Royal Rumble 2018 Results (1/28): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Royal Rumble 2018 Results (1/28): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

By sonofgod210 · Sunday, January 28, 2018 · 4 Comments

WWE Royal Rumble

Kickoff Show:

The Kickoff Show opens up with Renee Young welcoming us to the show and introducing her panel for tonight which consists of Peter Rosenberg, David Otunga, and Jerry “the King” Lawler. We are informed that we will be joined by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the social media lounge later. First we go out into the crowd with Sam Roberts, who is with a bunch of excited fans. The fans chant "Royal Rumble" and "yes!" as Sam hypes the show.

Renee tosses to the first video package of the night which is for the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match and we head back to the panel where Alexa Bliss replaces David Otunga to discuss the match. They explain the idea that the winner of the Women's Royal Rumble Match gets to choose which champion they wrestle and Alexa Bliss says that she wants to wrestle Nia Jax but she would be happy to beat Asuka at WrestleMania. Bliss talks more about the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 34 as Lawler gives her props. Bliss sends a warning and says that it doesn't matter who wins the Royal Rumble because they will have the pleasure of losing to her at WrestleMania. The panel runs down the card after Bliss leaves and we take a quick break for some house ads.

We get a backstage Twitter video from The New Day before heading backstage to the locker room area where Jason Jordan rolls up on Seth Rollins, who wants to talk to him about tonight. Jordan says that he is honored to team with Seth and with his superior pedigree there is no way they can lose. They are going to break the Bar, and Angle didn’t throw them together on some whim. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin shows up and Chad starts laughing about Jason being a daddy’s boy. Jordan mockingly insists that the locker room is just for champions but embraces Gable.

Jason tells Shelton that his dad has told him a lot about him and mentions that American Alpha were almost called the World’s Greatest Tag Team. The tension mounts as Chad points out that Jordan couldn’t make it as a singles guy. Jason points to the title as evidence that he is doing better and wishes them luck in their match tonight.

The panel then discusses both tag title matches and gives Sheamus props for looking as good as he does at 40. We then get a video package on the history of the Royal Rumble featuring the winner of the first Royal Rumble, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. This is followed by a promo from Bayley about the historical importance of the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble and the part the fans played in making it happen. The panel then sends us to the ring for the first match of the night.

Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik vs. TJP, Jack Gallagher & Drew Gulak: Dorado fires up early on and hits a series of moves on TJP, finishing with a standing moonsault for a two count. The baby-faces stay in control as Dorado dumps both TJP and Gulak outside. Kalisto, Dorado and Metalik all go up to the top rope, and they all moonsault at the same time onto different heels standing at ringside. Back in the ring, TJP gets the upper hand on Dorado when he dropkicks him out of mid-air. Gulak comes in and takes Dorado into the corner where he stomps on him. Gallagher hits a cheap shot behind the referee's back as Gulak clears the baby-face's apron. Gallagher comes in and works on keeping Dorado grounded. Gallagher starts working over Dorado's knee until Gulak tags back in. TJP tags in shortly after and continues working on Dorado's knee. Dorado comes back with a sunset flip powerbomb for a two count. TJP gets back up and dumps Dorado into the corner. Gallagher tags in for more knee holds on Dorado. Gallagher goes up to the middle rope, but Gulak starts yelling at him not to fly. Gulak misses the head-butt and Dorado gets the tag to Metalik. Metalik springboards in and hits an arm drag and then a chop on Gulak. Metalik leaps up onto the middle rope then hits a dropkick on Gulak. Back up to the top rope, Metalik walks the rope and hits a flying elbow on Gulak. Kalisto gets the tag and kicks both Gallagher and Gulak, then springboards off the ropes and hits a stunner on both of them. The heels fall outside and Metalik hits a suicide dive on them. He throws Gulak back in the ring where Kalisto covers for a 2 count. TJP tags himself in, but Kalisto quickly hits the Salida Del Sol for the three count. Winners: Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik








After the match, Greg Hamilton announces the winners as they celebrate on the ramp. We go to replays. TJP argues with his partners in the ring as we go back to the panel.

Charlotte Flair then joins the panel to talk about the Women’s Royal Rumble Match and wanting to have entered it to challenge Alexa to a champion vs. champion match at WrestleMania. This is followed by another historical video package, this time for the 1992 Royal Rumble in which WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair won. We get the "By The Numbers" Royal Rumble video.

We go to the social media lounge with Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. Owens says that it is not like they have anything better to do than sit here and talk to Renee. Zayn mocks a man’s grammar and the way he spells his own name and Owens admits that he is not answering questions any more, just blocking people. A question of if the guy who gets the pin has more validity as champion comes up but they insist that they will both be equal.

Two side-plates, two fantastic competitors, do the math. Owens and Zayn refuse to answer a question from Peter Rosenberg but are happy to answer Jerry Lawler's question. They bring up him eliminating Max Moon in 1993 and are asked if they have a straightly for tonight, and Owens cottons on, realizing that Young is cherry-picking the best questions he has already swatted down.

They do have a strategy, though, but they are not giving it out because they don’t want to give AJ Styles any more of a chance than they need to. Rosenberg starts talking and they “Nope!” him off and Lawler asks if they should get a handle they can jiggle when Peter’s mouth starts running. This gets Owens to bring up the idea that Rosenberg actually pays to be on the shows and he hits on the idea of talking to Matt Hardy about deleting him.

The Road to KOMania III kicks off tonight and there is so many tweets from Quebec that are excited to see them win, and this leads to an extended sequence in French. Another historical video follows, about the 1995 Royal Rumble. Renee then reveals that the WWE Title match will open the show. We get more hype for the show before Renee sends us to the ring for the second match of the night.

The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) vs. The Balor Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows): Anderson and Dash start off, and they fight into The Revival's corner where Dawson tags in and takes over. Anderson fires up with a dropkick, then tags in Gallows for a double team backdrop. Dawson rolls outside for a breather. Back in the ring, Dash tags in and hits a cheap shot to the eyes of Gallows. Dash unloads in the corner but Gallows fights out and fires back with body shots of his own. Gallows cleans house and both Revival members take a breather at ringside. Back in the ring, Anderson is in and Dawson gets the upper hand on him. Dash tags in and starts working over Anderson's knee. Anderson finally comes back with a spine-buster for a two count. Dawson takes out Gallows at ringside, then he slides in the ring and The Revival double teams Anderson with an over-rotated lateral press for the win. Winners: The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)






After the match, Anderson sells the injury in the ring as Gallows stands with him while The Revival stands tall on the ramp. We go back to the panel.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield replaces Jerry “the King” Lawler on the panel for the second half. They run down the card for tonight and then they toss to a video recap of NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia from last night. We get a promo video from Rusev Day singing about Rusev Day.

Alundra Blayze then joins the panel, she replaces David Otunga. She talks about how every era of Women’s Wrestling meant something different and that she would have loved to have a Royal Rumble. She then says that she would like to beat Asuka’s ass and break her streak. Badgered to pick a winner, she dithers and eventually settles on Nia Jax. We go back out to Sam Roberts with the crowd for a minute.

This is followed by a video package for the Universal Championship Match and a panel discussion thereof. A video package on the 1998 Royal Rumble follows, which was won by WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin. Renee sends us back to the ring for the final Kickoff Match.

It is time for Bobby Roode’s United States Open Challenge. He comes out and says that tonight is all about the numbers, starting with thirty and ending with one, much like the United States Championship Tournament went from eight to one, and that one is absolutely glorious. The United States Championship has a rich history and tradition and he couldn’t think of a better place than the birthplace of America to keep it alive. Roode then asks who is going to jump on the golden opportunity. Out comes Mojo Rawley to answer the challenge.

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Mojo Rawley: The United States Title is on the line in this one. Mojo takes control early on. Mojo overpowers Roode and drops him, and works on keeping Roode grounded. Roode fights his way back up and goes for the Glorious DDT early on, but Mojo escapes and hits a spine-buster on Roode. Mojo taunts Roode and slaps him upside the head a couple of times. The fight spills outside and Mojo whips Roode into the barrier before taking him back inside. Back in the ring, Mojo charges at the corner but Roode blocks with an elbow to the face. Roode keeps the momentum going with some strikes and a neck-breaker. Roode follows up with a Blockbuster for a two count. Roode goes for the Glorious DDT, but Mojo escapes once again and drops Roode. Mojo talks trash to Roode, and Roode hulks up and hits a spine-buster for a two count. Mojo hits a backdrop and throws Roode into the ring post. Mojo charges, but Roode blocks it and hits a Tornado Glorious DDT out of the corner for the win. Winner & still United States Champion: Bobby Roode







After the match, Roode has his arm raised as his music hits.

We go back to the panel for more hype on tonight's show. WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair joins the panel now. Flair says that being here means a lot and he's glad to be anywhere with the company these days. Flair talks about the Rumble and his win years ago. Flair says that it's a special moment for the winners of tonight's Rumble matches. Flair also comments on tonight's big Triple Threat and says that he wouldn't wish Lesnar on anyone. He respects Braun and gives props to Kane for his career. Flair picks Lesnar to retain his title. The panel talks more about tonight's show and Flair jokes about his history with Philly. They rundown tonight's card one more time as Flair gives more props to WWE and the City of Brotherly Love. Renee wraps up the Kickoff Show.


Main Show:

The main show kicks off with a video package running through some of our top feuds and then focusing on the idea that the winner of the Men’s Royal Rumble Match gets to headline WrestleMania and putting over the historical nature of the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

We are live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia as the WrestleMania 34 sign hangs high. Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show as the sold out crowd goes wild. Tom is joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. We then begin the main show with the WWE Title Match.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (2-on-1 Handicap Match): The WWE Title is on the line in this one. Owens and Zayn trade frequent tags early on and try to get in AJ's head before even touching. AJ finally gets a hold of Owens and drops him. Owens rolls outside, runs around the ring, slides back in, and tags in Zayn. Zayn and AJ lock up, then they run the ropes and AJ plants him with a dropkick. Owens comes back in and finally starts to get in some offense on AJ. He takes AJ into the corner and tags in Zayn, who stomps a mud hole in AJ in the corner. Owens briefly takes AJ outside and whips him into the barricade, then back in the ring Zayn continues to work on AJ. AJ starts to fire up and Owens tags back in. AJ gets a shot on Owens, then leaps up to the top rope, but Owens catches him and hits an electric chair drop for a two count. Owens goes for a cannonball on AJ in the corner, but AJ rolls out of the ring and Owens crashes. Zayn tags in and looks for a tornado DDT, but AJ gets out and hits him with right hands. AJ climbs up and hits a Frankensteiner on Zayn off the top. Owens tags back in and AJ drops him with a Pele kick. Both men are down. Zayn gets the tag and charges, but AJ catches him with a boot to the face. AJ goes up top and hits the moonsault inverted DDT. Owens comes in but AJ hits an elbow to the face. AJ drops Zayn, then puts Owens in the Calf Crusher. Zayn breaks it up. Zayn picks up AJ, but AJ drops him with a series of strikes. Owens rolls up AJ from behind for two. Owens charges, but AJ dodges and Owens crashes into the ring post. Zayn comes back in and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Zayn takes AJ in the corner and slaps him across the face. Zayn takes AJ up top, but AJ slides out and drops Zayn. AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Zayn, but Owens breaks up the pin. Zayn and AJ trade strikes in the middle of the ring, and Zayn tries to get the tag but AJ throws him outside. Owens runs in and superkicks AJ behind the referee's back. The referee turns around and sees AJ and Owens fighting, but doesn't seem to throw Owens out. AJ reverses a Pop Up Powerbomb into a pin, and rolls up Owens for the three count. AJ is declared the winner, even though Owens didn't appear to be the legal man. Winner & Still The WWE Champion: AJ Styles












After the match, Styles stands tall with the title as we go to replays. AJ stands tall with his arm raised as Sami and Owens looks on from the ramp. AJ raises the title and looks up at the WrestleMania 34 sign. Sami and Owens heads to the back as AJ's celebration continues.

We head backstage where we see that Owens and Zayn are yelling at Shane McMahon about this latest injustice. Owens eventually calms down a little and apologizes for yelling but says that he can’t be screwed out of another title. Shane was asked if he saw it and Shane answers with a “Yep!” and Owens loses his mind as the segment ends.

Before the match, The Usos cut a promo about “these two chumps” by saying that they have been asked about how they are getting ready for this. The Usos say that they stay ready, and they ask how you prepare for them, and the answer is you can’t. They welcome Gable and Benjamin to the Uso Penitentiary.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) (c) vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin (2 Out of 3 Falls Match): The SmackDown Live Tag Team Titles are on the line in this one. Benjamin and Gable take control of Jimmy early on using frequent tags. They work over Jimmy's knee despite his efforts to kick them off. Jimmy finally comes back with an enziguri on Benjamin, and both men are down. Jey unloads with strikes on Benjamin, then knocks Gable off the apron. He throws Benjamin outside and follows up with a suicide dive. Jey runs back in the ring and runs through the ring for a suicide dive on Gable on the other side of the ring. Back in the ring, Jey hits a flying cross body on Gable for a two count. Benjamin hits a knee through the ropes, and Gable comes back with a suplex with a bridge for a two count. Benjamin tags in now. Gable hits a missile dropkick on Jimmy, then Benjamin powerbombs Jey into Jimmy in the corner. They send the Usos outside, then Gable hits a moonsault off the top onto the Champions at ringside. Back in the ring, there seems to be some confusion over which Uso is the legal man, which leads to Gable taking a superkick. Jimmy hits a splash off the top for a two count. A blind tag leads to The Usos scoring the first pinfall on Gable via a rollup. Benjamin and Gable come back with a double team powerbomb onto Jey Uso at ringside, and Jey Uso's head hits the ringside floor hard. Back in the ring, Gable hits a kick to Jimmy and drops him. Benjamin comes in and looks for a suplex on Jimmy, but Jimmy reverses into a roll-up pin for the quick three count. That's two falls in a row for the Champions. The Champions with a clean sweep. Winners & Still The SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions: The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso)










After the match, The Usos hit the ramp with the titles as Gable and Benjamin looks on from the ring and they are shocked. We go to replays. The Usos stand tall on the stage with the titles in the air.

We go to ringside with Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves for the first of 2 Royal Rumble Matches on tonight's card. They send us to the "By The Numbers" video of the Royal Rumble. Mike Rome is in the ring to go over the rules. Mike also introduces WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler and out he comes as the guest commentator.

Aiden English is out first to do a big introduction for Rusev, who hits the ring as the first competitor. Fans chant "Rusev Day" loudly. Finn Balor is out next as #2. The bell rings and they stare each other down.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match: Rusev overpowers Balor early on and slams him down with a hip toss. Rusev tries to throw Balor outside, but Balor escapes. Rhyno comes in at #3 and he hits the ring and drops Rusev immediately. Rhyno goes to throw Balor outside, but Rusev hits Rhyno from behind. Rusev hits a spinning heel kick on Rhyno, then turns his attention to Balor. Baron Corbin comes in at #4. Corbin rights into in the ring and starts laying people out. Corbin hits the Deep Six on Rhyno and throws him out. Balor runs up behind Corbin and throws him over the top. Rhyno and Corbin have been eliminated. Corbin is not happy, and he pulls Corbin outside and whips him into the barricade. Corbin pulls Rusev out and hits the Deep Six on him on the floor. Heath Slater enters at #5, but Corbin clotheslines him down on the ramp. Referees and trainers finally haul Corbin backstage. Corbin and Rusev are still in the match, but they're recovering from the beating at ringside. Elias enters at #6, and he comes in with his guitar and cuts a promo on the headset. Elias kicks Slater down on the way to the ring. Elias gets in the ring by himself and says the clock is stopped so he can sing a song. He starts singing a song trashing Philadelphia, but the clock counts down and NXT Champion Andrade Almas comes out at #7. He hits Slater on the way to the ring, then slides in and starts brawling with Elias. He drops Elias with an elbow, then hits the running knees in the corner. He goes for the hammerlock DDT, but Elias gets out and clotheslines him down.

Bray Wyatt comes in at #8 and starts dropping people in the ring. He uppercuts Almas down then chokes him on the ropes. Rusev tries to come back in the ring (he's not eliminated), but Wyatt keeps punching him down. Big E enters at #9, and before getting in the ring he picks up Slater and shoves pancakes in his mouth. Big E hits the ring and hits a belly to belly on Wyatt. Rusev drops Big E with a kick to the head. Tye Dillinger's music hits for #10, but he doesn't come out. We see backstage that Owens and Zayn are beating down Tye. Zayn says he has an idea, and runs off. Zayn comes down to the ring, and hits Slater from behind. Sami hits the ring, but it doesn't seem he's an official entrant. The announcers now seem to indicate Zayn really is part of the Rumble. Sheamus is in at #11, and he throws Slater in the ring on his way in. As soon as Sheamus gets in the ring, Slater immediately clotheslines him outside. Sheamus is shocked at ringside as Slater celebrates in the ring. Slater turns around into a Sister Abigail from Bray, then Bray throws him outside for the elimination. Xavier Woods is out at #12. Woods hits the ring and starts brawling with Bray, then he links up with Big E to double team Sami Zayn. The New Day members also double team Elias, then they start brawling with Rusev.

Apollo Crews is in next at #13, then Nakamura is in at #14. Nakamura goes right for Zayn and drops him with a kick, then he drops Rusev with an elbow to the face. Nakamura and Crews start going at it now. Nakamura turns his attention back to Zayn, and hits the knee in the corner then eliminates him. Cesaro is in at #15 and he hits the ring and immediately starts handing out European uppercuts. Kofi comes in at #16. Cesaro eliminates Crews with a European uppercut on the apron. Jinder Mahal is in at #17 and he starts giving out suplexes and knee drops. Woods charges at Jinder in the corner, and Jinder back body drops Woods to the outside for the elimination. Jinder and Big E brawl out to the apron, and Jinder hits a big boot on Big E. Big E falls down to the floor for the elimination, and Jinder climbs back through the ropes. Seth Rollins is in next at #18. Rollins comes in with flame print pants and starts dropping people in the ring. Rollins monkey flips Cesaro to the outside. Jinder throws Kofi outside next, but Kofi's foot lands on Woods' body, so he's not eliminated. Big E puts a plate of pancakes under Kofi's foot next, so since both feet didn't hit the ground, Kofi isn't eliminated. Kofi tries to get back in the ring, but Jinder blocks his path. Big E and Woods launch Kofi into the ring over Jinder's head in a cool acrobatic move. Kofi hits the Trouble In Paradise on Jinder for the elimination, then Big E and Woods throw pancakes at Jinder at ringside. Kofi gets thrown out next for the elimination, then Matt Hardy comes out at #19. Matt and Bray seem to temporarily work together, and they eliminate Rusev. Matt hits the Side Effect on Almas next, then Matt and Bray come face to face. Matt and Bray start pummeling each other with right hands, then they brawl over the top rope and eliminate themselves from the match.

John Cena is in at #20. He hits the ring and everyone immediately starts beating on him and stomping on him. Elias grabs Cena and goes for his finisher, but Cena escapes and eliminates him. The #21st entrant is Hurricane Helms. Helms hits the ring and poses next to Cena. Helms goes for the chokeslam on Cena, but Cena escapes and throws Helms outside. Aiden English is in at #22, and he gets a Rusev Day chant. Adam Cole is in next at #23. Balor throws English outside for the elimination. Randy Orton is in at #24 and he hits the RKO on Almas, then eliminates him. Titus is in at #25 and he starts brawling with Cena. Titus tries to eliminate Adam Cole, but Nakamura kicks titus from behind. Titus fires back with a chop to the chest of Nakamura. The Miz is out next at #26, with Axel and Dallas by his side. Miz hits a DDT on Rollins, then one on Cena. Miz does the Yes Kicks, but misses one and Cena grabs him. Cena goes for the AA, but Miz escapes and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Cena. Rollins hits a superkick on Miz and drops him.

Rey Mysterio comes in at #27 and immediately hits a hurricanrana on Balor. Rey starts dropping people and hitting kicks. Rey eliminates Adam Cole, then hits the West Coast Pop on Miz. Rey then hits the 619 on Miz. Roman Reigns is out at #28. Reigns starts dropping everyone who comes near him with uppercuts. Miz charges at Reigns but Reigns drops him with a series of clotheslines. Reigns then hits a series of clotheslines on The Miz in the corner, then eliminates Titus. Reigns tries to eliminate Miz next, but Dallas and Axel hit the apron and save him. Reigns superman punches Axel and Dallas off the apron. Rollins drops Miz then hits the curb stomp on him. Rollins and Reigns team up for the double powerbomb on Miz, and they powerbomb him onto Axel and Dallas at ringside. Reigns then immediately throws Rollins outside for the elimination. Goldust is in at #29 at immediately starts brawling with Orton. Goldust turns his attention to Cena and drops him with an uppercut. Entrant #30 is Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler hits a superkick on Cena and then tries to eliminate him. Ziggler superkicks Orton, then Goldust grabs Orton with a spinning powerslam. Ziggler comes back with a superkick on Goldust, then eliminates him. Nakamura and Ziggler start brawling by the apron, and Balor hits a running forearm on Ziggler for the elimination. Cena hits an AA on Balor, then Rey hits a 619 on Reigns. Nakamura misses a kick on Orton, and Orton drops him with an RKO. Orton goes for an RKO on Cena, but Cena escapes it. Reigns hits a superman punch on Orton and eliminates him. Rey hits a dropkick on both Cena and Reigns, then hits a double 619 on them. Balor comes up from behind and throws Rey to the outside. It's down to Cena, Reigns, Balor and Nakamura.

Reigns and Cena drop Balor and Nakamura, then Reigns and Cena come face to face. Nakamura and Balor fire up and start beating on Cena and Reigns. Now Balor and Nakamura come face to face. Nakamura hits the running knee on Balor, but Balor fires back with a flying kick. Balor drops Nakamura with a running elbow to the face, but Nakamura answers with a kick to the face. Balor and Nakamura go back and forth, until Cena and Reigns get up and clothesline them down. Cena and Reigns start trading punches, then Reigns drops him with a Samoan Drop. Cena hulks up and suplexes Reigns. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Balor interrupts with a sling blade. Balor also drops Reigns and Nakamura. Balor sets up Nakamura in the corner, but NAkamura stops him with a boot to the face. Nakamura charges at Balor, but Balor stops him with a double foot stomp and he appears to land on Nakamura's throat. Cena immediately throws Balor outside for the elimination. Cena and Reigns start double teaming Nakamura now, then Cena turns his attention to Reigns. Cena hits the suplex and goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and he hits it. Reigns hits the superman punch on Cena, then goes for the spear, but Cena reverses into the AA. Nakamura comes up behind Cena and goes for a suplex, but Cena gets out. Cena tries to eliminate Nakamura, but Nakamura puts Cena out to the apron. They fight near the apron, then Nakamura hits a running kneed to the face of Cena to eliminate him. It's down to Reigns and Nakamura.

Reigns and Nakamura start brawling in the middle of the ring until Reigns drops him with a superman punch. Reigns throws Nakamura out to the apron, then Nakamura kicks Reigns in the head from the apron. Nakamura puts Reigns in a triangle choke over the top rope, but Reigns reverses into a powerbomb in the ring. Reigns goes for the spear, but Nakamura blocks with a knee. Nakamura hits a kick, then a flying knee off the middle rope. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa, but Reigns stops him with a spear. Reigns is slow to get up, then he goes to eliminate Nakamura but fails. Nakamura ducks a shot and runs the ropes, and hits the Kinshasa on Reigns. Nakamura throws Reigns outside for the elimination, and Nakamura has won. Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

















































After the match, Nakamura celebrates as Renee Young enters the ring to ask him about his WrestleMania 34 opponent. Nakamura simply says the name of WWE Champion AJ Styles and the crowd pops. Nakamura's music hits as he celebrates the big win, pointing up at the WrestleMania 34 sign.

Commentary hypes up the announcement that next year’s Royal Rumble will be in Phoenix, Arizona.

We head backstage where Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are celebrating their guy’s victory as Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle look on. Stephanie congratulates them and Bryan rubs it in before apologizing. Angle says that his hat is off to Nakamura but there’s plenty left for RAW to steal the show with. Stephanie puts the Women’s Royal Rumble Match off and says that a RAW superstar will win but either way it’s about making history and we’re all gonna be very pleasantly surprised. It’s true, it’s damn true.

We see a video from a recent KFC Royal Rumble Match that was won by WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair dressed as The Colonel.

Jason Jordan & Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus): The RAW Tag Team Titles are on the line in this one. Sheamus and Cesaro get in control of this one early on and they take turns beating on Rollins in the opening moments. Rollins comes back with a kick to the head of Sheamus. Rollins looks for the tag, but Cesaro pulls Jordan off the apron and throws him into the ring post. Sheamus misses a kick on Rollins in the ring and Sheamus falls outside. Rollins follows up with a suicide dive on Sheamus and Cesaro. Sheamus turns it around on Rollins at ringside, then takes him in the ring where he and Cesaro double team him. Jordan is still down at ringside, and now a trainer is down checking on his head after taking a shot to the ring post. Jordan waves off the trainer as Cesaro works over Rollins in the ring. Sheamus and Cesaro go for a double team powerbomb on Rollins, but Rollins reverses and sends the challengers out to ringside. Rollins wants the tag, but Jordan is still at ringside selling the blow to his head. Cesaro charges at Rollins but Rollins lays into him with strikes. Rollins hits the sling blade and the blockbuster on Cesaro, then hits a running forearm shot. Rollins hits a suplex, then goes for the Falcon Arrow but Cesaro escapes. Rollins goes for it again and does connect this time. Rollins hits a superkick and covers, but Sheamus breaks it up. Sheamus takes Rollins up top and looks for the White Noise, but Rollins elbows him away. Rollins also knocks down Cesaro, then he hits a frog-splash off the top onto both of them. Jordan finally tags himself in, but as soon as he steps in the ring he starts really selling the head injury, then he tags Rollins back in. Rollins is exhausted, but he gets in the ring while Jordan sits on the ring steps selling a concussion. Rollins hits Cesaro, but then Sheamus boots him in the face. The Bar follows up with the double white Noise for the win. Winners & New RAW Tag Team Champions: The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro)










After the match, Cesaro and Sheamus stand tall with the titles. Jordan is still sitting on the steps holding his head.

We get promos for WrestleMania 34 and the Triple Threat Match for the Universal Title which is coming up next.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane (Triple Threat Match): The Universal Title is on the line in this one. Paul Heyman grabs the mic away from Jojo during the introductions to do Brock's intro. Lesnar immediately backs Kane into the corner off the opening bell, but then Strowman grabs him and rams Lesnar in the corner. Strowman bats Kane away, then hits a running dropkick on Lesnar. Strowman hits a stiff knee to Lesnar's head, and Lesnar gives him a receipt in the form of a very stiff punch to the side of the head. Kane and Lesnar start going at it, and Lesnar goes outside. Strowman drops Kane, then Lesnar comes in and nails Strowman with a chair. Strowman comes back and punches the chair into Lesnar's face. Strowman throws Lesnar outside, then drops Kane. Strowman gets some tables and throws them in the ring. Kane gets up and grabs Strowman by the throat, but Strowman comes back and hits a chokeslam of his own. Lesnar runs in the ring and hits a German suplex on Braun. Lesnar follows up with a series of Germans. Strowman gets up and shakes it off and comes right back with a running powerslam on Lesnar through a table. Strowman goes for one on Kane, but Kane escapes and pushes Strowman through the table. Kane follows up with a chokeslam on Strowman and pins, but Lesnar breaks it up. Lesnar decks Kane and pins, but Strowman breaks it up with a German suplex off the ground on Lesnar. The fight spills outside and Lesnar hits an F5 on Strowman through an announce table. Lesnar then flips the other announce table on top of Strowman. Kane runs up and goes for a chokeslam on Lesnar, but Lesnar gets out and hits an F-5 on Kane onto the announce table. The announce table doesn't break at first, but the table he landed on did. The table breaks a couple seconds after Kane lands on it. Strowman now gets up from the other table wreckage and he drops Lesnar into the ring steps. Strowman takes Lesnar in the ring and hits a running powerslam on him, but he doesn't pin. He hits another one on Lesnar, then gets up again. Before Strowman can hit it again, Kane hits Strowman repeatedly with a steel chair. Strowman falls outside, then Lesnar decks Kane. Strowman gets on the apron, but Lesnar knocks him off then hits the F-5 on Kane onto a steel chair. Lesnar pins Kane for the three count. Winner & Still The Universal Champion: Brock Lesnar












After the match, Heyman grabs the title and leaves with Lesnar, who is all smiles. We see Braun recovering at ringside while Kane is down in the ring. Braun enters the ring and yells out at Brock, saying Lesnar didn't beat him or pin him. Lesnar raises the title on the stage as Braun looks on from the ring.

We get a trailer for the upcoming Andre the Giant documentary.

Commentary hypes up Elimination Chamber for next month.


Jojo goes over the rules for the match, then she hands the mic to special guest ring announcer Maria Menounos. She talks about how proud she is to be part of history and then she introduces special guest commentator Stephanie McMahon, who comes out to join Cole and Graves. Maria then introduces RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss and then SmackDown Live Women's Champion Charlotte Flair. They take their seats at ringside to watch the match.

First-Ever 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match: Sasha Banks is #1, and Becky Lynch is #2. Becky starts off with a headlock on Sasha, then Sasha misses a backstabber attempt. Becky hits some arm drags on Sasha, then they clothesline each other down. #3 is Sarah Logan. Sarah hits the ring and starts trying to throw out Becky. Sasha comes at Sarah, but Sarah drops her with a head-butt. #4 is Mandy Rose, and she immediately goes after Sasha. Rose tries to eliminate Sasha, but Sasha fights away with elbows to the head. Lita is out next at #5. Sasha and Becky double team Lita, but Lita fights back with kicks and a double clothesline. Rose gets back up and fights with Lita in the corner, then Lita hits a monkey flip on her. Rose gets on the apron and hits a knee on Lita, but then taunts to the crowd and Lita shoves Rose outside for the elimination. Kairi Sane is out next at #6. She hits the ring and hits a double spear on Becky and Sasha. She hits a running forearm on Lita, then a flying forearm off the top on Sarah. She takes down Sasha then hits a neck-breaker. She follows up with a flying elbow on Sasha, then hits one on Becky. Tamina is in next at #7. Tamina hits a superkick on Kairi, then Sasha, then Becky. She hits a forearm shot on Logan, then Lita grabs Tamina and hits a DDT on her. Lita hits a Twist of Fate on Sasha. Lita hits a Twist of Fate on Becky next, then she goes up top. Lita hits a moonsault off the top onto Becky and Sasha at the same time. Tamina hits a kick on Lita, but then Lita throws Tamina outside for the elimination. Becky runs up behind Lita and eliminates her. Dana Brooke is in next #8, and she eliminates Kairi, who falls down onto the ring steps. Torrie Wilson is in at #9 and she hits an X-Factor on Sasha Banks. Torrie takes Dana into the corner and fights with her there, while Becky and Sasha fight in the other corner. Torrie dumps Dana outside for the elimination, then Sonya Deville comes in at #10.

Sonya hits the ring and starts hitting knees on Torrie Wilson and Becky. Sonya catches Torrie in the corner and throws her outside for the elimination. Liv Morgan is out next at #11, then Molly Holly is out next at #12 and she starts handing out suplexes. She eliminates Sarah Logan, then hits the Molly Bomb on Sasha. Lana is out next at #13 followed by Michelle McCool at #14, and we get an "Undertaker" chant from the crowd. McCool starts cleaning house and eliminates Sarah Logan, Molly Holly, Lana, and Liv Morgan. Ruby Riott is out next at #15. Sasha and McCool fight on the apron, but neither fall outside. "Excuse Me," Vickie Guerrero is out next at #16. Vickie screams in the ring on the mic, and the other girls in the rumble gang up on her an throw her outside.

Carmella is in next at #17, but on the way in, Vickie steals her Money In The Bank briefcase and hits Carmella with it from behind. McCool appears to be going for a Styles Clash on Sasha, but they go for a powerbomb instead. Natalya is out next at #18, but Carmella attacks her at ringside. Carmella finally gets in the ring and starts dropping people with superkicks. Carmella and Becky have an awkward exchange that doesn't really lead to any move, then Carmella kicks Ruby in the face. Kelly Kelly is in next at #19. Natalya tries to throw Kelly Kelly outside, but it doesn't happen. Sasha kicks Natalya, then Kelly Kelly hits a very slow hurricanrana on McCool. Naomi is in next at #20. Becky goes up top and hits a missile dropkick shortly after Naomi enters, and Naomi rolls out to ringside for a breather. Becky hits t-bone suplexes on Natalya and Carmella. Ruby comes up behind Becky and eliminates her. Jacqueline is out next at #21.

Jacqueline starts dropping people and then starts working on Kelly Kelly. Nia Jax is in next at #22, and she immediately eliminates Jacqueline and Kelly Kelly. Nia throws Ruby into the turnbuckle, then turns around into a kick from Naomi. Naomi goes for a hurricanrana, but Nia throws her down. Nia dumps Naomi to the apron, then knocks her out to ringside, but Naomi lands on some other women and then sits on the barricade, so her feet never hit the floor. Ember moon is in next at #23. She starts going at it with Nia and hits a springboard kick. Naomi is now walking on the barricade, over to an office chair by the timekeeper area. Naomi uses the chair to get over by the ring steps then climb back in the ring. She comes off the top at Nia, but Nia catches her and throws her outside for the elimination. Beth Phoenix is out next at #24. Beth and Nia start trading punches in the middle of the ring. Nia misses a shot in the corner, and Beth goes for a Samoan drop but can't get Nia up. Beth finally gets Nia up, but Nia elbows her and gets down. Natalya runs back in and teams up with Beth on Nia. They knock Nia out through the middle ropes, then Beth and Natalya hug. Natalya then slaps Beth and throws her outside for the elimination.

Asuka is in next at #25, and Carmella screams and runs outside when she sees her. Asuka goes at it with Ember Moon then eliminates Moon. Mickie James is out next at #26. Mickie hits a splash off the top on Asuka, then a neck-breaker on Sasha. Mickie and Natalya now go at it in the corner, while Carmella and Sasha fight in the other corner. Nikki Bella enters at #27 and starts dropping women left and right. She hits a springboard kick on Natalya, then Carmella attacks Nikki from behind and stomps on her in the corner. Carmella hits the bronco buster in the corner on Nikki, then they fight over to the apron. Nikki drops Carmella's neck across the top rope to eliminate her. Nikki is getting ganged up on in the ring now, and Brie Bella enters at #28 for the save. She drops everyone and starts hitting running knees. The Bellas hit a double suplex on Natalya, then work on eliminating her. Bayley is in next at #29

Bayley comes in strong and starts dropping everyone. Asuka finally stops her with a spinning heel kick to the face. #30 is Trish Stratus who is out to the ring next. Trish hits a Thesz Press on Natalya and starts pummeling on her. Trish now turns her attention to the Bellas and start chopping them. Trish then hits a double bulldog on the Bellas. Trish charges Bayley in the corner, but Bayley blocks her with a boot. Trish goes back and hits a hurricanrana off the top on Bayley. Trish and Mickie face off now and start trading blows in the middle of the ring. Mickie goes up top, but Trish kicks her down to the outside for the elimination. Nia runs in and drops Trish with a clothesline, then the other women start ganging up on Nia. Nia fights them off, but Asuka and Trish come back and double team her with kicks. The Bella Twins then both try to pull Nia outside from the apron, then the other women join in and all push Nia outside together. Sasha then grabs Bayley from behind and throws her outside for the surprise elimination.

Natalya looks for a Sharpshooter, but she ends up getting eliminated by Trish. Sasha and Trish now face off, and Trish decks her. Sasha comes back and eliminates Trish, then turns around into Asuka. They start going at it, then Sasha tries to throw her outside in the corner. The Bella Twins come over and they start ganging up on Asuka, but the Bella Twins turn on Sasha and throw her outside. The Bella go to double team Asuka, but Asuka fires back at them with strikes, then hits a series of kicks on each of them. Brie is out on the apron, and Nikki hits an elbow to the face to eliminate her. Brie looks shocked at ringside, and Nikki turns around into a shot from Asuka. Asuka goes up top and hits a missile dropkick on Nikki. Nikki comes back with a springboard kick, and both women are down. They fight out to the apron, and Nikki punches Asuka down on the apron. Nikki walks over to her, but Asuka kicks her leg out from under her, and Nikki falls down to the floor for the elimination. Winner of The First-Ever Women's Royal Rumble Match: Asuka






















































After the match, Asuka hits the corner to pose and point at the WrestleMania sign as her music hits. We go to replays. Flair and Bliss join Asuka in the ring. Asuka walks in between them and takes a look at each champion, smiling and going back & forth. Flair raises her title, Bliss raises hers. The music hits and out comes Ronda Rousey making her WWE debut in a t-shirt inspired by WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper. Menounos introduces Rousey as she hits the ring. Rousey stares down each Superstar in the ring. Rousey points up at the WrestleMania 34 banner as a "holy s--t" chant starts up. Rousey extends her hand to Asuka but Asuka slaps it after teasing a shake. Rousey smiles at her. Rousey points back at the WrestleMania sign as her music starts back up. Bliss, Asuka and Flair look at the sign, then at Rousey. Rousey leaves the ring and slaps hands with some fans at ringside. Rousey stops at the announce table and shakes hands with Stephanie. Rousey leaves the arena with all smiles. She stops on the stage and waves at everyone, pointing to the WrestleMania sign one more time before leaving as Royal Rumble goes off the air.

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