Kaitlyn Returns to the Ring, Banks vs. Bayley, Bayley/Emma ROH
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Kaitlyn Returns to the Ring, Banks vs. Bayley, Bayley/Emma ROH

By Marchman · Sunday, February 11, 2018 · 0 Comments


It has been a while since fans have gotten the chance to see Kaitlyn compete in a match. Although she retired from wrestling in 2014, Kaitlyn achieved some success during her time with WWE, and she even won the third season of the NXT game show before later capturing the Diva's Championship on one occasion. The former WWE star recently announced that she will be returning to the ring for one night and that she had resumed training for her comeback. As promised, Kaitlyn (competing as Celeste Bonin) returned to the ring for a match against Rachel Ellering at a recent Coastal Championship Wrestling event. Bonin managed to get the victory with a spear.

WWE has been seemingly building to a feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley. Given how friendly they have been with each other on television, fans are intrigued by the possibility of a match between the two of them (especially if they are on par with their matches in NXT.) It is unclear at the moment who exactly will be the one to turn heel between the two of them, but they have continued to build up their potential feud on social media nonetheless. As mentioned, these two best friends put on several classic matches together during their time working in NXT. With WrestleMania coming up, the possibility of another match between these two has definitely succeeded in hyping fans up.

Several WWE Superstars and fans alike were heartbroken when the news broke that WWE decided to release Emma from her contract last year. Emma seemed to be well-liked by most of her peers, and she was praised for her matches against the likes of Paige in the past. After guaranteeing that she would continue wrestling, Emma finally reemerged (as Tenille Dashwood) at the recent Honor Reigns Supreme event from Ring of Honor. The brand new Woman of Honor has already managed to generate a ton of buzz ever since she began wrestling again, but now, WWE Superstar Bayley has taken the time to congratulate her former colleague on her recent ROH debut.

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