New WWE Action Figures & Toys from Ringside Fest 2017! - Part 2
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New WWE Action Figures & Toys from Ringside Fest 2017! - Part 2

By Marchman · Wednesday, November 1, 2017 · 0 Comments


Coverage of Ringside Fest continues with some brand new exclusive action figures that Mattel plans to roll out very soon. While we got to see a sneak peak of Mattel's first Virgil action figure at Comic Con, the finished product has been revealed. Virgil will arrive in a golden packaging design, in reference to his time working alongside "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. The action figure comes with an especially unique convention sign based on the "Lonely Virgil" memes created by Sam Roberts. Unfortunately, Virgil does not come with his signature meat sauce or Olive Garden breadsticks, but there is always next time.

Virgil is not the only exclusive figure that Toys R Us plans on selling soon. For fans of WCW's Dungeon of Doom, the wrestler formerly known as Earthquake in WWF will be receiving a new figure soon. The action figure, based on his run as The Shark, includes his accurate ring attire, interchangeable headbands, and an updated tattoo. No word on a release date has been given for this Toys R Us exclusive just yet.

A while back, asked fans to vote on which versions of Big Show, Triple H, Mark Henry, and Bobby Heenan they wanted to see made as Elite action figures. Mattel has revealed the winners of the later of the four. Mark Henry will be receiving a "Flashback" action figure based on his infamous "Sexual Chocolate" gimmick from the Attitude Era. The late Bobby Heenan will receive his traditional look: a removable jacket that he would often wear during his days as a manager. Mattel has not revealed where or when these two figures will be sold, nor they did reveal the results of the Triple H and Big Show polls. continues to dominate the retail market every single day, and their warehouses are stockpiled with tons of WWE action figures. It was just a matter of time before they received their very own exclusive line, and now they will be introducing their "Best of Attitude Era" Elite series. The first figure in the series will be the biggest star from the era, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin has a suitably angry headsculpt and is wearing jeans. He has a removable shirt, microphone, and the former purple-strapped WWF Championship. The figure will be up on Amazon later this month.

Another figure revealed will be available at Walgreens stores as part of their exclusive line of 'Women's Revolution' Elite action figures. Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch kicked the line off with updated figures each coming with the Raw and Smackdown women's titles. The next figure in the series will be the first ever Maryse Elite figure. Maryse is made in white ring attire, and she comes with a removable hat, and her husband's Intercontinental Championship. While plenty of Miz figures have been made in the past, Maryse will now be able to accompany her husband as the "It Couple" once again. Hopefully, the rest of the Miztourage will receive updated action figures soon as well.

Check back here to keep up with more news and information coming out of Ringside Fest 2017!

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