News on Why WWE Decided To Promote The Cena/Taker Match That Way

News on Why WWE Decided To Promote The Cena/Taker Match That Way

By sonofgod210 · Saturday, April 14, 2018 · 0 Comments

As seen on WrestleMania 34, The John Cena/Undertaker Match only lasted for about two to three minutes with Undertaker picking up a dominant win. According to backstage sources, one of the reasons why WWE decided to build up the John Cena/Undertaker Match the way they did is because they didn't want to set expectations for fans that the match was going to be one of the biggest matches on the show or a main event caliber match.

While the match itself was penciled in months ago and it was given the green light, it became apparent soon thereafter that while The Undertaker could wrestle, he wouldn't be able to work a match of any great length. So the idea was created that they wanted the audience to know that The Undertaker would be there but downplay the expectation that it would be any sort of a high caliber match. As it turned out, Cena lost in under 3 minutes and fans really couldn't be upset with an unadvertised match, no matter how short it was.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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