove that they deserve to wear that gold and will defend it with everything that they have. While Mattick and Jensen will look to get some revenge for losing their respective titles. Be there this Saturday at the Flower City Comic Con for a special 2-day UPW event!!!

UPW 585 Live Champion Gregory Iron vs. Cheech
Both of these men are coming off of some intense matchups. Cheech had a chairs match at Anniversary Annarchy while Greg was inside of a steel cage. Both of them ended up walking away winners, however Greg did so with some gold around his waist. Gregory Iron has always fought an uphill battle and this match will be no different. He is giving up a lot in the size department but he will face this adversity like he always does and give 110%. Iron is someone who has no quit in him at all. He has more heart than any other competitor I've ever seen step between those ropes and compete. It's his sheer determination and never say die attitude that has brought him as far as he has come. Cheech is coming off of a big win over Icon Ace, proving that he can back up the talk that comes out of his mouth. He has a big opportunity in this one to gain a win over a current champion here in UPW and a victory will certainly put more eyes on him once again. Cheech can go inside the ring, theres no question about that, but his attitude over the last year or so has been less than stellar. He believes he is too good and that over confidence may get him in trouble. Can Cheech find a way to pick up a victory over the current 585 Live Champion? Or will Gregory Iron persevere like he always has and continue on his winning ways here in UPW? Find out this Saturday when Upstate Pro Wrestling invades the Flower City Comic Con!!

Bin Hamin VS Jason Savior

This is a classic battle of good versus evil. Bin Hamin and his Wrestling Liberation Front are coming off of a huge loss inside the steel cage where they lost the UPW Tag Team Titles to Defiance. While Jason Savior is also coming off a big loss to Carter Mason. A win here would be big for either of these men. Bin Hamin is one of those people that just wants to see the world burn. He doesn't care who or what he destroys in the process, Hamin just wants to inflict pain on all those that come in his path. Jason Savior has seen the error in his ways and vowed to be the light in UPW. He has tried to vanquish all those who are a detriment to himself and the fans of Upstate. He is one of the biggest men on the roster and he is going against a man that is equally as big in size and strength. This will be a battle of the big men and should be a very hard hitting contest. Who will come out on top in this one? Be at the Flower City Comic Con this Saturday at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center to find out!!

Grudge Match

Rico Figueroa VS Pat White

A few months back after a tough loss for the Board of Directors, Rico Figueroa turned on his long time friend Pat White. It left everyone in shock as these two were a fan favorite team. Sure they may not have come out on the winning end of things everytime, but those are part of the growing pains that you have to go through as a young team. Pat White wants to put the work in and has gotten better each and every time he gets in the ring. Rico just wants a shortcut to the top. Since turning his back on his friend Pat, Rico has tried to dodge him every chance he has gotten. Come this Saturday, there will be nowhere for Rico to run and Pat will finally be able to get his hands on his former best friend and try and get some retribution.

Wrestling Liberation Front vs. FireLocke

Two of UPW's top tag teams will do battle on day 1 of the Flower City Comicon. The newly formed team of FireLocke, Fireheart & Charlie Locke, have been doing their best to make an impact in UPW. But those plans seemed to take a turn for the worse when they were both attacked by Jack Swagger at UPW's Anniversary Anarchy 15. Despite this setback, a victory here for FireLocke would catapault them up the tag team ranks and definitely serve as a huge confidence boost. But they'll have their hands full when they take on The Wrestling Liberation Front. Former UPW Tag Team Champions, Cloudy and Krist Worthless, are still seething after losing the tag straps to Defiance in the War Games at Anniversary Anarchy 15. Bin Hamin's charges have a lot of anger and frustration to take out and for FireLocke, they might be facing the wrong team at the wrong time. These two teams collide this Saturday at Day 1 of the Flower City Comicon! 

Cosplay Battle Royal Day 1 & 2
For the second year in a row Upstate Professional Wrestling will return to the Flower City Comic Con for a special 2 day event. That means that the Cosplay Battle Royal will return. Last year we saw many different characters from Dragonball-Z, G.I. Joe, Spongebob Square Pants and a T-Rex just to name a few. What is going to happen when we get all of these combustible characters in one ring? Who will we see this year? Superman? Spiderman? Batman? Magneto? Thanos? Johnny Cage? Reptar? Theres no telling who or what exactly we are going to see this coming Saturday & Sunday but it's going to be very interesting and a lot of fun for our fans!! This Saturday & Sunday at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center the Flower City Comic Con, Upstate Pro Wrestling invades once again!!!

Day 2 

Vinnie Moon vs. Jeremy Jensen

On Day 2 of the Flower City Comic Con Vinnie Moon makes his UPW Debut against The Vile Jedi Jeremy Jensen

The Nightbreed  vs. UPW Tag Team Champions Defiance

The returning Leva Bates vs. Solo Darling

Also in action will be Jay Freddie
"Extremely Cute Wrestler" Colin Delaney
and UPW Heavyweight Champion "Your Captain" Nick Ando!

Come see Upstate Professional Wrestling when we invade the Flower City Comic Con at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center this Saturday & Sunday for a special 2 day event!!!

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