Rousey on SummerSlam Ticket, Lucha Underground On Sale, Austin/WM
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Rousey on SummerSlam Ticket, Lucha Underground On Sale, Austin/WM

By Marchman · Wednesday, February 14, 2018 · 0 Comments

Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE is determined to make Ronda Rousey a major star now that she has been signed by the company. They have already confirmed that she will be appearing at the upcoming Elimination Chamber event, and she will likely be competing at WrestleMania as well.’s Arash Markazi recently discovered that a ticket for the SummerSlam pay-per-view in August also has Rousey featured on it. This could mean that Rousey will be competing on the show this summer. WWE will likely have Rousey compete in matches during the biggest show of the year, and SummerSlam definitely falls in line as one of WWE's top pay-per-views. We'll have to wait and see what happens this August.

Lucha Underground will be returning for a fourth season at last very soon. Photos of the brand new 'Temple' location for the season were recently shared online, but we know now the dates for the upcoming television tapings. Tapings for the fourth season of the show will now officially begin on February 23rd and last throughout the weekend before concluding on February 25th. A website detailing how to get tickets and all of the other necessary requirements to attend the tapings have been provided by the promotion on social media. Get ready to see Lucha Underground return to the El Rey Network soon. Tickets for the tapings are officially on sale as of right now.

Steve Austin was once the biggest star in all of professional wrestling. The reactions that he gets when he does show up on WWE television every so often prove that the fans are still absolutely adore "The Texas Rattlesnake." His appearances on WWE TV these days are rather rare. He last appeared on the 25th anniversary edition of Raw last month, and before that, he last appeared at WrestleMania 32 in Dallas back in 2016. However, it sounds like Austin could be appearing on camera for WWE again sooner than expected. He mentioned that he looks forward to talking with new WWE Hall of Famer Ivory soon. While this could be for a podcast or a future private conversation, this may also indicate that he will be in New Orleans for WrestleMania this year.

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