New WWE Action Figures & Toys from Ringside Fest 2017! - Part 5
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New WWE Action Figures & Toys from Ringside Fest 2017! - Part 5

By Marchman · Saturday, November 4, 2017 · 0 Comments


Ringside Fest coverage still is not through yet. Some more new action figures and other fun toys from Mattel were shown off at the event. One of the new assortments revealed was a set of basic figures based on WWE Legends. Sgt. Slaughter, Bob Orton, the Million Dollar Man, and Rick Rude will all be available exclusively at Walmart in 2018. In order to entice fans to purchase the whole set, each of the legends will include a part of a figure (arms, head, torso, and legs) which, when put together will create the first-ever Elite figure of famous ring announcer Howard Finkel! The set will be exclusive to Walmart stores in 2018.

Another set that will be exclusive to Walmart was also revealed, and this one is very special. An Elite action figure of Syxx will come with a removable shirt and sunglasses, as well as a huge purple wall backdrop (more on that last bit in a moment.) Also, Yokozuna comes back with new ring attire and a removable robe, and a SummerSlam sign (you'll see.) The Ultimate Warrior receives red, white, and blue ring attire, a scepter, and a camera.  Finally, Mattel's first "Mean" Gene Okerlund figure sees Gene with a smiling headsculpt, stage lights, an old school microphone, and an backup red suit. Once all four figures have been purchased, the camera, stage lights, "Mean" Gene, wall, and sign can be used to recreate the infamous blooper when Gene Okerlund swore after the SummerSlam sign fell the ground during one of his interviews. A slot in the back of the wall will allow you push the sign down! The video is posted below for reference.

Lastly, Mattel showed off some updated versions of their big Entrance Greats lineup of action figures that will be coming out in 2018. One action figure will be released each quarter, Kurt Angle will be starting the series in January, and Jeff Hardy will be coming out in the spring. Angle is based off of his WWF debut, and he includes his gold medals. Jeff Hardy is an updated version of his infamously unreleased action figure from Elite series 1. He is based off of his run from 2008-2009. Perhaps the biggest selling point of the new series is that they will each include display stands that can play the respective wrestler's entrance themes!

Check back here to keep up with more news and information coming out of Ringside Fest 2017!

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