Exclusive Luke Harper Interview, New Movie and His Dirty T-Shirt
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Exclusive Luke Harper Interview, New Movie and His Dirty T-Shirt

By TheMark · Thursday, March 8, 2018 · 0 Comments

Luke Harper

You can listen to the full interview with Jonathan Huber aka Luke Harper on the All Wrestling.com Week In Review. We talk about his new movie, how he got the role. Then dive into some WWE topics including the origins of the Bludgeon brothers and his Wyatt family dirty T-Shirt he wore in the ring.

Here is the full transcript;

TheMark: Well, thanks for taking your time to talk to us…
Jonathan: No problem.
TheMark: …about your new movie. So I guess to start, just give us a little background on the movie and tell the fans what it is all about.
Jonathan: So I think that this a period piece that is not your typical good guy's bad guys, white man chasing native American story. It is a relevant story to today’s uhh… what’s happening in today’s world and it is a thought-provoking piece that will make you wonder who’s good and who’s bad.
TheMark: Yeah. I mean we took a look at it the other day and watched it, and it was definitely … It’s definitely more on the horror side of things would you say?
Jonathan: Yeah, I would. I mean I think some of the aspects of horror are in there, but I think I would consider it a drama before I would a horror.
TheMark: I mean and suspense too. I mean there is a lot of that going on too.
Jonathan: Yes.
TheMark: Yeah.
Jonathan: And I think that is more of the horror men of the director and the production company. Uumm… I don’t know if they could, but I think that it is deeper than most horror would get.
TheMark: Got yah!
Jonathan: Yeah.
TheMark: So this was filmed in upstate New York?
Jonathan: Yap in Syracuse up on an undug reserve in the middle of the woods. < Chuckles>
TheMark: Yeah. So how long was the filming going on for?
Jonathan: I was out there for three weeks.
TheMark: Ooh! Wow! And was this during like, was it cold or was it
Jonathan: It was in the middle of summer. So we wearing those giant costumes and sweating. <Laughs>
TheMark: Yes, yeah. I was thinking that.
Jonathan: And I was actually in the middle of a knee surgery rehab. So that brace in the movie was helpful.
TheMark: Uuhh… See I was gonna get to that question. I noticed that you were wearing a knee brace. But then the knee brace sort of comes into the play later.
Jonathan: Yap. So that was written into the movie before they even sought me out. So when we did the interview, he was like; hi the character in the movie has a knee brace, would that deter you at all? And I was like, here’s the thing, I have a knee brace on right now because I am rehabbing. So, no it is actually fine. And so he’s like, we need you to limp, and I said yeah, yeah no problem.
TheMark:<Laughs> so, how did you get involved with this film?Jonathan: So I got a call sitting on my couch rehabbing, and I got a call from talent relations saying; hi, someone is interested in using you for their movie. And I said, oh okay. I assumed they were looking for somebody else. And then a couple of days later, the director called me, and we did a skype interview and audition which I thought I failed miserably. And so about three days later he calls and says shooting starts in seven months and I said dope. He said, okay, where would we fly you… I said I think I could drive
TheMark: Well, okay. So you…
Jonathan: I live an hour and a half from the set.
TheMark: Ooh! So that even worked out. Did that have anything to do with him picking you?
Jonathan: They had no idea.
Jonathan: It worked out perfectly. Because it was weird that the location was perfect, the character had a knee brace. It was a very weird set of circumstances.
TheMark: So my wife and I watched it and, now she’s kinda into the princess, like Hallmark movie type of channels. I wouldn’t say that this was kind of her genre. So, where can fans see this film that you’re in?
Jonathan: So this one is out everywhere now. So I know iTunes, Amazon are the two big ones. And I know we’re pushing the iTunes one, particularly just because I think they put us on the store front this morning.
TheMark: Ooh, great!
Jonathan: So pretty much any on-demand service. I know I have primer, I looked today, and I didn’t get there for renting purchase. So that was pretty cool.
TheMark: So this is your first kind of film that you’ve done?Jonathan: Yap. This is the first anything outside of professional wrestling acting wise I’ve done.
TheMark:Now, you have any other projects with this under your belt?
Jonathan: I would love to. I mean I just did Damnation for USA network which was just a little brief guest spot. So that was really cool. But other than that nothing in the fire right now but hopefully soon.
TheMark:And would have WWE have approached you now having seen this movie, they might be like, hey…
Jonathan: So they got me Mohawk, and they got me Damnation. So hopefully when this gets out and gets some good traction hopefully, that will open some more avenues for their fame coming in too.
TheMark: Okay, great. So now you have this film underneath your belt. Now if we can kinda gear a little bit towards the wrestling side of things.
Jonathan: Absolutely.
TheMark:Now you gonna have any conversations with the Miz or John Cena, now that you’re kinda part of their club now?
Jonathan: <Laughs> I actually have heard several conversations with the Miz, kind of just to help me navigate the lands of acting. Because it is a very different world and I don’t think people realise that until you get into it. So to jump in feet first, I was a little nervous. So I did reach out to the Miz. Other than that not too much advice given. <Laughs>
TheMark: I get you. Now I wanna go to your new gimmick. Now, the Bludgeon Brothers, like how did that all come about?
Jonathan: That came about with me and Roman being frustrated with seating backstage and meeting with Vincent man and brainstorming to the point of this was born out of that. And basically when he told us we could carry giant moths around, we said sold.
TheMark: There you go.
Jonathan: For us basically the aim of the game is to get back on TV. We had both been kind of off for an extended period of time. We were both incredibly frustrated. We thought we were being wasted. We thought we have something to offer and this gives us the platform to show that.
TheMark: Got yah! Yeah. I mean you guys definitely are destroying everybody in your path. But now … So my final question for you is, going back to your old gimmick, kinda with the Wyatt family and I have to ask you about the shirt that you wore there. I mean it was kinda weirdly looking and not washed. Can you tell us anything about that?
Jonathan: If you’re a fan of Indie wrestling at all, you can go back to I think 2007/2008 and you can see me wrestle CHIKARA. And you can see me wrestle me in a tank top and you can see me wrestle in a tank top and you can see me wrestle in a tank top that doesn’t look like the one I have in WWE. But it’s the same one.
TheMark: It is the same one!
Jonathan: People don’t believe me. I have three tank tops which I wrung terribly, fixed them many times. I had people rip them in the ring and swear on them and we’d fix them. And they’re hanging in my closest now.
TheMark: So they’re the same ones, never washed … never…

Jonathan: …always washed
TheMark: … always washed.
Jonathan: But that’s what they look like now…
TheMark: Ooh! Wow! Okay!
Jonathan: Yeah. So back in CHIKARA, I used to have to wipe the floors with them to get them to fall apart and eventually after so many washes the color would just stick, and I kept them. So a lot of people don’t believe me but it’s very true. Ask, my wife is not happy about it.
TheMark: Cool. Excellent! Well, thanks Jonathan for talking to us. I know you’re a busy guy.
Jonathan: Thank you, man.
TheMark: Mohawk is out now iTunes, amazon. You can get it anywhere and I think the fans will check it out. So thanks for joining me.
Jonathan: I logged on Amazon prime, and it was very cool to see it there. So, please look at I think the first link and give it a chance. Like you said it’s a different piece. There are pieces of horror, suspense and drama in there. I think if you give it a chance and you think about the movie, I think you’ll like love it.
TheMark: Cool. I’d definitely recommend it. It was a fun little ride. Especially like the second half of the movie. We were both kind of like all dialled in, like what’s gonna happen.
Jonathan. It’s really awesome. Yeah.
TheMark: So, cool. Hey, thanks a lot for checking in with us and we’ll have everybody check it out.
Jonathan: Thank you very much.

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