Smith Jr. Backstage at Raw, Dallas & Axel Get a Win, WWE/EVOLVE

Smith Jr. Backstage at Raw, Dallas & Axel Get a Win, WWE/EVOLVE

By Marchman · Tuesday, May 15, 2018 · 0 Comments

David Hart Smith

Monday Night Raw was a bit unique this week as it took place in the O2 Arena in London. The fans in the United Kingdom were rowdy for most of the night, but a familiar face was in attendance for last night's Raw show. Current New Japan Pro Wrestling talent Davey Boy Smith Jr. was backstage during the show last night, and he posted a few photos of himself with members of the WWE roster online. Natalya also uploaded a photo of herself, Smith, and Tyson Kidd standing together before last night's show in what was somewhat of a Hart Dynasty reunion. Fans may remember that the trio teamed up together before Smtih was suddently released from WWE back in 2011.

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel have never really been the most dominant tag team in WWE. In fact, the two wrestlers rarely ever receive wins of any kind. Dallas and Axel had been teaming up with The Miz as part of The Miztourage since last year, but the stable was forced to disband after The Miz got traded to Smackdown in the Superstar Shakeup. Eager to begin a new chapter in their careers, Dallas and Axel appeared on Raw last night under the name 'The B Team.' The duo shockingly managed to get a win over Tyler Breeze and Fandango later that night. The two Raw Superstars celebrated their win in the ring before informing "Woken" Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt that they are both coming for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

There once was a time when WWE did not want to work with other promotions. In fact, there were even a few circumstances in which WWE preferred to never acknowledge that other wrestling promotions even existed. That has largely changed over the years with WWE now partnered with promotions such as ICW and PROGRESS Wrestling, and even sending NXT and 205 Live performers to perform on some of their shows. One promotion that WWE has become very friendly with lately is EVOLVE Wrestling. The company has now started advertising events for the promotion, such as the upcoming EVOLVE 104 and EVOLVE 105 events, on their website. This is just the latest step in what is clearly a huge working relationship between WWE and EVOLVE.

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