WrestleMania 34 PPV Results (04/08): New Orleans, Louisiana
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WrestleMania 34 PPV Results (04/08): New Orleans, Louisiana

By sonofgod210 · Sunday, April 8, 2018 · 1 Comments

WWE WrestleMania 34
Kickoff Show:

The WrestleMania 34 Kickoff Show opens up with Renee Young welcoming us to the show as we see a camera pan through the crowd, inside the arena as well as outside the arena. She introduces her panel, consisting of WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and David Otunga and they give us a quick rundown of the card to start us off.

Our first match to be discussed is Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, complete with video package and discussion afterward. We go outside where Sam Roberts is hanging out with a bunch of Rusev fans before heading inside where we see John Cena in attendance as a fan, as promised. The next match they cover is the WWE Championship Match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, followed by a video package and discussion.

Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H is up next, followed by a video package and discussion. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship also gets its video package and discussion, during which Carmella rolls up with her Money in the Bank briefcase and complains that they are not talking about her. She says that she is bored by their attempts to involve her in their discussion because she is the only woman that matters and she is going to win the battle royal.

Speaking of battle royals, it’s time for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Fifth Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and Byron Saxton are on commentary for this one. We see the Andre statue at ringside as Greg Hamilton goes over the rules. The opening bell sounds and English starts beating on Ryder, while Corbin drops Sin Cara then turns his attention to the other combatants. English gets eliminated first, then Hawkins and Konnor get eliminated. Goldust and R-Truth come face to face, and Goldust drops his old partner. Truth is eliminated, and Primo is sent out over the top rope next. Matt and Ryder start fighting while Slater works over Viktor. Hardy starts firing up, but Axel and Dallas double team him. Shelton eliminates Breeze, then Viktor eliminates Rhyno. Ryder eliminates Ziggler next, as Matt and Goldust brawl in the opposite corner. Mojo eliminates Ryder next, then Gable eliminates Anderson. Titus eliminates Gallows, then The Revival eliminates Apollo and Shelton. Axel and Dallas team up to eliminate both Revival members, then Kane eliminates both Axel and Dallas. John Cena is shown sitting in the crowd with fans again. Kane eliminates Fandango, and Corbin eliminates Slater and Sin Cara. Ziggler fires up and eliminates Titus and Goldust next. Matt and Tye come face to face and a dual "Delete" and "Ten" chants starts up, then Matt eliminates Tye. Kane drops Matt, then Ziggler superkicks Kane. Kane gets up and eliminates Ziggler, then Corbin comes from behind and eliminates Kane.

It's down to Corbin, Matt, and Mojo, as fans chant "Delete." Mojo and Corbin double team Matt now, until the lights go out and Bray Wyatt hits the ring. Wyatt helps Matt eliminate Mojo, then Corbin drops Matt and Wyatt. Corbin grabs Matt, but Matt ends up fighting Corbin off and eliminating him. The bell rings and Matt is declared winner, then Matt and Wyatt come face to face. Winner: Matt Hardy

After the match, Hardy's music briefly plays. He approaches Wyatt and thanks him. Fans chant "thank you Wyatt" now and Matt claps with them. Wyatt and Hardy hug in the middle of the ring as Matt's music starts back up. Cena is shocked in the crowd. Matt and Wyatt pose together as the crowd does the "delete!" chants again.

Back to the panel as they promote the WWE Network for those of you watching on YouTube or the other free streams before running down the card again and resetting the Kickoff Show for the second hour since it also will be broadcasted on the USA Network.

The panel also changes with Peter Rosenberg replacing JBL. We toss to Sam Roberts in the crowd again before we head back to ringside as we see Drake Maverick. The second match of the night is up next as the WWE Cruiserweight Championship is on the line.

Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali (WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals): The Cruiserweight Title is on the line in this one. Cedric and Mustafa trade take downs, then Cedric gets frustrated and starts trading stiff shots with Ali. They trade more shots until Ali hits a version of the X-Factor on Cedric. Ali grabs Cedric by the tights and hits a kick, but Cedric comes back with a Spanish Fly. They fight up to the top rope and exchange punches, then Ali hits a version of the Spanish Fly on Cedric off the top. They fight over to the other corner and Ali goes up top, but Cedric pushes him off and Ali crashes hard on the mat. Cedric drags Ali back in the ring and boots him, then stomps a mud hole on him against the bottom rope. Cedric goes to pick him up, but Ali comes back with a reverse Frankensteiner. Ali goes up top and hits the 054 and covers, but Cedric gets his foot on the bottom rope. Ali goes for it again off the top, but Cedric rolls out of the way. Cedric hits some elbows to the face and drops Ali. Cedric follows up with the Lumbar Check for the three count. Winner & New Cruiserweight Champion: Cedric Alexander

After the match, Cedric celebrates and stands tall as we see Cena standing and cheering in the crowd. Drake brings the title into the ring and celebrates with the new champion, then he shakes his hand.

Back to the panel and they discuss the match we just saw before moving on to discuss the Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match. We head to John Cena in the crowd and he's stoked to be hanging out with Sign Guy. He shouts “WRESTLEMANIA!” a few times and we move on shortly after. The panel runs down the card once again and we go to ringside where Lillian Garcia introduces us to the special guest commentator for the next match Beth Phoenix. Paige also joins the commentary table and she says that hopefully she will be in the match next year.

First-Ever WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal: Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley get their own entrances, and the rest of the entrants come out together as a group. The opening bell sounds and Carmella gets eliminated almost immediately. All of the women appear to surround Dana Brooke in a circle, and they all gang up on her and eliminate Dana next. There appears to be some enhancement talent in the ring from NXT who also gets eliminated. Bianca Belair goes up to the top turnbuckle and stands there for a moment, but no one goes near her and she hits a 450 splash. Sonya Deville and Lana get eliminated. Bianca uses her hair as a whip and whips Becky, but Becky comes back and kicks her to the outside for the elimination. Dakota, Becky Lynch and Naomi are all eliminated. Mickie James starts dropping people, but she climbs up top and gets eliminated by Ruby. Peyton Royce is eliminated next, and the women all seem to be ganging up on Sasha and Bayley now. Sasha and Bayley team up to eliminate Natalya and Morgan. Ruby attacks them from behind, but they turn around and eliminate Ruby next. Bayley eliminates Logan, and it's down to Bayley and Sasha. They go to shake hands, but Bayley grabs Sasha and throws her to the outside for the elimination. Bayley thinks she's won, but it appears Naomi hasn't been eliminated because she didn't go over the top rope, so Naomi is back in the ring now. Naomi hits a butt bump to the face then eliminates Bayley. Winner: Naomi

After the match, Naomi stands tall and celebrates as her music hits. Banks and Bayley stare at each other while recovering on the floor. Naomi goes to ringside to celebrate with her trophy.

We get a video package recapping the UpUpDownDown WWE 2K18 tournament.

We get one last panel discussion and video package for the Universal Championship Match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns and that's it for the WrestleMania 34 Kickoff Show.

Main Show:

The WrestleMania 34 Main Show opens up live from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans as JoJo introduces us to Chloe x Halle to sing America The Beautiful.

From there we get a video package built around the idea that WrestleMania is all about enjoying life while you can. The pyro goes off inside the sold out Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans as the crowd goes wild. Michael Cole welcomes us to the show of shows. He is joined by Corey Graves and Jonathan Coachman.

We head to ringside for the first match of the main show which is for the Intercontinental Title.

The Miz (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor (Triple Threat Match): The Intercontinental Title is on the line in this one. The opening bell sounds and Finn Balor starts off strong. Balor knocks them both outside and hits a suicide dive on both Miz and Rollins. Back in the ring, Balor continues the offense until Miz drops him and hits a clothesline in the corner. Miz takes control of the match now and sends Rollins out to ringside while he tries to keep Balor grounded. Miz goes up to the middle rope but Balor kicks him down. Balor goes for the sling blade on Rollins, but Rollins catches him and throws him outside. Rollins hits a suicide dive on Balor, then runs through the ring to hit a dive on Miz on the other side. Rollins gets back in the ring and walks into a sling blade from Balor. Balor looks for a kick, but Rollins dodges it and hits a kick of his own on Balor. Miz runs in now and hits a DDT on Rollins. Miz boots Rollins outside, then drops Balor across the top rope. Miz puts Balor in the Figure Four, but Balor breaks out and Rollins hits a frogsplash off the top on Miz. The fight spills out to ringside, and Rollins looks for a powerbomb on Balor, but Balor breaks free and hits a sling blade. Balor follows up with a running dropkick on both Miz and Rollins into the fan barricade. Back in the ring, the three men fight on the turnbuckle, which leads to Rollins hitting the buckle bob on Miz, and then a superplex on Balor. Rollins rolls through to look for a Falcon Arrow, but Balor escapes. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Rollins for a two count. Balor and Miz go at it now and fight on the turnbuckle. The Miz has a big welt on his ribs. Rollins kicks Balor and climbs up, but then Miz hits a top rope bulldog on Rollins. Balor then drops Miz from behind and hits the Coup De Grace on Miz. Balor looks for the pin, but Rollins curb stomps him, and then curb stomps Miz for the three count. Winner & New Intercontinental Champion: Seth Rollins

After the match, the new Grand Slam Champion takes the Intercontinental Title and stands tall as his music hits. We get replays and come back to Rollins celebrating.

We get a trailer for the upcoming Andre the Giant documentary.

We see John Cena hanging out in the crowd once again.

We head back to ringside where we see Tom Phillips. He is joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. 

We get a video package for the SmackDown Women's Title Match which is coming up next.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Asuka: The SmackDown Women's Title is on the line in this one. The opening bell sounds and the two women trade take downs early on. Charlotte starts laying into Asuka with chops, and then some knees in the corner. Charlotte gets tied up in the ropes and Asuka hits some kicks and knees. Charlotte comes back with a neckbreaker and drops Asuka. Asuka starts firing up and repeatedly stomps Charlotte in the head. They fight out to the apron and Asuka hits a suplex off the apron onto the ringside floor, and Charlotte is hurt. Back in the ring, Charlotte and Asuka get in each other's faces, and Asuka drops her with a series of strikes. Asuka continues the beat down on Charlotte now as she drags her from corner to corner. Asuka goes up top, but Charlotte stuns her with some chops. Charlotte hits a Spanish Fly off the top. They're both slow to get up, and Asuka catches Charlotte in a submission. Charlotte breaks out and goes for the Figure Four, but Asuka breaks free. Charlotte comes back with a spear and looks for the Figure four again, and this time she locks it in. She makes it into a Figure Eight, and Asuka taps out. Asuka's undefeated streak is over. Winner & Still SmackDown Women's Champion: Charlotte Flair

After the match, Flair and Asuka sit up as Flair's music hits. Flair gets emotional and sits up on her knees, looking up to the sky as the referee hands her the title. We go to replays. Flair stands tall as the crowd pops big. Flair looks at Asuka and nods as Asuka gets to her feet. The music stops. Flair walks back to the center of the ring. Asuka grabs a mic and says, "Charlotte was ready for Asuka." Asuka congratulates Flair and they hug it out. Asuka raises Flair's arm and they hug again as fans cheer. Flair makes her exit up the ramp as we see a referee run down. The referee runs over to John Cena and is saying something about The Undertaker being here for a match. Cena is all smiles. Fans pop as Cena hops over the barrier and runs up the ramp to the back. Asuka smiles as she watches Cena run to the back. Flair finishes her walk up the ramp and is also excited about Cena vs. Taker. Charlotte raises the title as we go to a break.

We head back to ringside for our next match which is for the United States Championship.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Rusev (Fatal Four Way Match): The United States Title is on the line in this one. Orton and Jinder get thrown outside early on, then Rusev dropkicks Roode down. Rusev looks for a suicide dive, but Jinder stops him with an elbow to the face. Rusev knocks Jinder away, and hits a somersault onto Orton and Jinder on the floor. Back in the ring, Roode and Orton take out Rusev, then start going at each other. Orton takes Roode up top and hits a superplex for a two count. Jinder and Rusev break up the pin and drops Roode and Orton. Jinder tries to strike up a partnership with Rusev, but Rusev drops Jinder and stomps on him. Rusev follows up with a back suplex for a two count. Roode drops Rusev, then hits a spinebuster on Jinder. Orton and Rusev start going at it now. Rusev misses a spinning heel kick, which leads to Orton hitting the DDT off the middle rope. Orton looks for an RKO on Rusev, but Aiden English runs in and Orton RKO's him instead. Orton then gives an RKO to Rusev, but then Jinder hits a running knee to Orton. Orton comes back with an RKO on Jinder, but Roode breaks up the pin. Orton looks for an RKO on Roode, but Roode dodges it and hits the Glorious DDT. Jinder breaks up the pin, and Rusev hits a big boot on Roode. Rusev misses a kick on Jinder, but connects with a second one. Rusev looks for the Accolade on Mahal, but Sunil causes a distraction. This distraction leads to Jinder hitting the Khallas on Rusev for the three count. Winner & New United States Champion: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Jinder takes the title and hits the corners to pose as his music hits. The referee checks on Rusev, who is still down. Jinder celebrates as we go to replays. We come back to Jinder celebrating as we go to another break.

We get a Fashion Files segment with Mick Foley, who points out that Breezango aren’t even real cops. Fandango runs down his hair, his plaid flannel, and his sweatpants as he charges then he orders Tyler Breeze to write a ticket. Breeze says that he can’t write it because he likes Mick’s style. The segment turns out to be a Snickers commercial and ends with both men trying to force Fandango to wear sweatpants.

We get a video package showing a preview of tonight's big mixed tag team match which is coming up next.

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon & WWE COO Triple H: All the competitors come face to face, and Kurt and Triple H start things off. Kurt hits a big back body drop on Triple H early on and takes control of the match. Stephanie causes a distraction and pulls the ropes, and Triple H throws Kurt outside. Ronda comes to get in their faces and the referee hauls her back. Triple H suplexes Angle back in the ring, then hits a spinebuster. Kurt looks for the tag, but Triple H keeps Angle grounded. Kurt boots Triple H away from him, but Stephanie grabs him from behind in a choke. Triple H charges, and Kurt ducks, and Triple H almost hits Stephanie, but Triple H stops in time. The distraction leads to Kurt hitting a big suplex on Triple H. Kurt almost gets the tag to Ronda, but Stephanie runs around and pulls Ronda off the apron. Kurt dumps Triple H outside and gets the tag to Ronda. Ronda pulls Stephanie in and drops her. Ronda hits a back suplex and then pummels on Stephanie in the corner. Ronda throws Stephanie across the ring by the hair, then throws her into the corner. Ronda tosses Stephanie across the ring and looks for an arm bar, and she almost gets it but Stephanie latches on to her hand to block it. Stephanie gouges the eyes and then looks to tag in Triple H, but Triple H is still down on the outside. Stephanie kicks Ronda and hits a DDT for a two count. Stephanie goes for a kick but then Ronda grabs her by the throat and stops her. Ronda hits a Samoan drop then pins, but Triple H pulls the referee out of the ring. Ronda then yells at Triple H from the ring, and Triple H pulls her outside on the floor. Kurt comes over and pummels on Triple H, then takes him up on top of an announce table. Kurt goes to suplex HHH on the table, but Triple H throws Kurt off onto the other announce table. Triple H retreats back in to the ring to check on Stephanie. Stephanie rolls outside and Ronda runs up on Triple H. The referee says that can't happen, and pulls them apart, but Triple H gentle pushes the referee aside. Triple H wants to fight Ronda and they go to lock up, but Ronda ends up teeing off on Triple H with punches. Triple H tries to kick Ronda, but Ronda takes him down and then goes for a Samoan Drop, but Stephanie breaks it up. Stephanie slaps Ronda and Ronda no-sells it then chases Stephanie around the ring. Ronda catches Stephanie at ringside and beats her down. Stephanie pushes Ronda in to the ring post and both women are down. Back in the ring, Kurt walks up behind Triple H and starts hitting suplexes. Triple H comes back with a facebuster, but Kurt latches on to him again and hits a series of German suplexes. Kurt is fired up now and looks for the Angle Slam, but Triple H escapes. Triple H looks for a Pedigree, but Angle gets out and looks for the Ankle Lock. Triple H escapes and looks for the Pedigree again, but Angle once again escapes and hits the Olympic Slam for a two count. Stephanie runs up on Kurt and tries to kick him, but Kurt catches her leg. The referee tells Kurt not to do anything to her, but then Kurt keeps chanting "yes", so Kurt goes for the ankle lock. Triple H breaks it up and drops Kurt from behind, then Triple H approaches Ronda who is crawling back in the ring. Triple H looks for the Pedigree on Ronda, but instead goes for a powerbomb, which Ronda reverses into a hurricanrana. Ronda locks in the arm bar, but Stephanie breaks it up and puts Ronda in a choke from behind. Ronda tosses Stephanie down and puts her in an arm bar. Triple H tries to break it up, but Kurt catches him and puts him in an ankle lock. Triple H reverses and sends Kurt crashing in to Ronda. Triple H shoves Kurt into the ring post, then Stephanie throws Ronda into the other ring post. Triple H and Stephanie look to do Pedigrees on Kurt and Ronda, but Kurt dumps Triple H outside, and then Ronda back drops Stephanie. Ronda grabs Stephanie and wants the arm bar. Stephanie puts up a struggle, but Ronda locks it in and Stephanie taps out. Winners: RAW General Manager Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey

After the match, Rousey stands tall and celebrates as her music hits. Angle returns to the ring to join her as we go to replays. We come back as the celebration continues. Rousey and Angle make their exit, greeting fans at ringside. We see trainers and medics checking on Stephanie at ringside as we go to a break.

We head back to ringside for our next match which is for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) vs. The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) vs. The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (Triple Threat Match): The SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles are on the line in this one. Kofi hits a Trouble In Paradise early on Jey, but the Bludgeon Brothers break up the pin and start laying out everyone. The Usos start hitting kicks on everyone and they take control of the momentum. They hit a big splash on Harper, then they go for another pin but Rowan breaks it up and Harper gets up. Jey boots Harper in the head, then Big E runs in, but the Brothers drop him. Rowan catches a big Uso dive on the floor, and then they double suplex him on the floor. Back in the ring, Big E gets dropped and Harper levels Kofi with a side slam. The Usos have Harper up top for a double team, but Big E comes over and knocks them down to the floor. Big E gets sent outside too, and Kofi is alone in the ring with Harper now. Rowan joins and powerbombs Kofi, then Harper and Rowan double team powerbomb Kofi for the three count. Winners & New SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions: The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan)

After the match, Rowan and Harper stand tall with the titles as their music plays and we get replays. We go to another break.

We get a hype reel for things that are coming soon to the WWE Network.

John Cena makes his way down to the ring. We apparently have a John Cena vs. Undertaker Match.

Cena tells the camera that he is here. A referee comes running to the ring as we get ready to go. Fans chant for The Undertaker for a minute or so as Cena waits. Cena steps out of the ring to some boos. The lights go out and fans pop thinking it's The Undertaker. Elias appears on the stage instead, with his guitar. Elias calls for fans to silence their phones and shut up.

Elias walks to the ring and says that we must have been expecting someone else. Elias then says that someone else doesn't have the charisma or talent that he has. Elias then says that Cena probably thought this was just going to be a walk in the park. Elias is in the ring now. He tells Cena to back off because he'll take it from here. Cena isn't thrilled. Elias is going to do what he does best and suggests that Cena go do what he does best, which is watch from the crowd like a spectator. Elias then says that he is about to make history. He starts performing a song, taking shots at Cena and the crowd.

Cena has heard enough. He comes in the ring and gets the upperhand on Elias. Cena nails the Five Knuckle Shuffle and the Attitude Adjustment to send Elias out to the floor. Cena stands tall and looks disappointed as fans chant for The Undertaker. Cena's music hits as he hits the corner to pose. Cena walks up the ramp and his music stops. The lights go out. A spotlight shines in the ring and we see The Undertaker's hat and gear sitting in the middle of the ring like he left them. Lighting strikes. The spotlight comes back on and the gear is missing. The lights hit again and here come the bells tolling. The Undertaker's entrance music starts as fans pop. The Undertaker finally appears as fans cheer more. The Undertaker slowly steps in the ring and stands in the middle as Cena backs into the corner. The Undertaker removes his coat as lasers hit the ring. The Undertaker removes his hat and rolls his eyes back, and the lights come on. The referee comes in the ring, and we've got a match.

John Cena vs. The Undertaker: The Undertaker immediately takes the fight to Cena off the opening bell and pummels on him in the corner. Undertaker runs the ropes and hits a flying clothesline on Cena. The Undertaker follows up with his patented top rope walk clothesline. Undertaker hits him in the corner then does the Snake Eyes on the top turnbuckle. Undertaker follows up with a big boot and a leg drop, then he looks for a chokeslam. Cena reverses into a back suplex, then goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Undertaker sits up and scares him. Undertaker hits the chokeslam, then does the throat cutting motion. Undertaker hits the Tombstone on Cena and pins for the three count. Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, The Undertaker stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays of what was pretty much a squash match. We come back and The Undertaker's music continues as the lights go down. Undertaker drops to one knee and poses as fans cheer him on. Undertaker marches up the ramp and stops on the stage with his back turned while the bells toll. Undertaker turns around, looks at the ring and turns back around. He raises his fist and heads to the back as the lighting strikes again. The announcers play up how great this WrestleMania moment was but there wasn't much competition there.

We get a video package with highlights from Friday's 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. JoJo introduces the new Hall of Famers as they stand on the stage and pose. Jeff Jarrett, Mark Henry, Hillbilly Jim, Ivory, Jarrius "JJ" Robertson and The Dudley Boyz are introduced one by one. Bill Goldberg comes out next with his own entrance. Fans chant his name as his music starts up. He also gets the pyro that he always gets in his ring entrance.

We get a video package for Daniel Bryan's in-ring return.

SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon & SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn: Owens and Zayn attack from behind before the match and they beat down Bryan and McMahon all over ringside. They powerbomb Bryan onto the ring apron, and the referee and Shane call for medics to check out Bryan. Owens and Zayn dare Shane to come in to the ring and face them, and Shane does and calls for the ring bell. Shane punches Sami off the apron and then pummels on Owens. Shane hits a flying elbow on Owens, then punches out Sami, and Shane is still selling his injuries. Shane beats on Sami in the corner, then hits a big boot on Owens. Shane hits a DDT on Sami, then Owens drops Shane and stomps on him in the corner. Owens and Zayn now take turns tagging and beating on Shane. Sami hits the Blue Thunder Bomb on Shane for a two count. Sami misses a shot in the corner and Shane hangs him up on the ropes and stomps on him. Owens misses a shot and Shane throws him outside. Sami is still hanging upside down in the corner, and Shane goes up top on the opposite corner. Shane hits the coast to coast dropkick on Sami in the opposite corner. Shane pins but Owens breaks it up. Owens follows up with a frogsplash off the top on Shane and pins, but Daniel Bryan comes out of nowhere and breaks up the pin. Owens misses a shot on Shane, then Sami comes in and Shane drops him with a back suplex. Bryan gets the tag and starts cleaning house. Owens tries to attack Bryan from behind, but Bryan hits a back suplex on him, and then a running dropkick on Sami. He hits a series of running dropkicks on both Owens and Zayn in opposing corners. Bryan takes Sami up top and hits a Frankensteiner. Owens distracts Bryan and Sami hits the big boot on Bryan for a two count. Owens comes in and hits the Pop Up Powerbomb on Bryan for a two count. Shane pulls Owens outside and hits a splash off the apron on him. Sami starts punching Bryan, but Bryan starts no-selling and lays into Sami with punches and slaps. He hits a knee to the face, then the "yes kicks." Bryan follows up with a running knee to the face, and then the Yes Lock. Sami taps out, and Bryan and McMahon have won. Winners: SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon & SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan

After the match, Bryan stands tall and hits the corner to lead another big "yes!" chant. We go to replays as the celebration continues. We come back and see Bryan approaching his wife Brie Bella at ringside and hugging her. Bryan returns to the ring and stands tall with Shane as their arms are raised. The "yes!" chants pick back up as Bryan leaves the ring last. We see Shane greeting his family at ringside. Shane and Bryan leave together as we go to another break.

We get a sneak peak for the new and upcoming movie Fighting With My Family.

JoJo announces a sold-out crowd of 78,133 fans in attendance. Cole then says that there are fans from 50 states and 67 different countries here tonight and that this is the highest grossing event in Mercedes-Benz Superdome history, breaking a new record.

We get a promo for tonight's RAW Women's Title Match which is coming up next.

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax: The RAW Women’s Title is on the line in this one. Nia attacks before the bell and beats down Alexa and Mickie at ringside. Back in the ring, the bell sounds and Alexa slaps Nia across the face. Nia drops her and starts beating down Alexa. Nia goes for a gorilla press slam but Alexa escapes. Alexa rakes the eyes and starts working over Nia's knee. Bliss sends Nia outside, then goes up top and hits the Twisted Bliss on Nia on the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Bliss hits a shot to the face for a two count. Bliss starts talking trash to Nia, and Nia grabs her, telling her to shut the hell up, then starts throwing her around the ring. It's all Nia now as she throws Alexa into the corner. Bliss tries raking the eyes, but Nia slams her down again. Nia takes Bliss up to the middle rope and hits a flying Samoan Drop for the three count. Winner & New RAW Women's Champion: Nia Jax

After the match, Jax gets emotional and takes the title. She stands tall and has her arm raised as fans pop. We go to replays as the music plays. We come back and see Jax hugging The Rock's mother and daughter at ringside. Bliss looks on upset as Jax leaves with the title in the air. We go to another break.

We get an advertisement for WWE Backlash which will be the next PPV after WrestleMania 34 and the first dual-branded PPV in the modern era.

We get a video package for tonight's WWE Title Match which is coming up next.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: The WWE Title is on the line in this one. They lock up off the opening bell and then break apart. Both men are hesitant early on, until AJ is able to latch on to Nakamura and hit a suplex. Nakamura kicks AJ away, and then they get tangled up in the ropes and the referee pulls them apart. Nakamura comes back with a kick and a knee drop. Nakamura goes to stomp on Styles in the corner, but AJ breaks free. AJ connects with a knee to the face of Nakamura and drops him. AJ follows up with a snap suplex on Nakamura for a two count. Nakamura starts fighting back, but AJ stuns him and hits a side walk slam. AJ follows up with kicks and tries to keep Nakamura grounded. They fight out to the apron and Nakamura hits a kick to the face of AJ. Back in the ring, Nakamura connects with more kicks and a flying boot off the middle rope. Nakamura tells AJ to bring it, and Nakamura unloads with kicks again. Nakamura hits a splash in the corner and then a knee strike for a two count. Nakamura follows up with a reverse suplex, and AJ comes back with a facebuster. AJ hits a flying lariat in the corner, then a running forearm shot on the mat for a two count. After a brief back-and-forth, AJ connects with a pumphandle gut buster. Nakamura sends AJ to the apron and AJ looks for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Nakamura catches him and hits a Death Valley Driver for a two count. They trade strikes until AJ latches on to Nakamura and locks in the calf crusher. Nakamura fights out and looks for a triangle choke, but AJ hits him with a Fisherman's brainbuster. AJ goes to pick him up, and Nakamura hits a spinning heel kick. Nakamura goes for a running knee in the corner, but AJ ducks and Nakamura hits the turnbuckle. AJ follows up with a Phenomenal Forearm for a two count. AJ goes for a springboard 450 but Nakamura gets the knees up to block it and pins for a two count. AJ and Nakamura start trading stiff forearm shots to the face in the middle of the ring. They're throwing stiff punches and Nakamura looks hurt. Nakamura comes back with some shots, but AJ stuns him with a Pele kick. Nakamura answers with a knee to the back of the head for a two count. Nakamura looks for the Kinshasa, but AJ rolls through and hits Nakamura with the Styles Clash for the three count. Winner & Still WWE Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, AJ recovers and gets to his feet as his music plays. We go to replays and come back to AJ celebrating. AJ stops and embraces Nakamura, then helps him to his feet. They stand tall as fans cheer. Nakamura grabs the WWE Title from the referee and drops to one knee to present it to Styles. Styles grabs the title and raises it but Nakamura turns on him and drops him with a low blow. Nakamura talks trash as AJ sells the injury. Nakamura boots AJ in the head and does some Good Vibrations as fans boo. AJ falls out to the floor and Nakamura boots him a few more times as a referee backs him off. Some fans boo but some cheer. An official checks on AJ. Nakamura looks to leave but he stops and readies for the Kinshasa at ringside. AJ sits up on his knees and Nakamura charges in with the knee. Nakamura backs up the ramp to more boos as we get a replay of the turn. Nakamura taunts AJ again before heading to the back. We see AJ being checked on before going to another break.

We get an ad for the deluxe edition of WWE 2K18 and a hype reel for the Greatest Royal Rumble Event.

We then get some recap of the action from the Kickoff Show.

The Bar makes their way down to the ring with a Mardi Gras theme as part of their special entrance together with a parade and all. Braun Strowman comes out and pushes it off the stage. Braun heads to the ring as Cesaro and Sheamus get ready. The bell rings as Braun taunts Cesaro and Sheamus. JoJo does formal ring introductions. JoJo goes to introduce Braun's partner but he asks for the mic.

Braun gets on the mic and says that he knows everyone wants to know who his partner is and that is why he waited until now to tell us who he is. It’s not one person in the back, it’s someone in the crowd. He scans the crowd looking for someone to pick and heads around looking up close. Braun picks out a kid and leads him to the ring by his hand. The kids looks to be 10 years old or so. The Bar looks confused as Braun leads the boy back to the ring.

The boy has trouble getting through the ropes and Braun yells at him to get in there. Fans pop. Braun introduces his tag team partner. The kid says his name is Nicholas. Braun tells the crowd to give it up. Braun tells the kid to stand on the apron and he'll do the rest. Braun asks if he wants to see The Bar get these hands and it's time.

The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) vs. Braun Strowman & Nicholas: The RAW Tag Team Titles is on the line in this one. The opening bell sounds and Strowman starts tossing Sheamus around the ring. Cesaro comes in and starts hitting Strowman, but Strowman grabs him and chokeslams him. Sheamus breaks up the pin, then starts double teaming Braun with Cesaro. Sheamus follows up with a flying knee drop off the top rope, then Cesaro hits a swanton bomb off of Sheamus' shoulders. Strowman blocks a double team attempt and hits a cross body on both Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus charges at Braun, and Braun dumps him onto the ring post and to the outside. Strowman tags in the kid, but the kid is scared of Cesaro so Braun tags back in. Braun hits the running powerslam on Cesaro and gets the win. Strowman is now Tag Team Champions with Nicholas. Winners & New RAW Tag Team Champions: Braun Strowman & Nicholas

After the match, Braun and Nicholas stands tall while Braun's music plays. JoJo announces them as champions. They raise their titles high in the air as fans pop. Braun gets the crowd to pop for Nicholas and raises his arm. Nicholas stops to greet fans at ringside as he and Braun head up the ramp together. We go to another break.

We get a hype video for next year’s WrestleMania coming to us from New York City.

We get a video package for tonight's WrestleMania 34 main event which is coming up next.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns: The WWE Universal Title is on the line in this one. The opening bell sounds and Lesnar starts off with suplexes on the challenger, but Reigns fires right back with some Superman punches. Reigns clotheslines Lesnar to the outside, and Lesnar takes a breather on the floor. Reigns follows him outside, but Lesnar catches him and hits a belly to belly overhead suplex. Lesnar stalks Reigns around the ring and hits another belly to belly overhead. It looks like Brock is going for another belly to belly, but instead Reigns goes face-first onto the announce table. Back in the ring, Lesnar hits some German suplexes and then another belly to belly overhead. Lesnar takes Reigns out to ringside and whips him into the fan barricade. Lesnar puts Reigns up on his shoulders, but Reigns comes off and shoves Lesnar in to the ring post. Reigns spears Lesnar on top of a table, and Lesnar falls onto one of the announcers chairs. Reigns takes Lesnar back in the ring and hits him with a superman punch, then two spears for a two count. Reigns looks for another spear, but Lesnar blocks it with a knee to the face for a two count. Lesnar follows up with an F-5 for a two count. Lesnar hits another F-5 and Reigns kicks out again. Lesnar hits a third F-5 and Reigns kicks out again. Lesnar takes Reigns outside and hits a fourth F-5, this time on to the announce table. Lesnar drags Reigns back in the ring by the vest. Lesnar hits a German suplex and another F5. Lesnar mounts Reigns now and lays into him with punches and elbows. Reigns appears to be bleeding heavily from the top of his head now. Lesnar goes for another F5, but Reigns gets out and hits two spears for a two count. Reigns goes for another spear, but Lesnar catches him and hits a sixth F5 for the three count. Winner & Still Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar

After the match, Lesnar's music hits as he rolls out of the ring and joins Heyman at ringside. Lesnar places the title on his shoulder and looks back at Reigns in the ring. Lesnar and Heyman march up the ramp as some fans look on surprised. We go to replays. Reigns is dazed as medics check on him in the ring. We get a wide crowd shot and a lengthy video package showing highlights from tonight's show. We finally come back to Reigns stumbling around the ringside area. Some fans have started to leave the stadium. Reigns' music hits as trainers and officials follow him up the ramp. Reigns is still showing signs of all the blood from earlier. He stops on the ramp and looks around. He slowly walks up the ramp as some fans cheer him. Reigns stops one more time on the stage and looks back but there's not much reaction from the crowd. Reigns heads to the back as WrestleMania 34 goes off the air.

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