New WWE Action Figures & Toys from Ringside Fest 2017! - Part 4
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New WWE Action Figures & Toys from Ringside Fest 2017! - Part 4

By Marchman · Thursday, November 2, 2017 · 0 Comments


Ringside Fest coverage continues with multiple new reveals that will be exclusive to Target very soon. Target currently sells the exclusive line of Hall of Fame and NXT action figures, and while not very may Hall of Fame figures were revealed at the event, one figure that fans have been clamoring for is coming soon. One of Mick Foley's most cherished characters, Dude Love, will be getting his first Mattel figure as an Elite for an unspecified Hall of Fame series. The action figure includes Foley's signature tye dye t-shirt and sunglasses, as well as a removable headband. Mattel has already produced figures for Mankind and Cactus Jack, so Dude Love will definitely be sought-after for any collector hoping to achieve each of Foley's iconic personas.

Mattel introduced an exclusive line of NXT action figures earlier this year, and the series appears to be a massive hit, because the toy company revealed their next series recently. First time ever action figures of Ember Moon and Bobby Roode will join the series 3 of the Elite NXT figures, and special "Flashback" versions of Roman Reigns and Rusev, based on their days in NXT will also be included in this series. For the basic figures, Roderick Strong and Billie Kay were both unveiled at the event. No other figures for the basic NXT set were revealed. The Elite and basic sets are expected to be sold at Target in early 2018.

Finally, it looks like Target is going to be doing something a bit different at some point in 2018. Ringside Fest gave fans a first look at an upcoming lineup called the Hall of Champions. The series will include a "Flashback" Batista with a Wrestlemania 21 contract and the World Heavyweight Championship, an old school Eddie Guerrero figure with the former cruiserweight title and a clear display stand, a "Flashback" Undertaker figure with the old school World Tag Team Championship belt, and Rikishi with a necklace, entrance gear, and the former Intercontinental Championship title from the Attitude Era. Much like the rest of the upcoming Target exclusives shown, it appears as though this set will be released in early 2018.

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Check back here to keep up with more news and information coming out of Ringside Fest 2017!

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