Ringside Exclusive Randy Savage, DX Michaels, Hogan NOW AVAILABLE

By Marchman · Monday, December 18, 2017 · 0 Comments

Shawn Michaels

It looks like Ringside Collectibles currently has three different exclusive action figures available at this time. Each figure is brand new, includes multiple accessories, and they are all based on three of the most legendary performers in the history of professional wrestling. The fist figure is an Elite figure made by Mattel. It is a "Flashback" figure of Shawn Michaels from his appearance at the D-Generation: X In Your House event from 1997. Revisit Michaels' more rebellious and scandalous days with a new long-haired headsculpt. The figure also includes removable chaps and an entrance vest, and it arrives in specially-made DX-style packaging as well.

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The Macho Man also has a brand new figure in the form of a Ringside Collectibles exclusive. Several figures based on Savage's career have been made by Mattel, but this one has never never been done before. The new Elite Savage figure is based off of his run with the nWo Wolfpac faction in WCW. With a smiling headsculpt, Savage plans to takeover with the traditional red and black colors that the Wolfpac group notoriously wore together. Much like the other nWo exclusives from Ringside, Savage is made in 2015-style packaging. No Macho Man figure would be complete without some accessories, so he also includes a removable bandana, shirt, sunglasses, and weight belt.

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Mattel has not produced a Hulk Hogan action figure in years now, but don't worry, Storm Collectibles has got you covered. The newest edition of Hogan is based off of his run as Hollywood Hogan in WCW. Hogan is made with several points of articulation, interchangeable hands, and accurate ring attire. He also  has a bearded and growling headsculpt. Much like the aforementioned Randy Savage figure, Hogan's figure also includes a multitude of different and fun accessories to try on. Hogan comes with a removable bandana, necklace, sunglasses, a cloth shirt, and it includes a red and white feather boa for "The Hulkster" as well.

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