Open House at 7pm for Fans & Would Be Wrestler Plus Special Spons...

INDY NEWS: Open House at 7pm for Fans & Would Be Wrestler Plus Special Sponsor

By TheMark · Tuesday, February 13, 2018 · 0 Comments

Tonight, 7pm we open our doors to the public for free and welcome you to watch to see how hard everyone trains. You may see clips on social media but now get your chance to watch and participant in select events for free!

This will be a fun and interactive event. We will also have a few matches culminating in a 10-person tag team match celebrating our 10 year anniversary of the Team Vision Dojo in our current location.

If you ever thought about training, this is the perfect opportunity for you to try a class for free. Participate in one, two, three, or more, or all, (or none and just watch) exercises. Participants will be able to stretch out with the class, forward rolls, back rolls, three quarter rolls, hitting the ropes, calisthenics, conditioning drills, and more.

This will be a fun event you won't want to miss! After an approximate 2 hour event, we have wines courtesy of the American Fine Wine Competition. Everyone at least 21 years of age with ID, will be able to sample some of the fine wines that will be appearing at the gala in May.

For tickets to the American Fine Wine Competition Gala:

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