Jazzy Gabert/WWE Update, Another MYC Standout, WWE in Norway
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Jazzy Gabert/WWE Update, Another MYC Standout, WWE in Norway

By Marchman · Monday, April 16, 2018 · 0 Comments


One of the most popular participants of the Mae Young Classic tournament in WWE last year was Jazzy Gabert. Gabert was adored by the fans in Full Sail University for her unique looks and great power, which is why is was heartbreaking when she revealed that WWE rescinded their contract offer due to neck injuries that she has suffered over the course of her career. Luckily, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has revealed that Gabert has made tremendous progress in recovering from her injuries, and she will also be making another attempt to get signed by WWE soon. Gabert began taking bookings again in March, so hopefullyt she will be able to pass WWE's medical exams this time around.

It was reported earlier this week that WWE officials were scouting potential new female talent during a recent Shimmer show. Second-generation wrestler and former Mae Young Classic participant Tessa Blanchard was reportedly one of the individuals who stood out when WWE stopped by, but another another Mae Young Classic member may be on WWE's radar now as well. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE officials were also impressed by Mercedes Martinez. Martinez is a veteran in professional wrestling who has worked for several different promotions over the course of her career. With another Mae Young Classic tournament set to take place this year, Martinez could very well be involved in the tournament again.

WWE is attempting to reach out to fans all over the world in more and more places. This can be proven by the upcoming events that the company will be hosting in areas such as Saudi Arabia and Australia later on this year. However, the company has just announced that they will be bringing shows to one European nation for the first time ever. According to PWInsider, WWE will be coming to Norway later this year to host a Raw-branded show featuring top names such as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Braun Strowman, and several others. The original report states that the show is currently scheduled to take place on November 1st of this year.

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