IWF Brockport Brawl Quick Results 5/11

INDY NEWS: IWF Brockport Brawl Quick Results 5/11

By TheMark · Monday, May 14, 2018 · 0 Comments

Quick results from IWF Pro Wrestling's "Brockport Brawl" at the Brockport Elks Lodge in Brockport, New York 5/11: 

1. "A Cut Above The Rest" Gavin Glass defeated Cloudy

2. Jesse Bieber defeated Randy Philbrick (w/Johnny Kayfabe) by disqualification

3. Vinnie Moon defeated VIP member Michael McKinger (The rest of VIP was banned from ringside and if they interfered VIP would be fired from IWF)

4. "Dirty" Rex Atkins & "Buffalo Bad Boy" Brian Jennings defeated IWF Tag Team Champions The Buffalo Club (w/Jonathan Ashe) by disqualification

5. "The Patron Saint of Professional Wrestling" Brandon Thurston defeated "Hybrid" Sean Carr

6. "The Legacy" Jordan Falco defeated "Eh Plus" Ryan Cassidy (w/Jonathan Ashe) 

7. Chris Cayden defeated Project Brewington (w/Mirage)

8. Rob Sweet defeated IWF Suicidal Six Way Champion "Punk Rock Supernova" Eric Emanon by countout in a non-title match. Due to a prematch stipulation, Sweet will get one more shot at the Suicidal Six Way Championship.

9. Cassius Cutcher & Mikey Everynite won a four corners elimination match against Sebastian Braun & The Landlord, Jet Rebel & Jeremy Adams (w/Foxy Faye), & Dewey Murray & Sean Haymaker (w/Michael McKinger). The winning team would face each other in a singles match to become #1 contender for the IWF Suicidal Six Way Championship.

10. Cassius Cutcher defeated Mikey Everynite

11. "Big TK" Terrell Kenneth defeated "Moonlight Son" Mike Skyros with IWF Owner Ron Falco as the special guest referee to become the new IWF Heavyweight Champion

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