WWE Has Officially Released Enzo Amore

WWE Has Officially Released Enzo Amore

By Marchman · Tuesday, January 23, 2018 · 2 Comments

Enzo Amore

Just one day after being suspended by WWE, the company announced earlier today that Enzo Amore (real name Eric Ardnt) has been officially released from the company. The news of Enzo's release comes not long after he was accused of sexual assault by an anonymous Twitter user. WWE was quick to suspend Enzo due to their zero tolerance policy on matters relating to sexual harassment and sexual assault. Enzo is currently being investigated by the Phoenix Police Department. There is currently no word on why the company has released him just yet, but Enzo Amore has still not been proven guilty of the accused crime as of right now.

The accuser claimed that Enzo Amore and a few of his comrades drugged her on October 19th at the Clarendon Hotel and Spa in Phoenix. After she woke up, Amore reportedly forced himself on her without her permission or consent. As mentioned, the investigation into the matter is still officially pending. WWE promised to keep Amore suspended “until this matter is resolved,” but the company has apparently decided to sever their ties with Enzo in the event that this investigation proves that Enzo is guilty. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported yesterday that most of the investigation has been completed and the Phoenix PD are awaiting test results at the moment.

Enzo Amore had been employed by WWE since 2012. He found success during his time in NXT as part of a tag team with Big Cass. The two were promoted to the main roster in 2016, and they split up in favor of singles careers in 2017. Enzo garnered controversy last year as he was supposedly disliked by several of his WWE peers backstage. Despite this, Enzo Amore joined the cruiserweight division as part of 205 Live last year as well. He recently entered a romantic storyline with Nia Jax, and he was also the Cruiserweight Champion until he was released today. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest updates on Enzo Amore's situation.


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Heavy Weight Champion

WOW.. Just WOW.. Must be really serious. They didn't even wait for the police to say anything yet. Dude had it all.. his Ego is what got him. #SMH

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Cruiserweight Champion

Enzo got what he deserved. Best decision so far by W.W.E. in the new era.

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