John Cena Talks About Hitting Rough Patch With Nikki Bella
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John Cena Talks About Hitting Rough Patch With Nikki Bella

By JosephSpencer17 · Friday, February 9, 2018 · 0 Comments

John Cena

In an interview on the TODAY show Thursday, John Cena confirmed some of the rumors of rocky times in his engagement with Nikki Ball that fans were worried about after seeing previews of Total Bellas on the E! Network. 

Although it's no surprise a lot of reality TV is fake news, Cena said the Total Bellas footage is real. Here's a quote: 

“I think in relationships, you have highs and lows, and that was an extreme low,” Cena said. He said that he is determined to make things work. Cena later continued, “You have two choices. You either jump ship and start a new relationship or move forward and try to work through it.” He said that they are genuinely trying to work things out and “We haven’t yet jumped ship.”

In October, Nikki Bella raised some suspicions that there was trouble in paradise when she announced the wedding date had changed. Both Bella and Cena have cited their busy schedules for the reason the wedding was slow going since the public engagement at WrestleMania last April.


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