Matt Hardy Now Owns the Broken Universe, Kurt Angle Teases Return

By Marchman · Saturday, February 3, 2018 · 1 Comments

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is now officially "Woken" in WWE, but it sounds like he can now become "Broken" again at any time. "Broken" Matt Hardy became a hit in Impact Wrestling back in 2016, but a huge legal battle over the rights to the gimmick erupted shortly after Matt and his brother Jeff left the promotion last year. Impact President Ed Nordholm recently announced that all Impact Wrestling personnel will receive the rights and full ownership of their characters, effectively backing off from pursuing the rights to the "Broken Universe." Several months later, it now looks like Matt Hardy officially owns the rights to the character that he made famous during his time with Impact.

PWInsider reported earlier today that Matt Hardy now officially owns all of the material relating to the original "Broken" Matt Hardy character in Impact Wrestling. Trademarks for terms such as "Brother Nero," "Vanguard 1," "Broken Matt," and "Broken Brilliance" are now officially listed as being under the ownership of Matt Hardy. Nordholm and Hardy officially came to terms on an agreement to hand over the gimmick to Matt Hardy back on January 8th. The official transfer of ownership took place on January 31st, and the character now belongs to Matt Hardy. Now that Matt owns the character, it makes the return of Brother Nero, Reby Hardy, King Maxel, Señor Benjamin, and the Hardy Compound even more likelier to take place.

Kurt Angle has been back with WWE for almost a year now, but we still have yet to see him return in a singles match. Angle did work a match as part of the Shield during the TLC pay-per-view before joining Team Raw for Survivor Series last year, but some are still eager to see Angle return for classic one-on-one match at some point in the future. Apparently, Kurt Angle himself is also hoping for that to take place soon. He recently took to Instagram to reminisce about his "wrestling machine" character. He stated that he absolutely loved portraying the character and event threw out the possibility of seeing the character return to WWE some day. The "wrestling machine" seems perfect for an event like WrestleMania, after all.


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Heavy Weight Champion

Lets hope this helps tings improve for woken Matt. So far the laugh thing is stall


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