PRESS RELEASE: Synergy Pro Wrestling Headlines & Results, 3/24/18
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INDY NEWS: PRESS RELEASE: Synergy Pro Wrestling Headlines & Results, 3/24/18

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Synergy Pro Wrestling "The Fight Boys" RESULTS
Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship Set: KTB VS. MATT TREMONT Signed for May 2018
The journey towards the first ever Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship took its penultimate step on March 24, 2018, as Synergy presented "The Fight Boys". At the beginning of the night, four Athletes - Stevie Shields, Matt Tremont, KTB and Matt Macintosh - all had championship aspirations. By the end of "The Fight Boys", only two remained.

KTB defeated Stevie Shields (in a much closer contest than many anticipated) to earn his way into the first EVER Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship Match. And despite a brutal assault on his knee by Matt Macintosh, "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont scored with a DVD to punch his ticket as KTB's opponent.

Having defeated some of the finest pro wrestling in the world to reach the finals, KTB and Matt Tremont will meet for the right to be called the first EVER Synergy Pro Wrestling Champion. That match is SIGNED for May 2018, at Synergy's next live event.
Brandon Kirk Goes "Rogue", Attacks Synergy Personnel and Blackmails The Boss
"The Rogue" Brandon Kirk conducted himself in a manner that Synergy Pro Wrestling personnel finds disgraceful and reprehensible at "The Fight Boys" on 3/24/2018. Over the course of 20 minutes, Brandon Kirk did the following:

Was intentionally disqualified from a match with Monsta Mack, forcing a re-start as a Manville Street Fight;
Utilized a kendo stick and steel chair to defeat Monsta Mack;
Lured Synergy announcer Scott Sariti into the ring for an "interview";
Assaulted Mr. Sariti with a kendo stick and steel chair, causing (unfortunately) Sariti to bleed from the forehead;
Threatened to further assault Scott Sariti unless 'given what he wanted' by Synergy Creative Director Colin West;
Blackmailed his way into an Open Contract for any match, at any time.

As a result of his actions, Mr. Kirk cannot be fired or suspended at this time (due to said Open Contract), but was forced to forfeit his pay from "The Fight Boys". Synergy Pro Wrestling apologizes for Kirk's brazen and unprovoked behavior.
Frightmare Narrowly Defeats Drake Chambers in No DQ Dog Collar Main Event
For over 16 minutes, the Sword of Nazmuldun and the Dragonborn did everything they could to settle their differences. They attached themselves by the neck to 10 feet of steel chain. They choked each other senseless. They whipped and beat each other without mercy. They dragged one another around ringside. They nearly ripped each other's heads off.

And in the end... we're not sure anything was truly settled.

Frightmare claimed victory on this night, but the admiration of the Synergy Pro Wrestling live crowd in Manville, New Jersey, was clearly earned by Drake Chambers.

After the match ended, Chambers seemed to indicate he wasn't done with Frightmare. But Frightmare responded with two simple words: "It's DONE," and walked away.

Are things between Drake and Frightmare TRULY over? It appears as though if Chambers wants retribution, he will have to find some other way to earn it - Frightmare will not grant him a rematch.
"The Delster" Earns a Jersey All Pro Light Heavyweight Title Match vs. Archadia
No one has incurred the wrath of the Synergy Pro Wrestling Nation of fans quite like Mike Del. With his snide remarks, rude glares and underhanded tactics, "The Delster" is booed virtually from the time he enters the Synergy arena to the time he leaves.

Trouble is - in between all that booing, Mike Del usually wins.

A match against Jersey All Pro Wrestling Light Heavyweight Champion Archadia hung in the balance as Del battled the exciting Tyler Nitro and mysterious Joey Adams in a Triple Threat match at "The Fight Boys". Each Synergy Athlete had his own reasons for wanting victory - Nitro grew up respecting Archadia's ability, Adams is a former protege of Archadia, and Del... well, Del was simply better that he didn't have the opportunities Archadia earned.

That may all change in May.

Mike Del used a distraction, roll-up and a handful of tights to secure his contendership to the JAPW Light Heavyweight Title. Will "The Delster" fall short in his quest, or will he cross Archadia off his "bucket list"?
Impact's Fallah Bahh and ROH's Leon St. Giovanni (LSG) to Debut at Synergy in May 2018
When Stevie Shields stomped through the curtain late in "The Fight Boys" and issued an open challenge to any wrestler, we're pretty sure he didn't expect to be answered by The Filipino Sumo.

As talented as he is, "The Cinema" can't seem to stop running his mouth. After blaming everything from the referee to KTB's face paint to the sun being in his eyes (at 7 pm) for his loss to KTB in the Synergy Championship Tournament Semi-Finals, Stevie Shields issued a brash open challenge to any wrestler who could hear his voice.

Luckily for the Synergy Nation of fans (and unluckily for Stevie), he'd already caught the attention of a very notable pro wrestler. His challenge was accepted by the 425-pound FALLAH BAHH of Impact Wrestling.

As if that wasn't enough, Synergy fans were treated to the announcement that LSG (of Ring of Honor's Coast 2 Coast) will be making his debut at Synergy Pro Wrestling in May 2018!
"THE FIGHT BOYS" Match Results
KTB def. Stevie Shields to reach the Synergy Championship Tournament Finals
Matt Tremont def. Matt Macintosh to reach the Synergy Championship Tournament Finals
Anthony Greene def. Logan Black, Isaiah Wolf & Brett Domino
"2 Hot" Steve Scott def. Kit Osbourne
Brandon Kirk def. Monsta Mack, Manville Street Fight
Mike Del def. Tyler Nitro & Joey Adams to earn a JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship Match
Frightmare def. Drake Chambers in a No DQ Dog Collar Main Event Match

Stevie Shields was Challenged to a Match by Impact Wrestling's Fallah Bahh in May 2018
Leon St. Giovanni (LSG) Debuts for Synergy in May 2018
Brandon Kirk Claimed an Open Contact (Any Match, Any Time)

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