WWE Talking Smack Recap (3/11): Orton, Charlotte, McMahon
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WWE Talking Smack Recap (3/11): Orton, Charlotte, McMahon

By sonofgod210 · Monday, March 12, 2018 · 0 Comments

Renee Young and Sam Roberts welcome us to the show and runs down some of the biggest moments from Fastlane: Asuka's face to face with Charlotte & AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura now being official for WrestleMania.

New United States Champion Randy Orton joins the show.

Orton says that he is happy to be the champion and it hasn't happened before because the opportunity was never given to him before. Orton also says that he is happy to be a Grand Slam Champion. Orton then spoke about Bobby Roode and said that he has worked his butt off to get to where he is now. Orton then says that he wouldn't mind feuding with Roode once again. When asked about Jinder Mahal, Orton says that Mahal gets under his skin  ever since their first battle. Renee then asks Orton what's his plan and where he's headed now that WrestleMania is just around the corner. Orton responds by saying that it is always nice to go into WrestleMania with a title around your waist and he wants to represent the title properly. Orton then calls Peter Rosenberg, "Paul Rosenberg" while telling a story. Renee asks Orton about John Cena, who currently doesn't have a match at WrestleMania. Orton responds by saying that it was fun to see Cena cry at the last post-PPV show and that he has known Cena for a long time. Orton then ends his interview by saying that it really didn't bother him. Orton heads out.

Sam and Renee then talk about The Bludgeon Brothers interfering in The Tag Team Title Match. We see clips of their destruction.

SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte joins the show.

Renee asks Charlotte about Ruby Riott's performance, Charlotte responds by saying that she knows what Ruby feels like in a big pressure situation and Ruby made a name for herself. Charlotte then says that she wasn't sure if Asuka was going to pick her, but she has watched Asuka's dominance in both NXT and on RAW. Charlotte then says that she is ready for Asuka and that she will go into WrestleMania as the champ and she will leave WrestleMania the champ. Sam then talks about how Charlotte has been at the top of the women's division, but once Asuka showed up, the conversation shifted a bit. Charlotte responds to that by saying that that is what motivated her to be even better as she looks to defeat the streak and cement her legacy. Charlotte then says that she doesn't think Asuka is overrated. Sam then asks Charlotte if Asuka is underestimating Charlotte by choosing her. Charlotte responds by saying that she isn't sure about that, but she thinks Asuka is very sure of her own talents. Charlotte heads out.

Sam and Renee talks about AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura now being official for WrestleMania. Sam calls them out for coming over from NJPW and having the match that they had there.

SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon joins the show.

Renee asks Shane about inserting himself in the main event. Shane responds by saying that he was provoked. Renee then says that it seems like Shane and Daniel are acting based on emotions a lot. Shane seems to agree by saying that it is tough and sometimes it gets me in trouble. Renee then asks Shane if he has spoken with Bryan yet. Shane responds with a no. Sam asks Shane if he regrets what he did. Shane responds by saying that it is still pretty fresh and you get kicked in the face which kind of sets you off. Sam then says that it looks like it was an accidental kick, but Shane didn't seem to care about that. Shane says that he has never liked Kevin Owens. Renee refers back to Owens beating up Vince McMahon and Shane says that that is really where the dislike all started. Shane says that he respects Kevin's talent, but that's about it. Shane says that he will never forget what Owens did to his Dad. Shane brings up Hell in a Cell and how he thought he was going to finish off Owens, but then Zayn inserted himself into their business. Shane continues by saying that this has become a very complex situation between Owens, Zayn, Bryan and himself. Shane then says that he thinks Bryan is "blinded" by Owens and Zayn and is living vicariously through them. Renee then talks to Shane about costing both Owens and Zayn their title win. Shane says that right now he doesn't feel bad, maybe later on he may think differently. Renee thanks Shane for his appearance as the show comes to a close.

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