WWE Series 78, 79, & 80 Action Figures are AVAILABLE to Order!
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WWE Series 78, 79, & 80 Action Figures are AVAILABLE to Order!

By Marchman · Tuesday, December 12, 2017 · 0 Comments


New basic editions of WWE action figures have been released. Not only is one new series now available to own, but two additional series of action figures are also purchasable now. Series 78 of Mattel's standard WWE action figures includes brand new versions of The Rock, Kevin Owens, and AJ Styles. The standouts from the new series include a new post-Wyatt Family version of "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman, as well as a new edition of former Smackdown Women's Champion Natalya, and a Shane McMahon figure based off of his appearance during the Survivor Series event from 2016. Check out Series 78 down below:

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It doesn't end there! Series 79 is also available to order now, and the set includes six new action figures. The cruiserweights are represented in this series thanks to new uncanny figures of TJP and Neville. Baron Corbin also arrives with a new printed-on t-shirt. Nia Jax is stunningly recreated with brand new purple and black wrestling attire and it includes arguably one of Mattel's most accurate headsculpts to date, which sees Nia with a serious expression and with straight hair. New editions of Samoa Joe and Stone Cold Steve Austin finish off the line with the two men looking as aggravated as ever. Images and links to see the new figures are also posted down below:

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CLICK HERE to Order Series 79 Now!

Finally, the 80th series of Mattel's basic line of WWE action figures has arrived. Only five figures this time around, but that is expected to be the normal amount of figures per series since Mattel is instead opting to release more series of figures per year. Who cares about that though? Let's get to the figures! The figure sees Rich Swann remembering happier times, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar looking furious and determined, and a bearded Chris Jericho smiling from his WWE run last year. A new Sasha Banks figure in orange and blue gear also features "The Boss" brandishing a brand new smiling headsculpt.

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