WWE & Mattel Action Figures Were the Top Selling Figures of 2017
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WWE & Mattel Action Figures Were the Top Selling Figures of 2017

By Marchman · Friday, February 16, 2018 · 0 Comments


Ever since 2009, WWE had been partnered up with mega American toy company Mattel to create action figures, toys, and other accessories for the company. WWE and Mattel have had a strong relationship ever since they have teamed up together all those years ago with WWE toys constantly being ranked among the highest selling toys in the United States. Mattel and WWE recently announced last summer that they have extended their partnership past their planned 2019 deadline and forward into 2021. The partnership between WWE and Mattel does not appear to be stopping anytime soon, especially given the huge statistic that was just uncovered by the NDP Group.

According to their report, WWE action figures outsold every other action figure brand in the United States in 2017. This means that Mattel's WWE action figures were the #1 selling brand of action figures anywhere in the country, even outselling lines devoted to Marvel and Star Wars. "WWE fans, both kids and collectors, are among the most loyal and passionate of any property. When you combine that passion with an amazing roster of Superstars, it’s a magic formula for action figures,” said Mattel's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Licensed Properties Jason Horowitz before adding, “We offer fans product with continual freshness and authenticity, and in 2018 our design team is raising the bar with new techniques to ensure our action figures are even more like their real-life Superstars.”

WWE recently touted out the success of their action figure sales on their website. WWE's Executive Vice President of Consumer Products attributes the company's success to "year-round content and unprecedented fan engagement play a key role in the success of all lines of business, including our #1 action figure." Mattel plans on keeping their momentum with WWE going as Collins stated, “With family-friendly entertainment, a diverse portfolio of innovative toys, and an extensive roster of larger than life Superstars, our passionate fans can engage with WWE in more ways than any other entertainment brand.” This is definitely a huge accomplishment for both companies, so it will be interesting to see if they can maintain their record in 2018 and beyond.

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